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Dane Rudhyar: His Music, Thought, and Art

The essential principles of Rudhyar's thought were already intact by 1927. In an article he claimed that dissonant music presented a different type of harmony, based on the "harmonizing of differences through interpenetration" of complementary diversities. Back in 1915, he had read a translation of Poe's metaphysical essay (prose poem), "Eureka," which, he later described, "postulates two great Forces of opposite polarity, electricity and magnetism, not unlike the yin and yang of Chinese philosophy." Rudhyar argued that electricity, like the interval of the fifth symbolizing "the will to self-exteriorization," implied expansion, as opposed to magnetism, which, like the interval of the fourth, suggests contraction. The duality of electricity and magnetism and their relatedness lead to electromagnetism, which, for Rudhyar, is a primordial magnetic field. It obeys its inherent equation of motion and time — as in the complementary opposites of the yin and yang, which in Chinese philosophy, operate simultaneously, "but in ever-changing ratios of proportional intensity." Electricity and magnetism, too, are aspects of the same thing — of one field — since a changing electric field cannot exist without magnetism, all of which result in a spectrum of fluctuations. In 1927, Rudhyar wrote about electric power in his unfinished book-length manuscript, "World-Music," [+][+][+][+] drawing an analogy between electric power and creative power through their duality: "Dualism means creative power. The electric spark is produced as the unity of the electric flow is sundered into two polarities." By the "unity of the electric flow," Rudhyar refers to the state of neutrality (before its warping) within an electric field. This observation may also be a reference to the notion of neutral stability (the static, nonelectrical state) within the atomic nucleus — as emerged through Niels Bohr's theory. These were crucial and exciting years for the evolution of quantum mechanics. After the electron had been discovered a few decades earlier in 1897, it was during the 1920s that Bohr was working on atomic structure and radiation, which won him the 1922 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Another interesting connection regarding electricity concerns the word "rudhyar" in Sanskrit, which implied electrical power released during storms. In these analogies, it is the principle of unity that is close to a cyclic character, since it define the "boundaries for the fields of activity… microcosms or macrocosms, in which the principle of Multiplicity produces ever more differentiation and expansion. In her dance theory of "Eutonics," the definition of "action" by Rudhyar's second wife, Eya Fechin Rudhyar (dancer, the daughter of the Russian-American painter Nicolai Fechin, and an early advocate of psycho-drama) echoes his conception as well as musical gestures as follows: "'Action' is the constant interplay between the horizontal and the vertical; every walk that leads you forward is a fall and recovery."

Morang commented that "[o]ne of the most dominant colors in the paintings of Rudhyar is green… It strikes a half-way note between life and death." It is possible to view this color symbolically here, as a kind of "bridge" between polar states. Evoking renewal, growth, life, generation, and nature, it is as though the color green mediates (consciousness) between life, energy, death, and the unknown [XIX. The Sun]. Rudhyar's Antiphony of 1949 exhibits an effective employment of color and a balance between freedom and control. A sense of harmony is developed further through the interplay of blue, red, green, white, and black. Rhythmically, the meeting of swirls and curves with straight lines and sharp edges enhance the sense of spontaneous activity and polarization. Mainly in the shades of red and green, warm colors contrast cooler ones. As the title "antiphony" suggests, there is an element of alternation here: control vs. freedom, curves vs. straight lines, warm colors vs. cool colors.

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8-9° Taurus - A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree

KEYNOTE: The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours. In northern or mountainous countries where the Christmas tree symbol took form, we find a contrast between the tree outside - bare and normally covered with snow - and the tree inside the home - loaded with decorations and gifts for the family. If we follow up the meaning of the preceding symbol, we see that snow has come outside; but the prepared and closely united group has created abundance, beauty and happiness within, overcoming the cold barrenness of the outside world — just as man had overcome, in a previous symbol (Phase 35), the natural obstacle to his progress. The Christ symbol is also included in the background — that is, the vivid faith in a transformed future. This fourth stage symbol suggests the ever-present possibility open to man to transfigure the darkness and deprivation of the low point of a life cycle by incarnating in it an antiphonic response celebrating the ever remembered and always expected high moments of life. It evokes man's undying FAITH IN CYCLIC RENEWAL.

