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The base of the monument is a 28-foot field of emerald pearl granite from Larvik, Norway. The star map at the base is comprised of more than 2,700 embedded metal studs representing the planets, sun, moon, stars, and other celestial objects accurately positioned by astronomers from the U.S. Naval Observatory as they were on April 22, 1979, the dedication date of the monument. Photograph by Diana Walker

The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital:
The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C.

Since the sign Leo was rising over the horizon at noon on April 22, the constellations Leo and Virgo were beneath the Earth, as were the planets Jupiter and Saturn. However, in keeping with the Virgoan tradition which we have repeatedly noted as the hallmark of Washington, D.C., Saturn and the lunar node (the Dragon's Head) were in Virgo at this foundation time.30 Remarkably, the real mystery of the Einstein Memorial seems to have been overlooked by scholars. The eclipse of September 21, 1922, saw the fixed star Zavijava [β Virginis] being used to confirm Einstein's theory, which was first confirmed by means of the solar eclipse of May 29, 1919, that fell on 8 degrees Gemini. The solar eclipse of September 1922 had fallen on 28 degrees of Virgo. Was it merely serendipity which led the astronomical advisers who erected the Einstein Memorial chart to choose a time for the unveiling of their celestial figure when the planet Venus was exactly opposite this degree?31

30. The horoscope data corresponding with the Einstein Memorial are:

ASC10LE24 SU01TA58 MO10PI56 ME04AR43
VE29PI27 MA12AR08 JU00LE11 SA07VG19R
UR19SC43R NE20SG15R PL17LB27R MN15VG19*

*MN = Mean Node

The floor schema also gives the positions of the "minor planets" — Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta.

31. The chances of Venus being on the same degree as an eclipse by accident are many thousands to one. An eclipse repeats its degree position approximately every four Saros cycles — which is to day, 4 × 19 or 76 years: Venus moves through the zodiac in approximately 224 days.


Zavijava, a universal name in modern catalogues, is first found with Giuseppe Piazzi [discoverer of the first asteroid, Ceres], Italian astronomer (1746-1826), but is Zarijan in the Standard Dictionary. It is from Al Zawiah, the Angle, or Corner, i.e. Kennel, of the Arab Dogs,— although gamma (γ Porrima) exactly marks this Corner and should bear the title. [+][+][+][+][+]

This was the star Einstein used during the solar eclipse of Sept. 21st 1922, which fell close to it, to determine the speed of light in space.

"Zavijava probably derives from Al Zawiyah which among other things mean a small Mosque, subsidiary to a larger one nearby. Since such a Mosque is very much a symbol of authority in its locality, as a parish church is in other communities, the idea conveyed here is of someone holding a position of command, but subject to a higher command behind them. Al Araf (another name for this star) 'Those who Send Forth' (others to carry out their orders), or 'Those who are Sent Forth ...' The planetary simile (Mercury-Mars) suggests one who has the intelligence and energy to be sent forth and not need a higher authority to lead". [The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse, 1988, Amethyst Books, ISBN 0-944256-02-3].

•    •    •    •

Zavijava entered Virgo 26° on 13-Nov-1917 @ 12:17:571866UTA Group Of Aristocratic Ladies Meet Ceremonially At A Court's FunctionTen Days That Shook the World: To the Troops of the Pulkovo Detachment. November 13, 1917. 38 minutes past 9 a. m.Battle of Pulkovo — November 13, 1917China and Albert Einstein » Li Fangbai's Electromagnetic View: Li Fangbai's speech in November 1917 was the first public talk in China on Einstein's special theory of relativity (STR) and revealed his strong electromagnetic worldviewEinstein's German World: The Balfour Declaration of November 1917Einstein's Greatest Blunder?: The Cosmological Constant and Other Fudge Factors in the Physics of the Universe: In 1917 Albert Einstein himself confronted a "crisis in cosmology,"… Einstein introduced a new term, now called the "cosmological constant," into his equations100 Years of Gravity and Accelerated Frames » The Cosmological Constant Problem: Physics thrives on crisis.

