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(916) America, (932) Hooveria, (1363) Herberta

these three asteroids (America, Hooveria, Herberta) are related to 31st president, Herbert Hoover. Hoover president (1929–1933); secretary of commerce (1921–1928). another aspect to consider, was Hoover's use of Southern strategy during 1928 presidential election, which included the DePriest Tea Incident and also began African Americans realigning from Republican to Democratic party [+][+][+][+][+]. see "the astrology of american slavery": GA/DC & Juneteenth.

from Dictionary of Minor Planet Names by Lutz D. Schmadel.

  • (916) America (1915 S1): Main-belt Asteroid Discovered 1915 Aug. 7 by G. N. Neujmin at Simeis. Named for the American continent possibly in appreciation of the help rendered by the American Relief Administration under [future] President Hoover during the famine in Crimea. (H 89) Named (AN 219, 59 (1923)) by the Pulkovo astronomers. JPL Note: Discovered at Simeis during the First World War while Simeis was not in communication with the Rechen-Institut for long periods of time were given provisional designations containing the Greek letter SIGMA. These are here abbreviated S.
  • (932) Hooveria (1920 GV): Main-belt Asteroid Discovered 1920 Mar. 23 by J. Palisa at Vienna. Named in honor of Herbert Clark Hoover (1874-1964) in recognition of his help and assistance to Austria after World War I. (AN 216, 192 (1922)) Named by the Academic Senate of the Vienna University. Hoover, later president of the United States, was also honored by planet (1363).
  • (1363) Herberta (1935 RA): Main-belt Asteroid 1935 RA. Discovered 1935 Aug. 30 by E. Delporte at Uccle. Named in honor of Herbert Clark Hoover (1874-1964), 31st president of the United States from 1929 to 1933. He was also president of the Commission for Relief in Belgium. This planet was named for the president after his visit to Belgium in 1938. (H 124) Hoover is also honored by planet (932). JPL Note: Preliminary designation is assigned to the Sept. 3 observation. Discovery Aug. 30 was initially, and incorrectly, attributed to planet 1231.

The Minor Planet 932 (1920 GV) Hooveria.—In a recent letter, Dr. Johann Palisa of the Vienna Observatory, Austria, wishes American astronomers to know of the action taken by the Senate of the University of Vienna in naming a minor planet (which, we may add, was recently discovered by Palisa) after Mr. Herbert Hoover in grateful recognition of his service to the Austrian people in their time of greatest need. This announcement will be found in Astronomische Nachrichten, No. 5172, page 192, a translation of which follows:

As a permanent memorial of the great help rendered to the people of Austria, and particular to the officers of the higher institutions of learning in Vienna, which was organized by Mr. Herbert Hoover (now Secretary of Commerce of the United States) the Academic Senate of the University of Vienna has named the minor planet 932 (1920 GV) Hooveria.

Palisa has been on the reitired list since 1919. He is still active, however, in the work of the Vienna Observatory as is shown by his numerous observations printed in the Astronomische Nachrichten. —E.E.B. [+]

National Affairs: The President-Elect
Monday, Nov. 26, 1928

Hooveria. Among the proudest of the President-Elect's admirers were Austria's Astronomers, one of whom, Professor Johann Palisan, discovered a new asteroid between Mars and Jupiter in 1920 and, by vote of the Senate of Vienna University, got it named "Hooveria" in recognition of the Hoover relief work in Europe. Being only an asteroid and a star acquired after birth, "Hooveria" cannot be regarded as the guiding Hoover star. If there were anything in a name or in a star's position when discovered, "Hooveria" might be said to connote a mixture of Martian and Jupiterian qualities, such as "intolerant," "idealistic," "aggressive," "swiftminded," "passionate," "impatient," "avenging." The real zodiacal "influence" upon the President-Elect is, however, the sign of Leo, governed by the Sun. Leo's people (according to Astrologist Evangeline Adams) are lordly, haughty, gluttonous for work, full of the "joining" spirit, inclined to early baldness. With Hoover under Leo are Mussolini, Ford, Shaw, Shelley, Napoleon, Ethel Barrymore.

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