  • (54) Alexandra, named for Alexander von Humboldt, see Alexander Scriabin [+] & Alexander Ruperti [+][+] • (967) Helionape, (Sonne = helio, Tal = nape; Helios, personification of the Sun, brother of (221) Eos & (580) Selene; (895) Helio), Greek for Adolf Sonnenthal • (748) Simeisa, named for Simeïs Observatory, Crimea, Ukraine, the discovery site [+][+][+][+] • (878) Mildred, Harlow Shapley's [+] daughter; among other things, Shapley stated, "Civilization [endangered by strong physics and weak sociology] needs friends and planning and thoughtful action or it will recede from under those animals it has helped make glorious, leaving their cultures wrecked, perhaps even leaving the species headed for savagery, weakness and the fossil-loving rocks. I think the most potent of all the human germicides is a combination of lunacy and war techniques. When one of our inevitable super-geniuses of the future discovers some new mankind-annihilating device, and this genius is insane, perhaps undetectably insane, he will willingly perish as he murders the rest. There will be no survivors. The job is done. In the order of deadliness I list the instruments of human destruction as follows: 1—pandemic super-plague. 2—world warfare with super-gas, disease and atomic equipment. 3—boredom arising through standardization, or through discovering in a prolonged world culture the answers to all questions. 4—Dope that kills the desire or ability to produce. 5—And, most potent, the genius-maniac. There is defense. The control of the genius who might take the species to the grave with him is all too easy. All you need to do is to kill off, while young, all primates that show any evidence of promise of genius. Heroic measures, to be sure, but because of the tricks in that abominable cortex, it may be your only way to save the species for a hundred thousand years."
  • Planet of the Apes: [+][+][+][+][+][+]

19-20° Taurus - Wisps Of Winglike Clouds Streaming Across The Sky

KEYNOTE: The awareness of spiritual forces at work. Any emergence of life potentialities from the depth of the vast Unconscious is answered by the spiritual activity of superconscious forces in a cosmic kind of antiphony. The individual who has taken a new step in their evolution should look for the "Signature" of divine Powers confirming their progress. It may reveal the meaning of what is to come next. The "wing-like clouds" may also symbolize the presence of celestial beings (devas, angels) blessing and subtly revealing the direction to take, the direction of "the wind" of destiny. This is the fifth stage of the tenth five-fold sequence. It concludes a process, having experienced which the individual should find themselves more securely established in their own original nature, receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.

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New Mansions for New Men

Deep vibrations are aroused in response within the bosom of these Waters. Motion throbs throughout the abyss. Waves begin to swell, agitating the quiescent substance. To light answers life. The waves of the "Sea" answer to the waves of the light. Vibrations echo vibrations. Cosmic relationship is being established. The cosmic antiphony of light and life sounds out; two songs in a cyclic counterpoint; major and minor tonalities weaving tone-patterns; the warp and woof of the universe. Upon those will be woven the fabric of organic existence, the brocade of consciousness and of soul. What people call imprecisely "life", what more exactly should be named "cyclic becoming", is this eonic, ever-changing relationship of the songs of light and life; a vast duo between the Sun and the Moon, going on and on throughout the ages. The harmony needed to sustain the two melodic strands in their interaction is provided by the planetary gongs. Saturn sounds the fundamental tone, the Root-sound.

Dane Rudhyar - Asteroid Listing

Sun Aries 02°08'17" Exalted
Moon Aquarius 24°37'04"
Uranus Scorpio 19°35'50"R Exalted

Ascendant Sagittarius 13°50'41", declination 22°28'39"S
Imum Coeli Aries 11°41'43", declination 4°37'40"N
Descendant Gemini 13°50'41", declination 22°28'39"N
Midheaven Libra 11°41'43", declination 4°37'40"S
Part of Fortune Capricorn 21°21'53", declination 21°45'28"S
Vertex Cancer 27°50'12", declination 20°36'30"N

