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Bernanke at National Press Club on 03-Feb-2011 during Full Moon (Sun, Moon, Russia, Egeria, Anastasia, Jena at Aqu 13° {Serbian Degree = Aries}; see Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg) and start of Chinese New Year: Year of the Full Metal Jacket Rabbit ().

what i noticed immediately on Astro-Databank chart at 12:00pm: 21st Degree

Sun Sag 21° ☍ Jupiter Gem 21°
Moon Pis 21° □ Jupiter Gem 21°
Sun Sag 21° □ Moon Pis 21°

on 12:10pm chart Vertex completes square at Vir 21°. square created by Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Vertex are same signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) as 21st Century signs of the four Royal Stars (Antares, Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, Regulus); WWII was the last time these stars moved & 21st Degree seems like a symbolic indicator. Regulus, however, was also changing signs (Leo 29° to Virgo 0°) being in Leo for entire Common Era.

Vertex Vir 21° ☍ Moon Pis 21°
Vertex Vir 21° □ Sun Sag 21° & Jupiter Gem 21°

The Watchers: Fomalhaut enters Pisces 4°

• WWII: Fomalhaut Pis 3° (13-Jun-1938), Regulus Leo 29° (25-Dec-1939), Aldebaran Gem 9° (14-Sep-1943), Antares Sag 9° (15-May-1945)
• 21st: Fomalhaut Pis 4° (20-Jun-2009), Regulus Virgo 0° (29-Nov-2011), Aldebaran Gem 10° (03-Oct-2014), Antares Sag 10° (01-Mar-2017)

Royal Stars on 13-Dec-1953 @ 10:10UT

531213 Regulus,alLeo   29 le 11'42.7251   0.0000000   12°11'28.6707
531213 Antares,alSco    9 sa  7' 3.9517   0.0000000  -26°19'55.5705
531213 Aldebaran,alTau  9 ge  9'18.7974   0.0000000   16°25'14.2651
531213 Fomalhaut,alPsA  3 pi 12'51.7245   0.0000000  -29°52' 4.7347

googling "21st Degree" discovered new degree system from Serbian School of Astrology: "The secret of astrology lies in its fundamentals!"

Nikola Stojanovic discusses Theory of the Degrees: »Each Degree Of The Zodiac Circle Has The Basic Characteristics Of The Analogous Zodiac Sign« and "According to my theory, the 21st degree has the symbolic of Sagittarius (like 9°)" [+]

basic idea:

Aries 13° Aries 25° Aries
Taurus 14° Taurus 26° Taurus
Gemini 15° Gemini 27° Gemini
Cancer 16° Cancer 28° Cancer
Leo 17° Leo 29° Leo
Virgo 18° Virgo Virgo
Libra 19° Libra    
Scorpio 20° Scorpio    
Sagittarius 21° Sagittarius    
10° Capricorn 22° Capricorn    
11° Aquarius 23° Aquarius    
12° Pisces 24° Pisces    

using this barebones structure it's interesting to note: 29° = Leo & 0° = Virgo corresponds with Regulus moving from Leo to Virgo. looking at some of these Virgo zero points, both Cupidos (Uranian & Main-belt Asteroid) are "conjunct" {declinations: Cupido (U) 0°29'04"; Cupido (A) -7°59'07"; Galilea 25°48'03" {OOB}; Arequipa -9°51'18"}. note: 433 Eros Lib 5° corresponds to Leo. two asteroids conjunct Cupido (U) by Serbian Degree and Declination: Amalasuntha 0°20'08" & Pompeja 0°06'09":

650 Amalasuntha 0 ar 02'09" Queen of the Goths
Uranian Cupido 0 li 39'05" Family; arts; marriage; society, sociability; corporations; also associations, cooperation
203 Pompeja 0 li 45'25" Pompeii; Naming commemorates anniversary of Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD
697 Galilea 0 vi 57'45" Named for discovery of Jupiter satellites by Galileo Galilei
737 Arequipa 0 pi 08'16" City in Peru where Harvard Observatory had southern observing station
763 Cupido 0 pi 19'12" Roman god of erotic love; see (433) Eros

Bernanke and Zero [+][+][+][+][+][+][+][+]

i think Virgo zero might help analyze one of the most difficult to understand financial tools implemented by The Fed: Quantitative Easing. additionally, these could point to the timing of key transits with QE (QEI 25-Nov-2008; QEII 03-Nov-2010; What the Fed did and why [Bernanke]) and Fed Zero (16-Dec-2008) [+][+][+][+].

{Wikipedia: some of the links are from the original article, some are new} Bernanke is particularly interested in the economic and political causes of the Great Depression, on which he has written extensively. Before Bernanke's work, the dominant monetarist theory of the Great Depression was Milton Friedman's view that it had been largely caused by the Federal Reserve's having reduced the money supply. In a speech on Milton Friedman's ninetieth birthday (November 8, 2002), Bernanke said, "Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna [Schwartz, Friedman's coauthor]: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again."[+] Bernanke has cited Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz in his decision to lower interest rates to zero.[+][+] Anna Schwartz however is highly critical of Bernanke and wrote an opinion piece on New York Times to advise President Obama against his reappointment to Chair of Federal Reserve.[+] Bernanke focused less on the role of the Federal Reserve, and more on the role of private banks and financial institutions.[+] Bernanke found that the financial disruptions of 1930–33 reduced the efficiency of the credit allocation process; and that the resulting higher cost and reduced availability of credit acted to depress aggregate demand, identifying an effect he called the financial accelerator. When faced with a mild downturn, banks are likely to significantly cut back lending and other risky ventures. This further hurts the economy, creating a vicious cycle and potentially turning a mild recession into a major depression.[+] Economist Brad DeLong, who had previously advocated his own theory for the Great Depression, notes that the current financial crisis has increased the pertinence of Bernanke's theory.[+]

Planetary Glyph Symbolism: CUPIDO ~ Noting that the Cupido symbol resembles a combination of Jupiter and Venus, we see how the leftward crescent of conscious perceptiveness and drive for material expansion is combined with the spirit-focused drive for wholeness through complementation. In fact, Cupido seems to actively seek out, through expansion, the means to find harmony, wholeness, and comfort. It uses reason to uncover the means to implement fairness, equity, and aesthetics. If the circle outweighs the cross and crescent, excessive idealism can result. If the cross outweighs the crescent and circle, there can be inertia and codependency. If the crescent outweighs the cross and circle, excessive or shallow socializing, or a preoccupation with form over content undermines a true sense of community. In balance, Cupido promotes broad-ranging social harmony and aesthetics with broad appeal.

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