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Acts 9:5-6

infinite thought asked a question about this phrase (it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks) from jesus to saul on the road to damascus:

Acts 9:5-6 And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.

you can read my comments over there, but i was mostly surprised to discover how this relates to the zodiac:

In his work Plato tells us that soon after the creation by the "Demiurge" (or the Creator - God), he created what are known as the "Circle of the Same" and the "Circle of the Other". The Demiurge made the "circle of the Same" to correspond to the celestial equator and so it corresponds to the diurnal motion, which creates day and night. When looking at the Zodiac it is the direction that the Houses/Signs travel (clockwise motion). The "circle of the Same" is similar in nature to the Monad and "sameness" and is regular and unchanging. The Demiurge then set the motion of the planets on the "circle of the Other" to revolve in contrary motion to that of the motion of the "Same". This is what we know as planetary movement, that is, when looking at the Zodiac the planets move in a counter-clockwise direction. This was done to match the natures of the motions of these two circles to the contrariety between the Monad and the Dyad.

The significance of these motions become clearer when we see them in relation to the four angles of the Zodiac, the Ascendant (horoskopos in Greek), the Midheaven, the Descendant and the Nadir or IC. The Horoskopos marked the first place or House in the chart. The four angles were collectively designated by the term "kentron", which generally meant any kind of point, but more precisely a sting, a goad, and the point around which a compass arm turns (from which we get our word 'centre'). Figuratively and astrologically speaking then, each of the four pivots or angles were a special kind of turning point.

decided to look up asteroids named Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel (besides the fixed stars Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, Regulus & Antares) during the recent occultation. hmm. three of the angels were in pisces & one was in cancer. both are water signs & libra is an air sign (paul = saul). the moon rules cancer & is void-of-course when it transits Libra 15° to Scorpio 15°. assuming the moon-antares occultation was equivalent to a road to damascus experience similar to saul's, then asteroid PAUL {16Li23Rx} was "VOC" during the occultation. asteroid PAUL was also conjunct #2437-AMNESTIA {12Cn15} which means a "general pardon" from amnesia meaning "forgetfulness, not remembered". a line of tension seems to exist between DOOGU (EUCHARIS) and KATAK (PAUL) -- one as Karios / Original-Schism / Ambivalent capture / hooks & plot twists - versus - Intercession / Desolator / Cataclysmic Convergence / Tail-chasing & rabid animals / religious fervor.

Uriel, the watcher of the west representing Antares, is probably the most mysterious of the archangels. Uriel represents the element of fire (sagittarius is a fire sign); however, asteroid AURELIA is near Fomalhaut, which represents the element of water. there's a lot of water with this group of asteroids.

see Sacred Unions of Fire and Water | Atlantean Origin of the Seven Sacraments

#181-EUCHARIS {11Cn28} [YILDUN] • Compass Rose: NORTH • HIGHER CROWN CHAKRA • DISTANCE: 10º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 31: PERPETUAL INTELLIGENCE–The THIRTY-FIRST (Original #12) Path Binah to Kether = ATU XXI THE UNIVERSE = SATURN = TAU :: EON PHASE: 1 (Phase Arc 0º ~ Conjunction) : Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype • PRIME [01]-[48]-[92] -- [[ TX Prime [001] 002 = : ]] #02-DOOGU [CANCER 04º–CANCER 11º] ~ ZONE 2::1 Original-Schism: Cyclic Chronodemon of Splitting-Waters; Shadows Surge-Current; Primordial breath (pneumatic practices); Ambivalent capture, hooks (live-bait, traps, plot-twists); Slow pull to stasis, protection from drowning.

#1045-MICHELA {19Cn48} [SIRIUS] • Compass Rose: N by E • HIGHER CROWN CHAKRA • DISTANCE: 18º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 15: CONSTITUTING INTELLIGENCE–The FIFTEENTH (Original #28) Path from Yesod to Netzach = ATU VII THE CHARIOT = CANCER = CHETH :: EON PHASE: 1 (Phase Arc 0º ~ Conjunction) : Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype • [[ TX Prime [002] 003 = (:) ]] #03-IXIX [CANCER 12º–CANCER 19º] ~ ZONE 3::0 Abductor: Chaotic Xenodemon of Cosmic Indifference; 3rd Door (The Swirl); Occult terrestrial history.

#355-GABRIELLA {25Pi33} [MARKAB] • Compass Rose: W by S • SACRAL CHAKRA {Svadisthana} • DISTANCE: 264º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 4: MEASURING, COHESIVE or RECEPTACULAR INTELLIGENCE–The FOURTH (Original #4) Path is CHESED (Mercy) = IV The Tetrad (Caters) :: EON PHASE: 27 (Phase Arc 257.1º ~ Waning Bi-Septile) : Transformation, Conscious Agent, Cosmic Empowerment, Harmonizing • [[ TX Prime [024] 089 = ((:):::) ]] #34-MOMMOLJO [PISCES 20º–PISCES 27º] ~ ZONE 8::6 Alien Mother: Amphidemon of Xenogenesis; Cosmobacterial exogermination; Extraterrestrial residues (including alien DNA segments).

#708-RAPHAELA {14Pi32} [SKAT] • Compass Rose: WSW • SACRAL CHAKRA {Svadisthana} • DISTANCE: 253º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 20: INTELLIGENCE of WILL–The TWENTIETH (Original #23) Path from Hod to Geburah = ATU IX THE HERMIT = VIRGO = YOD :: EON PHASE: 26 (Phase Arc 252º ~ Waning Tri-Decile) : Redemption, Distortions, Test of Capacity, Self-Liberating • [[ TX Prime [023] 083 = (((:)(:))) ]] #33-MUNTUK [PISCES 12º–PISCES 19º] ~ ZONE 8::5 Desert Swimmer: Cyclic Chronodemon of Arid Seabeds; Shadows Sink-Current; Ancient rivers; Cloud-vaults and oppressive tension (protection during monsoon).