The Dow's Fudge Factor Twoots: [+][+][+][+]

Zavijava on 29-May-1919 @ 14:15UTZavijava on 21-Sep-1922 @ 05:30:07UTZavijava on 22-Apr-1979 @ 16:59:25UT • Zavijava entered Virgo 27° on 01-Feb-1988 @ 16:48:504619 UTA Baldheaded Man Who Has Seized Power.

Einstein Memorial Chart for 22-Apr-1979 @ 16:59:25UT
Asteroid Listing

790422 Midheaven        0 ta  4'13.0000         11°29'48.0000
790422 Sun              1 ta 58' 4.6259         12° 9'27.9351
790422 Algol,bePer     25 ta 52'19.1420         40°52'26.6803
790422 Hades           27 ta 12'15.8299         18°34'19.9747
790422 Hyadum I,gaTau   5 ge 30'35.3385         15°34'30.6402
790422 Ain,epTau        8 ge 10' 9.7734         19° 7'56.3617
790422 Ascendant       10 le 23'30.0000         17°38' 8.0000
790422 Gorgo           11 le 30'41.2847         10°40' 3.5190
790422 Zeus            17 vi  8'40.0638   Rx     5° 4'43.4200
790422 Zavijava,beVir  26 vi 52'25.3470          1°52'48.2023
790422 Benjamina       26 vi 57'52.3697   Rx    -7°13'33.0027
790422 Spica,alVir     23 li 33'23.9603        -11° 3'15.7712
790422 Poseidon        23 li 49'59.3923   Rx    -9°15'15.1471
790422 Imum Coeli       0 sc  4'13.0000        -11°29'48.0000
790422 Proserpina       1 sc 12'33.0000   Rx   -11°53'41.0000
790422 Aethra           6 aq  8'10.3281         -6°25'18.8607
790422 Descendant      10 aq 23'30.0000        -17°38' 8.0000
790422 Einstein        13 aq 27'45.2012        -39°21'12.4305

Sun Taurus 01°58'05" ☌ (all within 0°, from closest) Adelheid, Wladilena, Monterosa, Bredichina, Anastasia, Chaos, Xanthippe.

Sabian: 1-2° Taurus An Electrical Storm .

(276) Adelheid :: modern German form of the Old High German given name Adalheidis, meaning "nobility".

(852) Wladilena named for Wladimir Ulyanoff-Lenin (1870–1924).

Xanthippe ("blonde horse"), There are far more stories about her than there are facts.

Eurocommunism was a current among the Communist Parties, mainly in Europe, from 1968 up to the early 1980s, which sought autonomy of their own national parties relative to the leadership claims of the Soviet and Chinese parties or each other, being particularly critical of the lack of internal democracy in the Communist movement.

Enver Hoxha: 'Eurocommunism' is Anti-Communism :: At the 9th Congress of the Communist Party of Spain, in April 1978, the Carrillo revisionists declared that their party was no longer a Marxist-Leninist party, but a "Marxist democratic revolutionary party,". "To consider Leninism the Marxism of our time," declared Carrillo, "is unacceptable." The French revisionist leaders proposed to their 23rd Congress, held in May 1979, that they should give up referring to Marxism-Leninism in the documents of their party and use the term "scientific socialism" instead. The Italian revisionists too, at the 15th Congress of their party in April 1979, removed from their Constitution the requirement that the members of the party should master Marxism-Leninism and apply its teachings. "The formula of 'Marxism-Leninism' does not express the whole wealth of our theoretical and ideological heritage," said the followers of Togliatti. Now anyone can take part in the Italian revisionist party, regardless of the ideology to which he adheres or which he applies. In this way the Eurocommunist revisionists formally and publicly have sanctioned the final break with Marxism-Leninism, which in practice they had done years ago. Very pleased with this rapid and complete social-democratic transformation of these parties, the bourgeois propaganda called 1979 "the year of Eurocommunism".