  • Sun: Aries 02°08' ~ Sabian: The Cameo Profile Of A Man, Suggesting The Shape Of His Country. Sun ☌ USA Imum Coeli (see below).
  • Sun Aries 02°08' conjunctions (Degree/Distance): Minerva (1°/0°18'5"), Pittsburghia (1°/0°23'19"), Psyche (1°/0°27'1"), Sapientia (3°/0°51'55"), Adrastea (3°/0°55'14"), Elvira (3°/1°3'32").
  • Ascendant: Sagittarius 13°51' ~ Sabian: The Great Pyramid And The Sphinx. Rudhyar's ASC ☌ USA Ascendant 13°10' (see below).
  • Midheaven: Libra 11°42' ~ Sabian: Miners Are Surfacing From A Deep Coal Mine.
  • Moon: Aquarius 24°37' ~ Sabian: A Butterfly With The Right Wing More Perfectly Formed.
  • Soli-Lunar Arc: Moon {24AQ37} 322°28'48" from Sun {02AR08} @ EON-34 (Phase Arc 320° ~ Waning Novile) Evaluation, New Seed Released, Gathering Harvest, Analyzing § Keynote: Consolidating the harvest of the closing cycle of activity and evaluating its worthiness § Dynamic: Within seeds the eon enfolds creative solutions to the needs of the coming cycle. Sun Below—Moon Below Horizon : Primarily inward focus on the subjective realm of individual being; introversion. Balsamic Moon Type: eagerness to serve social institutions and organized groups, to bring the past to a conclusion and to sacrifice yourself for the future's sake, to become completely identified with great ideals or causes regardless of consequences; prophetic gifts, a sense of personal destiny, of being led by superior powers, of finality in all things and in all your judgments.
  • The Four Angles:

    • USA Ascendant Sagittarius 13°10': (13-14° Sagittarius - The Great Pyramid And The Sphinx) Franzia Sagittarius 13°07'08", named for Wolf's son; Franz, German form of Franciscus (see FRANCIS: English form of the Late Latin name Franciscus which meant "Frenchman).
    • USA Imum Coeli Aries 02°08': (2-3° Aries - The Cameo Profile Of A Man, Suggesting The Shape Of His Country) conjunct Sun 02°08'.
    • USA Descendant Gemini 13°10': (13-14° Gemini - Bridging Physical Space And Social Distinctions, Two Men Communicate Telepathically) conjunct Neptune, 7th House, (148) Gallia, (197) Arete, (396) Aeolia. Gaul, "region of Western Europe during the Iron Age and Roman era, encompassing present day France, Luxembourg and Belgium, most of Switzerland, the western part of Northern Italy, as well as the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the left bank of the Rhine" • Arete, goddess of virtue, excellence, goodness and valour • Aeolia, keeper of the winds, the reiner of horses.
    • USA Midheaven Libra 02°08': (2-3° Libra - The Dawn Of A New Day Reveals Everything Changed) Aegle Libra 02°19'53"℞, named for one of the Hesperides (goddesses of the evening and golden light of sunset; see Aigle, goddess of radiant good health & Aigle, Sunlight Nymph). Hestia is the Greek name for Vesta, the citation for (46) Hestia in "Dictionary of Minor Planets": "daughters of Hesperis and Atlas, guardians of the golden apples given to Juno by Jupiter on their wedding day"; for the asteroid names, the Hesperides are (46) Hestia, (96) Arethusa, and (96) Aegle. additionally, Hercules' "search for the golden apples was already the symbol of his apotheosis"; Perseus received a wallet to hold Medusa's head and other artifacts guarded by the Hesperides [+][+][+][+].
    (916) America, (932) Hooveria, (1363) Herberta:

    • 6-7° Leo - The Constellations Of Stars Shine Brilliantly In The Night Sky: (131) Vala, (535) Montague, (581) Tauntonia, (916) America
    • 13-14° Aquarius - A Train Entering A Tunnel: (292) Ludovica, (354) Eleonora, (845) Naema, (932) Hooveria
    • 19-20° Capricorn - A Hidden Choir Is Singing During A Religious Service: (337) Devosa, (578) Happelia, (1363) Herberta
  • 1-2° Taurus: An Electrical Storm [+]: (245) Vera [+], (978) Aidamina [+][+][+][+], (88) Thisbe, (823) Sisigambis, (14) Irene, (53) Kalypso, (180) Garumna [+][+]. A 'Peasant's' Musings, "peasant of the Garonne" means someone who (in Maritain's explanation) "puts his foot in his mouth, or who calls a spade a spade." France, Garonne means rough water, from Garw, rough, and on, a name well deserved by that impetuous river, which rolls along a far greater volume of water than the much longer Loire, and is fed not only by the snows of the Pyrenees".
  • 9-10° Capricorn - An Albatross Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor [+] (228) Agathe [+], (279) Thule [+], (561) Ingwelde [+][+][+][+][+][+], (990) Yerkes, (2629) Rudra.

