northanger (northanger) wrote,

Ship of the Desert

my apartment managers are moving today. while i'm sad they're leaving, this is the first time Kathy has ever had a house of her own. Jim's been managing this place for 23 years and deserves a break. after a failed busines partnership & being forced to leave the place i've lived in for over 10 years to move in with my sister last february -- it was a relief to move into my own place last september. Kathy & Jim took a chance with me.

eratosthenes is for another friend who needs deprogramming downtime from assorted alphanumerics. ok, he can be a ratty bastard sometimes (and i've always suspected he was the spawn of satan) but i like to send all my good friends off today with a fond goodbye. for now.

... great Canopus, guide all who travel today safely to their destinations (ps. this includes any crazy azers).

[FIXED] - CANOPUS {15Cn02} [SIRIUS] • Compass Rose: N by E • HIGHER CROWN CHAKRA • DISTANCE: 14º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 15: CONSTITUTING INTELLIGENCE–The FIFTEENTH (Original #28) Path from Yesod to Netzach = ATU VII THE CHARIOT = CANCER = CHETH :: EON PHASE: 1 (Phase Arc 0º ~ Conjunction) : Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype • [[ TX Prime [002] 003 = (:) ]] #03-IXIX [CANCER 12º–CANCER 19º] ~ ZONE 3::0 Abductor: Chaotic Xenodemon of Cosmic Indifference; 3rd Door (The Swirl); Occult terrestrial history.

Canopus is a major navigational star and known as the "Lighthouse Of The Universe" and in a general way it served as a southern pole-star; a guiding star. It is used by NASA as a marker for setting space-flight coordinates. Spacecraft carry devices called 'Canopus star trackers'.

#4711-KATHY {16Ar53} [ALPHERATZ] • Compass Rose: W by N • SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA {Manipura} • DISTANCE: 285º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 3: SANCTIFYING INTELLIGENCE–The THIRD (Original #3) Path is BINAH (Understanding) = III The Triad (Treys) :: EON PHASE: 29 (Phase Arc 280º ~ Waning Bi-Novile) : Deployment, Paragon of Qualities, Emergent Paradigm, Refining • [[ TX Prime [026] 101 = (((:):):) ]] #37-TUTAGOOL [ARIES 14º–ARIES 21º] ~ ZONE 9::1 The Tattered Ghoul: Amphidemon of Punctuality; 4th Decademon; The dark arts, rusting iron, tattooing (one-way ticket to Hell).

#21406-JIMYANG {25Vi15Rx} [COR CAROLI] • Compass Rose: E by N • HEART CHAKRA {Anahata} • DISTANCE: 84º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 12: INTELLIGENCE of TRANSPARENCY–The TWELFTH (Original #31) Path from Malkuth to Hod = ATU I THE MAGICIAN = MERCURY = BETH :: EON PHASE: 9 (Phase Arc 80º ~ Waxing Bi-Novile) : Lichtung, Ground of Operation, Maturation, Swift Growth • [[ TX Prime [008] 019 = (:::) ]] #12-KUTTADID [VIRGO 24º–LIBRA 01º] ~ ZONE 5::2 Ticking Machines: Cyclic Chronodemon of Precarious States; Prowls Hold-Current; Maintaining balance (calendric conservatism); Exhaustive vigilance.

#3251-ERATOSTHENES {28Ar40} [VERTEX] • Compass Rose: WNW • HEART CHAKRA {Anahata} • DISTANCE: 297º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 18: INTELLIGENCE of the HOUSE OF INFLUENCE–The EIGHTEENTH (Original #25) Path from Yesod to Tiphereth = ATU XII THE HANGED MAN = WATER = MEM :: EON PHASE: 30 (Phase Arc 288º ~ Waning Quintile) : Application, Authentic Participation, Greater Whole, Serving • [[ TX Prime [027] 103 = ((:)(:)(:)) ]] #38-UNNUNDDO [ARIES 22º–ARIES 29º] ~ ZONE 9::2 Double-Undoing: Amphidemon of Endless Uncasing (onion-skin horror); Crypt-traffic (and centipede simulations); Communication-grids (telecom webs, shamanic metallism).

#179-KLYTAEMNESTRA {18Pi52} [SKAT] • Compass Rose: WSW • SACRAL CHAKRA {Svadisthana} • DISTANCE: 257º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 20: INTELLIGENCE of WILL–The TWENTIETH (Original #23) Path from Hod to Geburah = ATU IX THE HERMIT = VIRGO = YOD :: EON PHASE: 26 (Phase Arc 252º ~ Waning Tri-Decile) : Redemption, Distortions, Test of Capacity, Self-Liberating • [[ TX Prime [023] 083 = (((:)(:))) ]] #33-MUNTUK [PISCES 12º–PISCES 19º] ~ ZONE 8::5 Desert Swimmer: Cyclic Chronodemon of Arid Seabeds; Shadows Sink-Current; Ancient rivers; Cloud-vaults and oppressive tension (protection during monsoon).


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