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Jeborics by Mark Andrew Holmes

Jeborics, or Galactic Points: Deep-Sky Radiation Sources


BL LACERTAE {24Pi50} [MARKAB] • Compass Rose: W by S • SACRAL CHAKRA {Svadisthana} • DISTANCE: 263º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 4: MEASURING, COHESIVE or RECEPTACULAR INTELLIGENCE–The FOURTH (Original #4) Path is CHESED (Mercy) = IV The Tetrad (Caters) :: EON PHASE: 27 (Phase Arc 257.1º ~ Waning Bi-Septile) : Transformation, Conscious Agent, Cosmic Empowerment, Harmonizing • [[ TX Prime [024] 089 = ((:):::) ]] #34-MOMMOLJO [PISCES 20º–PISCES 27º] ~ ZONE 8::6 Alien Mother: Amphidemon of Xenogenesis; Cosmobacterial exogermination; Extraterrestrial residues (including alien DNA segments).

BL Lacertae(24 Pisces 50 Tropical, epoch 2000)

BL Lacertae(la-SER-tie) is the prototype of a class of bizarre quasar-like galaxies, and I have found it to have an influence in astrology as a member of the class of deep-sky objects which I have dubbed jeborics, (JEB-or-iks), a nonsense term coined by Dane Rudhyar and first proposed by Al H. Morrison.

Specifically, BL Lacertae is a negative jeboric, which is to say, its radiation is below the band of visible light, i.e., in longer wavelengths, in the bands of infrared and radio. BL Lacertae is a radio emitter in the UHF range at 610 MHz. Negative jeborics have an influence which is more mundane and less spiritual than positive jeborics, which radiate above the band of visible light, on shorter wavelengths, in the ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma-ray and cosmic-ray ranges and includes black holes such as Cygnus X-1(at 13 Aquarius), A060000 at 0 Leo in the constellation Monoceros the Unicorn (which Alex Miller-Mignone has dubbed Merlin), and a black hole at 18 Sagittarius in the constellation Ara the Altar which Miller-Mignone has dubbed Ereshkigal, after the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld. Positive jeborics require more of a spiritual effort to access fully. Ambivalent jeborics radiate on both sides of the band of visible light and are dual or divided in nature.

BL Lacertae was originally classified as a faint variable star when it was detected and cataloged in 1930 in the constellation Lacerta the Lizard, which lies in the northern Milky Way east of Cygnus. Later, a radio-astronomy conducting a cataloging survey of the heavens found a radio source at the same location, but it was not learned that it was identical with the "star", or that the star was not actually a star at all, but a galaxy, until 1969. Then it was found that there were more objects like it, about twenty in all. It took astronomers a long time to determine the true nature of BL Lacertae objects, which are, as I said, a kind of quasar.

In the sky, BL Lacertae is located not far to the northwest of the faint star 4 Lacertae, near the border between Lacerta and Cygnus the Swan, at declination +42 degrees, 2 minutes, 1 second, right ascension 22 hours, 9 minutes, 30 seconds. This works out to a zodiacal longitude for BL Lacertae of 24 Pisces 50 on the Tropical zodiac at this time. (Due to the precession of the equinoxes, all deep-sky phenomena like jeborics and fixed stars seem to creep forward on the zodiac at the rate of about 1 degree of arc every 72 years, taking about 2500 years to transit a sign, which is 30 degrees long. About 360 years from now, BL Lacertae will move out of Pisces into the next sign, Aries.) Anyway, knowing BL Lacertae's location on the Tropical zodiac, you may determine its influence by placing it in a house and noting its aspects to other factors in the chart.(I have found only Ptolemaic aspects—conjunctions, oppositions, squares, trines, and sextiles—plus the quincunx to work thus far. Use an orb of no more than 1 degree.)

BL Lacertae, unfortunately, is decidedly malefic in its influence. Keywords for BL Lacertae include holocaust, burning passion, consuming or transforming fire, demonic energy, instability, ruin, blight,derangement, act of suicide, self-destruction, self-sacrifice. However, do not assume the worst case scenario every time or something big and gaudy and dire. Lee Harvey Oswald had BL Lacertae conjunct his Midheaven. When the Moon, ruler of my 3rd and 4th houses, conjoined BL Lacertae by secondary progression, I had a total computer crash due to a lightning-generated power surge and went through three replacement units and ran up a sky-high long-distance phone bill due to long calls to the tech support hotline. Fortunately, my computer was protected by warranty. The object will work differently according to the astrological context, which cannot exist independently of reality, but must manifest through it.

At latitude 42 degrees, 2 minutes north, give or take 1 degree of latitude, BL Lacertae is on the zenith. The 42nd northern parallel is a zone of latitude that includes: Kosovo, Bosnia, central Italy (including Rome), Istanbul and the rest of the Sea of Marmara region (the ancient seat of the Byzantine Empire and the Gallipoli peninsula, site of one of World War I's best-known battles, all of which has just been struck by a catastrophic earthquake) the Caucasus region (including Chechnya and Dagestan, southern Russian hot spots at this time, and Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan), Kyrgyzstan, Inner Mongolia, North Korea, Japan's island of Hokkaido (where live the Ainu), northern Spain, southernmost Ontario in Canada, and the United States from southern New England and southern upstate New York through the Great Lakes Region--southern Michigan, including Detroit; northern Illinois, including Chicago; southern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee; Iowa; Nebraska; Wyoming (including Laramie and Cheyenne); northern Utah (including Salt Lake City and environs); parts of northern Nevada, northern California, southern Idaho, southern South Dakota (passing close to Wounded Knee), northern Indiana (including Gary), and northern Pennsylvania. This zone of latitude has been the scene of many manifestations of a desire to conquer and rule or achieve which has brought about monumental and often lasting or memorable achievements of both a positive and a negative nature as well as a generalized instability and energy. In this zone has arisen throughout the ages furious intellectual, industrial, artistic and military activity, people with an intense lust to conquer and rule or otherwise achieve, intense violence (sometimes of the earth itself, sometimes among the human beings upon it), a long list of monumental ideas, and great historical ups and downs.

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