    Dane Rudhyar - An Illustrated Biographic Sketch :: Part 1. 1895-1916: Dane Rudhyar was born Daniel Chennevière, of Celtic and Norman ancestry, on 23 March 1895 in Paris, France. His birth name was given up in 1917, a few months after reaching New York… At age sixteen, Rudhyar first realized two things which conditioned his entire life and work: (1) Time is cyclic, and cyclicity governs civilizations as well as all aspects of existence; (2) Western civilization is coming to what could be symbolically called the autumn phase of its cycle of existence. Such realizations, which were largely spontaneous and intuitive (though influenced by his reading of Nietzsche), made Rudhyar feel the urge to divorce himself from Europe and to seek a "New World" — a land where he could sow himself as a seed, carrying within his being the harvest of whatever was viable and constructive in the European past. The ideal of the "seed man" thus rose in his consciousness, dominating his thinking and his actual living. Part 2. 1917-1919: His birth name was a symbol of all this past, and he dedicated himself as a "seed man" to a future which as yet he could but dimly envision. The name "Rudhyar" is close to old Sanskrit terms implying dynamic action, the color red (he was born with the Sun in Aries, a zodiacal sign related to the red planet, Mars) and the electric power released during storms — the "god" Rudra. The first name, Dane, had to be added for legal requirements when he became an American citizen in 1926; but all his true friends called him Rudhyar.

    Rudra, named for "the destroyer aspect of Siva {see planet (1170)}, who in the mythology of India was both destroyer and regenerator of all things in the universe. His strength was especially unleashed on all sin and evil, and even the gods feared him. Name suggested by F. Pilcher [(1990) Pilcher]" • Rudra, Rigvedic God, associated with wind or storm, and the hunt. The name has been translated as "The Roarer", or "The HowlerAstrological Keywords : Asteroids: (1170) Siva: also (140) Siwa: Episodic, catabolic (breakdown/through) process that precedes insight; destruction of density/fixated beliefs (relative to aspects); crisis of death (stagnation) or regeneration; The Far East (inc. Vietnam, India, China, Malaysia, Japan;) periodic occurrence; ascetic; attention to sound • Job 37:15 Do you know how God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash? • Ardra, name of a Nakshatra in Indian astronomy that corresponds to the star Betelgeuse. Arudra nakshatra (Betelgeuse) in Mithuna (Gemini) from 6:40 to 20:00. Ardra means the goddess of fortune. The presiding deity the Rudra, the wielder of the trident. Symbol- a teardrop. The ruling planet is Rahu • The Holy Rudraksha: Super Seed: ‘Rudraksha’ has its etymological origin in the Sanskrit words, ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’. ‘Rudra’ is another name for Lord Shiva, and ‘aksha’ means teardrop. Mythological tales have it that the Rudraksha plant was born out of Lord Shiva’s tear drops. Ancient scriptures, such as ‘Shiva Purana’, ‘Padma Purana’ and ‘Srimad Bhagavad’ mention the greatness and wonderful powers of the Rudraksha. For thousands of years, they have adorned the bodies of sages and saints leading a fearless life in far-flung frontiers seeking enlightenment and liberation • Raudra Chakrin (Rudra Chakrin), Forceful Wheel Holder; 25th and final King of Shambala [+][+][+][+][+][+] ~ Varuna (12-13° Aquarius - A Barometer); Sampo (2-3° Aquarius - A Deserter From The Navy); Siwa (15-16° Virgo - In The Zoo, Children Are Brought Face To Face With An Orangutan); Siva (26-27° Pisces - The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky).

    Modern Man's Conflicts: The Creative Challenge of a Global Society 1948, Dane Rudhyar — The Challenge of Total Productivity — Fire versus Seed — Fire, therefore, is the release of spirit from material systems. It is the result of the overcoming of the "binding force," which is responsible for the existence of atoms and molecules, by a disinte grating catabolic, releasing power.* Psychologically speaking, it is likewise the release of the spiritual energy from the bonds of an exclusive focusing on organic living; the release of the soul from the matter-bound desires and of the spiritual mind from the sense-controlled intellect and selfish ego.
    * We may call this power "radio-activity." Hindu philosophers defined it as rajas (in Sanskrit the letter and radicle ra refers to "fire, heat, love, desire, speed, giving, gold, going, motion, brightness, splendor") The Egyptians worshipped it in the sun as Ra. It is also the power that causes the germination of the seed and the emergence of radicles and roots. Strange it is that almost everywhere on earth, men somehow associated it with the sound Ra! — a guttural sound produced by a rattling vibration of the glottis and the throat.