Asteroids :: (26) Proserpina, (399) Persephone, (1108) Demeter, another name for Ceres • (1241) Dysona, (1951) Lick, (2653) Principia, (2751) Campbell, (2761) Eddington, (3947) Swedenborg, (8088) Australia • Hyades: (132) Aethra, (158) Koronis, (193) Ambrosia, (217) Eudora, (308) Polyxo, (322) Phaeo • Uranians: Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Poseidon.

Proserpina (hypothetical, not to be confused with asteroid (26) Proserpina) :: [[Proserpina Scorpio 01°12'33"℞ ☌ Imum Coeli 00°04'13"]] :: Astrolog → More Astrolog sites → Valentin Abramov's Astrolog page - (.ee = Estonia) → astrology text files): Info I have about transuranian Proserpina • text file indicates this is a hypothetical of Dane Rudhyar's [+][+][+][+]: the seed held in Pluto's realm is the beautiful "Proserpine" • Quick approximate check confirms text file: Proserpina entered Scorpio 1976; currently at Scorpio 16°59'38" • available at via Extended Chart Selection option: List of other horoscope factors and "hypothetical" planets (h57 Proserpina); no additional info in General DocumentationEphemerides of the Hypothetic Planets of the Avestan School: Proseprine, connected with faith, with superior manifestation of the soul, with religious system which you follows, with your choice, and also with alchemy of the body. It is superior Saturn, super-system, where is important each triviality. It is connected with alchemical mutation, transformation and regeneration, including the cold nuclear synthesis..

MOON {10PI56} 308°58'10" from SUN {01TA58} @ EON-32 (Phase Arc 308.36° ~ Last Quarter Moon, Waning Septile) Embodiment, Agent of Transformation, Unique Aspect, Modulating; SUN ABOVE—MOON ABOVE HORIZON : Primarily outward focus on the objective world of social-collective existence; extroversion.

The Twelve Olympians :: The Twelve great gods of the Greeks were known as the Olympians. Together they presided over every aspect of human life. The goddess Hestia (listed here in the second rank) was sometimes included amongst the Twelve.

Demeter Aries 17°51'31" ☌ Juno Aries 18°21'04" & Edisona Aries 19°11'13" (working on post about Uranus as the planet of electricity).

Demeter—Ceres :: Demeter, in Latin, Ceres, the daughter of Saturn and Rhea, was at one time married to her brother, Zeus, by whom she became the mother of Persephone. By her other brother, Poseidon, she is said to have borne the winged horse, Orion, which is but another name for Pegasus. As her younger sister, Juno, represents the Church Specific, so Demeter represents the Church Universal; or as Juno, the queen of heaven, represents spiritual good, so Ceres, the patroness of agriculture and the fruit of the earth, represents natural good. And genuine natural good is the mother of natural intelligence on the one hand, (the horse), and of the natural affection of truth on the other, (Persephone). [note: this section & The Chronides part of: The Mythology of the Greeks and Romans by Carl Theophilus Odhner (see, The Five Churches) • (3947) Swedenborg (1688–1772).

more Zavijava…

Zavijava @ Virgo 26° for 1919, 1922 & 1979. Astrodienst fixed star chart option doesn't include Zavijava, so checked 1979 asteroid listing for something nearby so i could see some aspects: (976) Benjamina. Benjamina Virgo 26°57'52"℞ ☌ Zavijava Virgo 26°52'25" & Gorgo Leo 11°30'41" ☌ ASC Leo 10°23'30". (681) Gorgo "is the German word for Gorgon" (Dictionary of Minor Planet Names; see Gorgo, Queen of Sparta).

i thought Ovason's note (above) about Einstein Memorial would be an interesting trivia chart. ha! when i started writing this [10:11 AM 8/18/2011] DJIA Plunges More than 400 Points as Panic Rises; VIX Up Nearly 30%: Heavy selling has smacked the Dow south of 11,000 [Dow closed 10,990.58, down -419.63 (-3.68%)]. primary concern is the stability of European banks, how they handle toxic assets & this week US Units of European Banks Under NY Fed Scrutiny: Report.

