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ABJAD Letter Pairs (part ii)

With 32 mystical paths of Wisdom engraved Yah the Lord of Hosts....{SY 1:1}
He placed them in a circle like a wall with 231 Gates. {SY 2:4}

(can't do justice to this but) condensing from "Sepher Yetzirah" by Aryeh Kaplan: 32 PATHS OF WISDOM are 10 digits (sephira) and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and refer to the basis of creation. Early Kabbalists define 32 paths as different states of consciousness. They are alluded to in the Torah by the 32 times Elohim appears in the first chapter of Genesis. Each path serves to delineate and define a particual aspect of creation. Man is a microcosm where all parts of the body parallel something in creation. Kabbalists note the parallels of the 32 Paths with the human nervous system: 31 parallel the 31 nerves emanating from spinal cord and 32nd corresponds to the entire complex of 12 cranial nerves. Nervous system serves two puposes: (1) transmit messages from brain to body; (2) transmit sense information to brain. "Like the nerves, each of the 32 paths is a two way street. First it is the channel through which the Mind exerts control over creation. Secondly, however, it is also the path through which man can reach the Mind. If an individual wishes to attain a mystical experience and approach the Mind, he must travel along the 32 paths." Heart is written Lamed Bet (LB) in Hebrew: heart manifests the action of the Mind & serves as causal link between mind and body. SY refers to heart as the king over the soul. The word used for "paths" is a rare word: netivot. Derekh is a public road used by all people; netivot is a personal route: "a path blazed by the individual for his personal use. It is a hidden path, without markers or signposts, which one must discover on his own, and tread by means of his own devices ... there is no open highway to the mysteries—each individual must discover his own path". 231 GATES represent the number of ways two letters can be connected. Two methods create 231 Gates: Logical and Kabbalistic creating 22 arrays for each Hebrew letter; Kabbalistic method more complex creating repeating letter pair matching ALBaM Cipher (A-L, B-M, G-N, D-S, H-O, V-P, Z-Tz, Ch-Q, T-R, Y-Sh, K-Th, L-A, M-B, N-G, S-D, O-H, P-V, Tz-Z, Q-Ch, R-T, Sh-Y, Th-K). ALBaM Code refers to the two-letter pair associated with a particular letter array. The second aspect of kingship involves the Cycle (galgal), which dominates time.

AFAIK, there are no "484 gates" and i've never been precisely clear about what they represented. however, while working with the ABJAD, it occurred to me that these 484 letter pairs could represent stem cells. the purple-gold-black diagonals on this diagram correspond to the ALBaM Codes where each row represents the first column of the array. ie, the first row of this table corresponds to the first column in this Aleph Array, etc.

ABJAD Letter Pairs
analyzing ABJAD letter pairs

[1] Red diagonals match ZONE PAIRS: 1:8, 2:7, 3:6, 4:5, 5:4, 6:3, 7:2; 8:1 (omitted: 0:9 & 9:0).

[2] Purple-Gold-Black diagonals indicate ALBaM Codes; ie, ALIF array is the first row and ALIF(1)-LAAM(3) = repeating 11th row on the array & the ALBaM Code for the ALIF array..

[3] Four diagonals intersect the mainline twice (mainline = double-letter pairs on blue diagonal).

[4] QAF(1)-HA(8) at 19R:8C and HA(8)-QAF(1) at 8R:19C intersect ABLaM diagonals. 1:8 and 8:1 represent the ZONE PAIRS; 8:1 also represents [M#29] 8::1 Murrumur.

[5] from ccru glossary: Syzygy. Two zones in relation of zygonovic complementarity (mutually summing to nine), and feeding a Current. One of the five syzygetic demons of Lemurian sorcery. think these are the five: DOOGU (Net-Span 2::1), BUBBAMU (Net-Span 7::1), MURRUMUR (Net-Span 8::1), NAMMAMAD (Net-Span 8::2), MOMBBO (Net-Span 8::7). DR on 484 (running backwards + forwards) creates the following cycle: [1::7], [2::6], [3::5], [4::4], [5::3], [6::2], [7::1], [8::9], [9::8] (ie, 1::7 is 1::484, the first double-gate). looks like BUBBAMU is a match ... but, what does that mean? NOPE. WRONG. they don't add to nine. here's the list: KATAK (5::4), DJYNXX (6::3), ODDUBB (7::2), MURRUMUR (8::1), UTTUNUL (9::0).


[7] sort this out: Katak (14) + Oddubb (23) + Murrumur (29) = 66 = KOM = NET

[8] three types of stem cells: totipotent, pluripotent & unipotent. 484 letter pairs: totipotent cells = double-letter pairs; pluripotent = albam code & first column; unipotent = letter arrays?

researching MURRUMUR...


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