    Yerkes may refer to financier; psychologist, primatologist & eugenicist (Robert); baseball player; observatory; or primate research center (founded in 1930 by Robert Yerkes, located at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia). The Christology of Hegel by James YerkesDialectics and Apologetics in Yerkes's Interpretation of Hegel — What Yerkes means by a "disclosure clue" is explained as follows: "Some experience or event in finite time and space becomes for the philosopher a religiously revelational "disclosure clue" for understanding the essential structures of the whole of human existence, the physical cosmos, and that which grounds them both. For Hegel this clue was the historic Christ event, as that event is adjudged, under the inner witness of the Spirit, to be the religiously central paradigmatic event by which the truth of what ultimately is and the meaning of human existence are decisively and explicitly disclosed to human consciousness" [+].
  • checking Sabians for "sailor":

  • 0-1° Cancer - On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One, "A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in symbolical act a point of no return" [+]. (106) Dione, (258) Tyche, (434) Hungaria, (651) Antikleia, (807) Ceraskia, (827) Wolfiana, (958) Asplinda. 0-1° Cancer on Rudhyar's chart suggests the rejection of his birth name & country and taking on a new persona (Rudhyar) & country (USA, The Astrology of America's Destiny). Rudhyar wrote about music (what was music for, different musical cultures, and the influence of European music) extensively: asteroids Liszt ☍ Chopin (both mentioned in Musical Fascism ): (3910) Liszt (21-22° Virgo - A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones), note several asteroid names also related to Liszt § (3784) Chopin (21-22° Pisces - A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai).

    • Dione (Divine), oracle of Dodona or nymph; mother goddess, goddess of creation [+][+].
    • Tyche (Luck; Roman equivalent: Fortuna) governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny.
    • Hungaria [searching Rudhyar's writings for "Hungary", mouseover for notes] [+][+][+][+][+][+][+].
    • Antikleia, named for the wife [Anticlea] of Laertes, king of Ithaca. anti- + kleos (GRK-325 κλέος) "renown", or "glory"; Parthenoi (GRK-325 παρθένοι), "virgin, maiden"; Elpis (GRK-325 ελπις), "Hope, Expectation" • (11) Parthenope ~ 17-18° Capricorn - The Union Jack Flag Files From A British Warship § (59) Elpis ~ 4-5° Capricorn - Indians On The Warpath. While Some Men Row A Well-Filled Canoe, Others In It Perform A War Dance.
    • Ceraskia, named for Vitol’d Karlovich Tseraskii (or "Tserasky"; transliterated Ceraski), Russian astronomer (1849-1925), one of the first to study noctilucent clouds [+][+][+][+][+][+]; Tseraskii's wife: "Tseraskii, along with his wife, L.P. Tseraskaya (1855-1931)" [+][+][+], probably Madame Ceraski, who observed Saturn's Great White Spot in 1884 (The White Spot On Saturn's Ring) & Algol variablesAlgol ☌ Valentine, 24-25° Taurus - A Vast Public Park; When Cosmic Love Awakens - A Transpersonal Love Story.