Cellini's Perseus and Medusa was a powerful artistic & political statement commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici. people were in awe when they first saw it. it was also a technical achievement: "Benvenuto, this figure cannot succeed in bronze; the laws of art do not admit of it" (The Life of Benvenuto Cellini).

checking old notes, this started October 4-5, 2010 with a forged Cellini, and quickly noted [1] [2]:


Cellini's Perseus connected to Bernanke by gematria: 4423; Note #3 refers to 19-Nov-2010 speech by Bernanke, & #3 concerns the gold standard [+][+]. 04-Nov-2010, Fed begins QE2 & Bernanke explains why. at the same time, STS-133 scrubbed five launch attempts from Nov 1st to Nov 5th, finally rescheduling and successfully launching 24-Feb-2011. 2010 Midterms on 02-Nov-2010.

my understanding, fiat money is "make it so" money (God's Fiat). the closest i can get to an etymology of "paper money": Using a Dictionary to Define Inflation Can Spell Trouble. no matter what is said about Marx's critique of Capitalism, it's not a conspiracy theory, and i wonder whether The Fed is confused with being Capital & that's why it gets all these wacky critiques.

now Perseus can turn things to stone: "fiat super aequora saxum" [is turned to stone above]).


Benjamina ☌ Zavijava

Einstein and the Generations of Science :: Einstein used to say that the special theory of relativity was in the air when he discovered it, that Paul Langevin, for instance, might have done so as well. The general theory, on the other hand, was, he thought, a unique achievement that would not have found an alternative discoverer. The discovery of the general theory of relativity was not, in Einstein’s view, part of an inevitable logic in the evolution of science; it did not arise from any discussion that was taking place in scientific circles, and Max Planck, among others, regarded Einstein as making a mistake in devoting his energies to this path of research.

Cellini’s Perseus and Medusa as Homoerotic art :: Holding Medusa’s severed head up high serves a dual purpose in this statue. First, it shows that here unlike in the mythological story, from Medusa’s head emanates a snake likeness (according to Cellini) and not Pegasus and Chrysaor as one of the legends (another legends says they were born from drops of blood from her head that fell to the sea). So it demonstrates that Cellini here intentionally created the snake like feature which deviates from the original mythological story. Second, by not having Medusa’s head placed on the ground (like Goliath’s head) but rather up high by Perseus , Cellini is refereeing to another part of the myth of Perseus. When Perseus was using Medusa’s head to gaze upon Atlas and Phineus (separately) to turn them into stone. So that Medusa’s head is to be interpreted on another layer of meaning – a current one to Cellini’s time. For the bronze statue was meant to be placed among other sculptures in the Loggia dei Lanzi – many of them of stone. So that it could be said that Cellini’s Medusa’s freezing gaze made all these figures turn to stone (i.e. become stone and marble statues).

Cellini trained as a goldsmith writing treatises on goldsmithing & sculpting, Trattato dell'Oreficeria & Trattato della scultura [+], working strictly as a goldsmith until his forties [+][+]. Cellini's Blood: "In the climactic scene of his autobiography, Cellini rises from his deathbed, cuffs his traitorous assistants, quenches the fire that is consuming the roof of his house, and battles even the lightning that the heavens direct at his studio, all to cast the Perseus. It is an incomparable episode in sixteenth-century literature, not only for Cellini's skill as a raconteur but also for the momentousness of the historical event it ostensibly records: Cellini, having appropriated the pouring of his statue from the artillery makers who threatened to ruin it, has succeeded in casting the biggest single-piece bronze the world had known."

Florence, Her History and Art to the Fall of the Republic :: It [Loggia dei Lanzi] stands (as everyone knows) in the Piazza della Signoria. It was built as a place of assembly for the discussion of political or commercial matters in rainy weather, instead of on the uncovered ringhiera before the Palazzo. It was first called the Loggia de' Priori, but its name was changed when the lanzi (or lands knechts) that formed the bodyguard of Duke Cosim were placed there (Perkins, i. 81).

