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Jupiter/Uranus Triple Conjunction

Jupiter/Uranus Triple Conjunction :: [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+] :: 1st 08-Jun-10 Aries 0° » 2nd 19-Sep-10 Pisces 28° » 3rd 04-Jan-11 Pisces 27°.

Jupiter/Uranus begin orb dance w/ approaching 10° conjunction 01-Apr-2010, reaching 0° during 1st Conjunction, 10° separating orb 11-Mar-2011 • factoring in the orbs, the full JUTC spectrum runs from 01-Apr-2010 to 11-Mar-2011, almost an entire year.

Retrogrades: Jupiter enters Pisces 18-Jan-10, enters Aries 06-Jun-10, ℞ to Pisces 09-Sep-10, re-enters Aries 22-Jan-11 • Uranus enters Aries 28-May-10, ℞ to Pisces 14-Aug-10, return Aries 12-Mar-11.