#419-AURELIA {04Pi45} [FOMALHAUT] • Compass Rose: SW by W • ROOT CHAKRA {Muladhara} • DISTANCE: 243º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 5: RADICAL INTELLIGENCE–The FIFTH (Original #5) Path is GEBURAH (Severity) = V The Pentad (Sinks) :: EON PHASE: 25 (Phase Arc 240º ~ Waning Trine) : Re-evaluation, Holistic Insight, Seeing Big Pic, Emerging • [[ TX Prime [022] 079 = ((((:))):) ]] #32-NUMKO [PISCES 04º–PISCES 11º] ~ ZONE 8::4 Keeper of Old Terrors: Cyclic Chronodemon of Autochthony; Prowls Sink-Current; Necrospeleology (abysmal patience rewarded); Subduction (and carnivorous fish); Vulcanism (and bacterial intelligence).

#3525-PAUL {16Li23Rx} [FORAMEN] • Compass Rose: E by S • SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA {Manipura} • DISTANCE: 105º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 11: SCINTILLATING INTELLIGENCE–The ELEVENTH (Original #32) Path from Malkuth to Yesod = ATU 0 PURE FOOL = AIR = ALEPH :: EON PHASE: 11 (Phase Arc 101.52º ~ Waxing Bi-Septile) : Intercession, Mysterious Agencies, Creative Will, Internalizing • [[ TX Prime [010] 029 = (((:)):) ]] #14-KATAK [LIBRA 10º–LIBRA 17º] ~ ZONE 5::4 Desolator: Syzygetic Chronodemon of Cataclysmic Convergence; Feeds Sink-Current; 5th Phase limit; Tail-chasing, rabid animals (nature red in tooth and claw); Panic (slasher pulp and religious fervour).

[06-Mar|5:56pm] came across this:

The tableaux in the novel Watt bring us to the brink of disintegration of reality and meaning. There is, in fact, a painting in that novel — an actual painting — that puzzles Watt to the point of bringing tears of incomprehension to his eyes.

The painting that is described in the novel may be Beckett's best explanation of his own work, and Watt’s puzzlement in front of that painting corresponds to the confusion a reader may feel confronting Beckett’s work. It is worth quoting the entire passage in order to give a better sense of how Beckett reveals, not without some verbal playfulness and humor, the aesthetics of his own work as an artiste-peintre, while at the same time warning us not to wonder too much about its meaning nor to try and see more than there is before our eyes:

The only other object in Erskine’s room was a picture, hanging on the wall, from a nail. A circle, obviously described by a compass, and broken at its lowest point, occupied the middle foreground, of this picture. Was it receding? Watt had that impression. In the eastern background appeared a point, or dot. The circumference was black. The point was blue, but blue! The rest was white. How the effect of perspective was obtained Watt did not know. But it was obtained. By what means the illusion of movement in space and, it almost seemed, in time was given, Watt could not say. But it was given. Watt wondered how long it would be before the point and the circle entered together upon the same plane.

Or had they not done so already, or almost? And was it not rather the circle that was in the background, and the point that was in the foreground? Watt wondered if they had sighted each other, or were blindly flying thus, harried by some force of merely mechanical mutual attraction, or the playthings of chance. He wondered if they would eventually pause and converse, and perhaps even mingle, or keep steadfast on their ways, like ships in the night, prior to the invention of wireless telegraphy. Who knows, they might even collide.

And he wondered what the artist had intended to represent (Watt knew nothing about painting), perhaps a circle and its centre in search of each other,

  • or a circle and its centre in search of a centre and a circle respectively,
  • or a circle and its centre in search of its centre and a circle respectively,
  • or a circle and its centre in search of a centre and its circle respectively,
  • or a circle and a centre not its centre in search of its centre and its circle respectively,
  • or a circle and a centre not its centre in search of a centre and a circle respectively,
  • or a circle and a centre not its centre in search of its centre and a circle respectively,
  • or a circle and a centre not its centre in search of a centre and its circle respectively,

  • in boundless space, in endless time (Watt knew nothing about physics), and at the thought that it was perhaps this, a circle and a centre not its centre in search of a center and its circle respectively, in boundless space, in endless time, then Watt’s eyes filled with tears that he could not stem, and they flowed down his fluted cheeks unchecked, in a steady flow, refreshing him greatly.

    Watt wondered how this picture would look upside down, with the point west and the breach north, or on its right side, with the point north and the breach east, or on its left side, with the point south and the breach west.

    #1798-WATTS {24Sg09} [ETAMIN] • Compass Rose: S by E • 3RD EYE CHAKRA {Anja} • DISTANCE: 173º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 8: ABSOLUTE OR PERFECT INTELLIGENCE–The EIGHTH (Original #8) Path is HOD (Splendor) = VIII The Octad (Wheets) :: EON PHASE: 18 (Phase Arc 160º ~ Waxing Quad-Novile) : Protection, Test of Fitness, Viable Qualities, New World Order • [[ TX Prime [016] 053 = (::::) ]] #23-ODDUBB [SAGITTARY 22º–SAGITTARY 29º] ~ ZONE 7::2 Broken Mirror: Syzygetic Chronodemon of Swamp-Labyrinths (and blind-doubles); Feeds Hold-Current; Time loops, glamour and glosses.


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