Hyades :: The heliacal setting of their constellation in November marked the start of the rainy season in Greece, hence the star nymphs were known as "the Rainy Ones"… class of nymphs, whose number, names, and descent, are described in various ways by the ancients. Their parents were Atlas and Aethra. [see asteroid (132) Aethra ☌ (2001) Einstein & Descendant].

Celebrating the 1919 Eclipse at Príncipe :: The eclipse was visible from equatorial regions on both sides of the Atlantic; Eddington sent one team to Sobral in Brazil, and went himself went to the African island of Príncipe. Stars in the Hyades cluster were behind the sun during the eclipse, and were appeared to shift from their true positions by 1.75 arcseconds. This gravitational deflection of light by the sun's mass provided the first experimental verification of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Renaissance Rivals: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Titian :: Presenting his petrifying attribute to the beholder, Perseus displays it also to David and Hercules: it is as if these two marble giants have been turned to "stone without blood" by the power of Cellini's bronze hero. Jonathan Cole [+] explains: "Cellini's group realized a subject that thematized the petrifaction of the beholder in a material that was perspicuously not stone, and it occupied an architectural plot on which two gigantic marble works seemed to gaze […] Perseus could seem to transform his two stone predecessors into the first and lasting evidence of his own petrifying weapon."

Toxic assetBanks Balk at Selling Toxic Assets :: The banks' resistance may be the biggest hurdle Geithner faces in his plans to rebuild the financial sector. At the height of the crisis over the winter, there were neither buyers nor sellers for the toxic assets. Saddled with the assets on their balance sheets, the banks sharply curtailed lending, threatening to throw the economy into a tailspin. The Bush and Obama Administrations poured money into the banks to allow them to restart some lending, but the toxic assets remained on the banks' books.

contrast financial toxic assets with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch & Red tide & compare with Cellini's Blood.

Reconfiguring the Renaissance: Essays in Critical Materialism :: And yet another writer commented that it was no longer Medusa's face but Cellini's Perseus which would turn onlookers to stone (Pope-Hennessy, 186). Thus has Cellini overtaken Medusa — the threatening powers that would deny his worth, the maternal principle of nourishment become a monstrosity in the hateful figure of Cosimo — and neutralized her, appropriating her powers as his own.

Catholic World, Volume 93 » The City of the Arno: A Few Memories :: But Italy, which is still the home of unconscious drama, has always been the land of contrast and antithesis—il Poverello [Little Poor Man, Francis of Assisi] set over against il Magnifico [Lorenzo the Magnificent, Lorenzo de' Medici], the austere and meditative saint against the gorgeous Renaissance adventurer, the flush of wild poppies—and the flash of steel! Meetly then, at one side of this Piazza, is placed the stately Corinthian Loggia dei Lanzi. Here, back in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, came the people of Florence at summons of the great Palazzo bell, to listen to the decrees of their legislators and to hold elections. And here to-day, surrounded by his peers, stands the triumphant Perseus of Benvenuto Cellini, facing the world with his slain Medusa, while all about him the storm and stress are silenced into stone!

Cellini's Perseus and Medusa & some other stuff :: [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+] :: Casting the Perseus quotes extensively from The Life of Benvenuto Cellini, Cellini's autobiography (also available here & here) · Legend Builders of the West notes Perseus as the "political manifesto of Cosimo" · Cosimo I de' Medici, "This work is about monarchy and its benefits. The son of Zeus was commonly associated with princely virtue in a general sense… But the statue also had a more topical meaning: The hero symbolized the decisiveness with which Cosimo, in the face of formidable opposition, had brought order to the city, just as he now offered her protection and prosperity" · [(Uranian) Zeus ☌ True Node] · The Italian Renaissance, "When the Perseus was unveiled in April 1554, it became a triumph not only for the vainglorious Cellini… but also for Duke Cosimo."

