northanger (northanger) wrote,

revised big list (moon-antares occ)


{i have a splitting headache - lol} be nice to have 777 thingys. wanna help?

[1] select fixed star or asteroid

[2] go to swetest and enter:

start date: 3.3.2005
steps: 1
stepsize: 1
(Swiss Ephemeris)
planet selection: s -xs912 (asteroids)
planet selection: f -xfYildun (fixed stars)
output format: tPZsD
other options: -ut10:15

OUTPUT: 050303 Maritima    1 ar  8'29.8531   0.3432974   -5°53'27.4871

note: if the fixed star name doesn't work,
try a different name from the fixed star page; 
ie, NODUS I = AlDhibah

[3] copy direct link for fixed stars & search wikipedia for best link (first choice) -OR- if no wiki-link, find best link to describe asteroid.

[4] please post here:

a. output: 912;Maritima;01Ar08;01;AR;08;29.8531;0.3432974;-5°53'27.4871
b. link

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