      The Study of the Variable Stars (Popular Science, Aug 1906) :: The ancient philosophers taught that the celestial bodies were 'incorruptible and eternal,' not subject to change, as are all terrestrial objects. In more recent times the stars were regarded merely as convenient points of reference for the determination of the motions of the planets. In this way they became known as the fixed stars. Relatively, they are indeed fixed; absolutely, all are in motion. Their light remains constant, also, for the most part, so that, if Hipparchus or Ptolemy should come back to earth after 2,000 years, he would probably notice few changes in the positions or brightness of the stars. Any one who observes the sky carefully, through a period of years, is sure to be deeply impressed with the absence of change. Nevertheless, there are many stars which undergo more or less regular changes in brightness, and such objects are known as variable stars. In some cases the whole cycle of change takes place within a few hours, while in other cases it consumes months, or even years. The amount of the variation, also, varies enormously, ranging all the way from zero to many magnitudes, how many is not known. It is possible, even probable, that at minimum the light of some variable may, for us at least, be entirely extinguished. Mr. J. A. Parkhurst found that the variable V Delphini was invisible at its minimum of 1,900 in the forty-inch refractor of the Yerkes Observatory… The general problem of variable stars may be divided into three parts — the discovery of the variables, the observation of all the phenomena involved, and the search for the causes… Madame L. Ceraski, wife of the director of the astronomical observatory of Moscow, has found a large number of variables… Madame Ceraski has been especially successful in finding variables of the interesting Algol type. Of sixty-seven variable stars discovered by her, no less than ten are of this class. This is remarkable when we take into consideration that of over 3,000 variables now known only thirty-eight are of the Algol type. Through her generous gifts in aid of astronomical research, the late Miss Catherine W. Bruce, of New York, made her name widely known in astronomical circles. Dr. Max Wolf, director of the Astrophysical Observatory at Heidelberg, was presented by her with a photographic telescope, which has enabled him not only to find some seventy new asteroids, but also to increase materially the number of known variables. Dr. Wolf, recently assisted by Frau G. Wolf, has discovered about 200 new variable stars [+].
    • Wolfiana, named for German astronomer Max Wolf; asteroid discoveries: Brucia (first discovery, December 22, 1891, named for Catherine Wolfe Bruce), Chicago, California, Persephone, Hungaria, Valentine (co-discoverer), Prudentia, Ingwelde, Rhea, Happelia, Selene, Achilles, Boliviana, Ceraskia, Zenobia, Alinda, Erynia, Helio, Sphinx, Barry.
    • Asplinda: (959) Arne, named in honor of B. Asplind's son; (960) Birgit, named in honor of B. Asplind's daughter; (961) Gunnie, named in honor of B. Asplind's daughter; (1433) Geramtina, compound name "formed to recall and to honor Miss Asplind, sister of B. Asplind", named by B. Asplind; (962) Aslog (who hid in a harp; see The Harp as a Cosmic Symbol, for Hungaria), name proposed by B. Asplind; (1001) Gaussia named in honor of Carl Gauss, who calculated orbit to re-discover Ceres, named by B. Asplind; (1002) Olbersia named in honor of Heinrich Olbers, who discovered Pallas & Vesta, named by B. Asplind.
    Dane Rudhyar natal chart ~ 90° Dial

    on the 90 Dial, Uranus ☍ Athene & the two quadratures: Wratislavia/Mars ☍ Chariklo/Vertex. also on the 90° dial, Wratislavia {12VI06Rx} ☌ USA Ascendant {13SG10}; Moon {24AQ37} ☍ Rudra {09CP06}; and Saturn {06SC11℞} ☍ True Node {21PI53}.

    • Target 19Fixed36: Uranus {19SC36Rx} ~ 19-20° Scorpio - A Woman Draws Away Two Dark Curtains Closing The Entrance To A Sacred Pathway § additional objects for 19Fixed {Sign/Degree/Distance}: Pomona {AQ 19°42'52"/0°7'2"}, Nephele {SC 19°49'54"/0°14'4"}, Gertrud {SC 19°17'21"/0°18'29"}, Nansenia {SC 19°16'34"/0°19'16"}, Danae {SC 19°14'26"/0°21'24"}, Xanthe {TA 19°03'43"/0°32'7"}, Bernardina {TA 19°01'20"/0°34'30"}, Selinur {LE 19°01'7"/0°34'43"}.
    • 04Cardinal36: Athene {04LI40Rx} ~ 4-5° Libra - A Man Revealing To His Students The Foundation Of An Inner Knowledge Upon Which A "New World" Could Be Built § additional objects for 04Cardinal: Adriana {CP 04°30'17"/0°5'33"}, Rosamunde {AR 04°43'38"/0°7'48"}, Beagle {AR 04°44'59"/0°9'9"}, Elpis {CP 04°17'52"/0°17'58"}, Aphrodite {CN 04°55'15"/0°19'25"}, Emma {LI 04°59'26"/0°23'36"}, Backlunda {AR 04°02'46"/0°33'4"}, Aschera {AR 04°01'45"/0°34'5"}, Hermione {CN 04°00'47"/0°35'3"}.
    • 12Mutable06: Wratislavia {12VI06Rx} ~ 12-13° Virgo - A Powerful Statesman Overcomes A State Of Political Hysteria § additional objects for 12Mutable: Atlantis {GE 12°06'45"/0°0'55"}, Mars {GE 12°07'55"/0°2'5"}, Hansa {GE 12°02'8"/0°3'42"}, Echeclus {VI 12°12'57"/0°7'7"}, Chaldaea {PI 12°18'17"/0°12'27"}, Panopaea {SG 12°22'12"/0°16'22"}, Aguntina {GE 12°23'58"/0°18'8"}, Weringia {SG 12°27'25"/0°21'35"}, Great Attractor {SG 12°29'51"/0°24'1"}, Huenna {VI 12°30'25"/0°24'35"}, May {SG 12°33'41"/0°27'51"}, Zachia {GE 12°40'6"/0°34'16"}, Thora {GE 12°41'27"/0°35'37"}, Poseidon {VI 12°59'4"/0°53'14"}.
    • 27Cardinal06: Chariklo {27CP04} ~ 27-28° Capricorn - A Large Aviary § additional objects for 27Cardinal: Phaethon {AR 27°24'15"/0°18'25"}, Concordia {CN 27°31'55"/0°26'5"}, Gismonda {LI 27°44'9"/0°38'19"}, Mabella {CP 27°48'38"/0°42'48"}, Vertex {CN 27°50'12"/0°44'22"}, Kunigunde {CN 27°52'23"/0°46'33"}.
    Athens of the… North, East, South, West, Europe, Asia Minor, Asia, Americas, Pacific, Atlantic