Isis Unveiled: Chapter V :: There has been an infinite confusion of names to express one and the same thing. The chaos of the ancients; the Zoroastrian sacred fire, or the Antusbyrum of the Parsees; the Hermes-fire; the Elmes-fire of the ancient Germans; the lightning of Cybele; the burning torch of Apollo; the flame on the altar of Pan; the inextinguishable fire in the temple on the Acropolis, and in that of Vesta; the fire-flame of Pluto's helm; the brilliant sparks on the hats of the Dioscuri, on the Gorgon head, the helm of Pallas, and the staff of Mercury; the πυρ ασβεστον the Egyptian Phtha, or Ra; the Grecian Zeus Cataibates (the descending); * the pentecostal fire-tongues; the burning bush of Moses; the pillar of fire of the Exodus, and the "burning lamp" of Abram; the eternal fire of the "bottomless pit"; the Delphic oracular vapors; the Sidereal light of the Rosicrucians; the AKASA of the Hindu adepts; the Astral light of Eliphas Levi; the nerve-aura and the fluid of the magnetists; the od of Reichenbach; the fire-globe, or meteor-cat of Babinet; the Psychod and ectenic force of Thury; the psychic force of Sergeant Cox and Mr. Crookes; the atmospheric magnetism of some naturalists; galvanism; and finally, electricity, are but various names for many different manifestations, or effects of the same mysterious, all-pervading cause--the Greek Archeus, or Αρχαιοσ.

22-Apr-1979 (Sunday); Dow closed at 860.10 on 23-Apr-1979.

22-Apr-1979 appears in Lee Loevinger's "The Media Monopoly Myth" • A Free and Fair Press and Other Comments on the Media (PDF), October 20, 1973, The Media and the Candidate; "Let me give you a quasi-legal answer to what I think is a very important, if not the most important, question that has been asked at this session, and that is, "How do you ensure fairness in media reports?" The answer, blunt as it may be, is that you don't."

CNBC Video · 18-Aug-2011 {06:30} Question: Ron, many of our viewers may not be active investors, right? They put money in a 401K — like they were told to do by everybody, month after month after month. It's been ten years of just Pepto-Bismol type activity, lot of people are down. How do you restore confidence — not only in the U.S. economy, but in the U.S. stock market? Cause if we run out of buyers down the road because this generation is just burned out, we're in trouble. Because ultimately stocks go up when there are more buyers than sellers. ••• Ron Sloan, Invesco U.S Core Investment Mgmt, CIO: Excellent point. You know, you can tell I've got a little gray hair, what little hair I have left, and so this is not something I haven't seen before. You know, we had no net gains in the seventies either, and we had to live through that. We've got no net gains for the last ten years — another kind of lost investment decade in terms of U.S. equities. But I think smart people — [what do you do to make it not a lost decade?] — well, smart people. I think Active Management really earns its money in these kinds of markets. We've added over the last decade, we have generated excess returns to positive excess returns over this time period. And so, I told people two years ago, they said Ron what should we do? and I said look, we have to do more work in this kind of environment but Mr. Shareholder, Mr. End Client you have to do more work too. You've got to do due diligence on your managers. Find good solid active managers who can add value, add excess returns to those benchmarks.

Getting Technical - What's Next w/ John Bollinger :: will stocks retest August lows? Bollinger says yes. "The trouble, he says, is that too many investors expected the stock market to just bounce and historically that’s not what happens. 'Typically the market makes "W" bottoms, we make a low bounce and re-test the low bounce and re-test again,' he says. He thinks this pullback could provide an important - and potentially bullish tell." [Dow begins August with Aug 1 close: 12,132.49; closing below 11000 on Aug 8, on Aug 18 [date of article] Dow closed at 10,990.58 dropping -419.63 (-3.68%); "Stocks have worst four week drop since March of 2009"].

