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STS-134 Endeavour Flight Day #12 :: EVA #4 (Spanky & Taz)

 • STS-134 Shuttle Mission Imagery - Flight Day 12 • 

EVA # 4 BEGINS (Fincke and Chamitoff) (Orbit #169 :: 11:46PM CDT)
P6 PDGF RETRIEVAL (Orbit #170 :: 01:16AM CDT)
EVA # 4 ENDS (Orbit #173 :: 06:16AM CDT)

@NASA The 50-foot orbiter boom sensor system was stowed permanently on the International Space Station at 1:42amET. #sts134

@NASA To clarify: stowage of the boom at 1:42amET was a completion milestone for the U.S. Orbital Segment of the space station.

@NASA .@AstroIronMike & @Astro_Taz surpassed the 1000th hour 4 hours, 47 minutes into today's spacewalk, at 5:02amET/9:02 UTC. #sts134

@NASA .@Astro_Taz's view of the space station while reflecting on the engineering achievement of its construction.

STS-134 MCC Status Report #23 :: HOUSTON – Its work with the space shuttle complete, the orbiter boom sensor system has a new home on the International Space Station’s main truss and a new name, the second of the day. The move was completed during the fourth and final spacewalk of Endeavour’s STS-134 mission. Mission Specialists Mike Fincke and Greg Chamitoff took the boom from the station’s Canadarm2 and secured it on the S1 truss segment at 12:42 a.m. CDT. Endeavour Pilot Greg Johnson and station Flight Engineer Ron Garan at the arm’s controls in the Cupola took the 50-foot boom from the station arm. They moved the boom to the S1 truss and handed it off to the two spacewalkers. Fincke and Chamitoff secured it in attachment fixtures, making it officially a part of the station called the ISS boom assembly. The spacewalkers subsequently retrieved a power and data grapple fixture from the left end of the truss assembly and brought it back to the boom. They removed an electrical flight grapple fixture, which the shuttle arm had used, and replaced it with the fixture they had brought back. That fixture enables Canadarm2 to attach to the boom’s end, to use it as an extension should the need arise. With the grapple fixture replacement, the boom became the enhanced ISS boom assembly, a name that should stick for a while. The last major task was working with Dextre, the special purpose dexterous manipulator, part of the Canadian robotics suite that includes the shuttle and station arms. At the express logistics carrier 3 on the truss, they removed launch restraints from a spare arm for the robot-like device brought up by Endeavour. That completed, Fincke and Chamitoff began the standard cleanup tasks, then moved back into the Quest airlock. Repressurization began at 6:39 a.m., marking the end of the 7-hour, 24-minute spacewalk. Andrew Feustel, who participated in the first three spacewalks, coached Fincke and Chamitoff through their tasks as intravehicluar officer. Astronaut Steve Swanson was spacewalk capcom from the station flight control room. Endeavour Commander Mark Kelly again worked with photo and video documentation. While the Friday excursion was the last scheduled spacewalk by shuttle astronauts, it also was a day of milestones. At 4:02 a.m., Fincke and Chamitoff completed the 1,000th hour of spacewalk activity for space station assembly and maintenance. It also left Fincke on the threshold of a personal mark. About 7 p.m. Friday evening he will become the U.S. astronaut with the most time in space, more than 377 days, including two long-duration station missions. That will surpass the time in space of Peggy Whitson, chief of the Astronaut Office.

ISS On-Orbit Status 05/27/11 :: Mission ULF-6’s EVA-4 was completed successfully by EV1 Greg Chamitoff & EV2 Mike Fincke in 7h 24m, accomplishing all objectives. Beginning this morning at 12:15am EDT, the spacewalk ended at 7:39am. [EV1 & EV2 began their “campout” yesterday before noon in the U.S. Airlock (A/L) with hatch closure and depressurization of the CL (Crewlock) from 14.7 to 10.2 psi, followed by mask prebreathe (~10:21am-11:26am) and sleep from 11:56am-7:56pm. Sleep for the ISS crew began 30 min earlier. A hygiene break, with temporary repress to 14.7psi and depress back to 10.2psi, took place at 8:31pm-9:41pm, followed by EMU Preps (9:41pm-11:11pm), EMU Purge, EMU Prebreathe, suit leak checks, Crewlock Depress & Egress (~12:15am), about 30 min earlier than scheduled. The excursion lasted 7h 24m. It was the last of the four spacewalks for the STS-134 mission, for a mission total of 28h 44m, and it also was the final spacewalk conducted by Space Shuttle astronauts. At 5:02am (4h 47m into the EVA-4), Spanky & Taz surpassed the 1,000th hour that astronauts & cosmonauts have spent outside the ISS in support of its assembly & maintenance. It was the 159th EVA for ISS assembly & maintenance, totaling 1,002h 37m, and the 164th Shuttle EVA. It was also the 248th spacewalk U.S. astronauts have ever conducted and the 118th from ISS airlocks. For Fincke, it was the 9th EVA, for a total time of 48h 37m; he is 6th on the all-time list. At about 8pm EDT tonight, he will become the U.S. astronaut who has spent the most number of days in space, surpassing Peggy Whitson's record of 377 days in space. For Chamitoff, it was the 2nd spacewalk, for a total of 13h 43m.]

Spacewalkers send back rarely-seen views of station

"This is the last flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour and it's also the last spacewalk of shuttle crewmembers and for station assembly. It's kinda fitting that Endeavour is here, 'cause Endeavour was the first shuttle to begin construction of the station, and so it's fitting that she's here for the last mission for station assembly. During this EVA we passed collectively over 1000 hours of spacewalks that is part of station assembly. Mike and I have the honor here to share this last spacewalk and of course for all the folks working on the ground, thousands of people helped build this - working in the shuttle and station program - we're floating here on the shoulders of giants. This space station is the pinnacle of human achievement and international cooperation. Twelve years of building and 15 countries and now it's a cornerstone in the sky and hopefully the doorstep to our future. So congratulations everybody on assembly complete." —Speech by Taz [+]

Spanky - "Well said Taz"
Houston concurs.

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