    but Athena, who entertained the same desire, planted an olive tree on the hill of the acropolis [+] § Kekrops, "first man to offer sacrifices to the goddess Athena following her birth from the head of Zeus, and he established the ancient Akropolis shrine. When Poseidon later disputed her claim to the city, Kekrops was asked to adjudicate and found in her favour. He was succeeded on the throne by Athena's foster-son, the earth-born man Erikthonios" § "Now Zeus, king of the gods, made Metis (Counsel) his wife first… But when she was about to bring forth the goddess bright-eyed Athene, Zeus craftily deceived her with cunning words and put her in his own belly, as Gaia (Earth) and starry Ouranos (Heaven) advised. For they advised him so, to the end that no other should hold royal sway over the eternal gods in place of Zeus" (Hesiod, Theogony 886 ff) [+].

    Athene can represent City/Nation. Pallas {24SG31} ☌ 15-Jun-2011 Eclipse Sun {24GE23} or Fanatica {06GE15} ☌ Tycho Brahe {07SG02} on 90 Dial°, can represent national symbols or icons [+][+][+][+].

    • (1138) Attica {swetest, 11PI58} ~ 11-12° Pisces - In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested ~ 90° Dial: Attica ☌ Wratislavia/Poseidon/USA ASC & DSC.
    • (4341) Poseidon {swetest, 07TA54} ~ 7-8° Taurus - A Sleigh On Land Uncovered By Snow ~ 90° Dial: Poseidon ☌ Saturn ☍ True Node.
    • (Uranian) Poseidon [+] {swetest, 12VI59Rx} ~ 12-13° Virgo - A Powerful Statesman Overcomes A State Of Political Hysteria ~ 90° Dial: Poseidon ☌ Wratislavia ☍ Chariklo {27CP04} (and "Breslau" related asteroids, Fallersleben {29LI03Rx} & Kummer {00TA11}. August Fallersleben wrote patriotic songs & lyrics for Deutschlandlied, German national anthem; Ernst Kummer discovered partial proof of Fermat's last theorem • (12007) Fermat {23TA56} ~ 23-24° Taurus - An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging From His Belt; Fermat ☌ discoverer of Neptune, Galle {23LE43Rx} ☍ Rudra {09CP06}).
    • (9242) Olea {swetest, 12CP04} ~ 12-13° Capricorn - A Fire Worshipper Meditates On The Ultimate Realities Of Existence ~ 90° Dial: Olea ☌ Vaticana {12CN53}.
    • (9430) Erichthonios {swetest, 16AR29} ~ 16-17° Aries - Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting In Silence ~ 90° Dial: Erichthonius ☍ Hephaistos {01GE48}. Cecrops & Erichthonios were both the offspring of Hephaistos [+].
    con't » the wittich connection

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