checking 1979 to see any significance w/ date of Einstein Memorial horoscope, immediately found Loevinger [he's the 911 guy [+][+][+][+]]; Sloan mentions seventies & i google Back to the '70s by Mark Gongloff (2004) noting Dow "gained just 4.8%" during 70s (Sloan) which is part of a "longer, 16-year, flat stretch, running from 1966 to 1982" (Bollinger). Gongloff also writes, "What's more, stock traders have much better access to information and can make corrections much more quickly, according to Stovall of S&P, meaning 16-year cycles could mercifully join «»rainbow suspenders«» on the scrap heap." rainbow suspenders links to Mork & Mindy (1978-1982), and another google: 415 SW 10th, Mork from Ork's suspenders, and the meaning of historic preservation, "Graf speaks of the building being hopelessly out of style. He compares the Checkerboard's signature facade to a pair of rainbow-colored suspenders, presumably like the kind Mork From Ork used to wear on Mork & Mindy. I'm not saying Mork's suspenders will ever come back in style, but one has to take more of a long view with history and preservation. Societies often rush to preserve buildings that are 100 years old, patting themselves on the back for not tearing them down like the heathens of the generation that preceded them. But then those same people are equally eager to demolish buildings 50 years old because they're out of style or character. The reason there aren't more historic early 20th century buildings around is because people in the 1950s tore them down while they were preserving stuff from the 1850s. People in 1900 saved stuff from 1800 but scoffed at buildings from the 1850s. Obviously I'm over-simplifying here, but this is a general tendency that many historic preservation experts have told to me time and time again… Some might find that kind of rainbow-suspender look outdated. But why not give your grandchildren a chance to decide?" Mork & Mindy was a spin-off of Happy Days, 1979 episode: "Mork Returns" to the 50s because it's more "humdrum" than the 70s; answering Fonzie's question about future cars & girls, Mork says "In 1979… both are faster" [+][+][+][+]. during Obama's rural bus tour, on August 16th in Decorah, Iowa, someone from the crowd said, "Welcome to the '50s" [h/t]

Economic Timeline

POTUS signs S.365, Budget Control Act of 2011 on August 02, 2011; which provides for authority to increase the public debt limit by between $2.1 trillion and $2.4 trillion; establishes discretionary spending limits for FYs 2012-2021; requires the House and Senate to each vote on passage of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution; and establishes a congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

S&P Downgrades - Full Ratings Agency Statement [Aug. 5, 2011]

Federal Reserve August 9, 2011 statement

President Obama's Rural Tour August 15-17, 2011: Cannon Falls, MN · Decorah, IA · Peosta, IA [+][+][+] · Atkinson, IL · Alpha, IL

Cramer: Bridgewater's Dalio Is 'Sage' of Euro-Zone Crisis :: Ray Dalio is the "sage, not [Nouriel] Roubini, not [Meredith] Whitney. It's this fella," Jim Cramer said Thursday. The hedge fund titan is the founder, president and CIO of the world's biggest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, which manages $100 billion in global investments. "Ray correctly points out that the Europeans did not use the short ban to raise, they didn't do anything [Treasury SecretaryTimothy] Geithner did," Cramer said. "So we have these banks, you don't really know what they own because there's absolutely very little clarity, and they don't have enough capital." Dalio wrote in a newsletter to clients Wednesday: "As implausible as it seems, European policy makers never made provisions for the possibility that their banks and sovereigns would have debt problems even though this possibility was apparent for some time. They wouldn't have had to believe that it was likely in order to believe that it was possible and that it was appropriate to make provisions for this possibility. But they did not. "As a result, they and we all lack clarity as to who will do what, and where the money will come from to handle sovereign and bank defaults at this late stage in the debt crisis. Further, it seems like there is not nearly enough time between now and running out of money to reach the necessary agreements to have a good Plan B. of the European Debt Crisis is the reason that there is no plan B." Cramer said Dalio "has been right the whole darn way, and you may not know him but he's up huge because he put money where his mouth is." "They may have a window from the ECB [European Central Bank] but in the end, if they even have to use it, we saw what happens," Cramer concluded.

6 days, 18 hours, 51 minutes to Bernanke’s Jackson Hole speech

‘the stone of hope’: The Washington, D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial dedicated August 28, 2011 • we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.

upcoming: 1919, 1922

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