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The pigeonhole principle states that if n pigeons are put into m pigeonholes, and if n > m, then at least one pigeonhole must contain more than one pigeon. Another way of stating this would be that m holes can hold at most m objects with one object to a hole; adding another object will force you to reuse one of the holes. The first statement of the principle is believed to have been made by Dirichlet in 1834 under the name Schubfachprinzip ("drawer principle"). In some languages (for example, Russian) this principle is therefore called the Dirichlet principle (not to be confused with the minimum principle for harmonic functions of the same name).

Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (February 13, 1805 - May 5, 1859) was a German mathematician credited with the modern "formal" definition of a function.

Asteroid #11665 Dirichlet is named after mathematician Peter Dirichlet (see also Dirichlet's Box Principle). Asteroid Dirichlet @ 02Pi32 during recent Moon-Antares occultation.

#11665-DIRICHLET {02Pi32} [FOMALHAUT] • Compass Rose: SW by W • ROOT CHAKRA {Muladhara} • DISTANCE: 241º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 5: RADICAL INTELLIGENCE–The FIFTH (Original #5) Path is GEBURAH (Severity) = V The Pentad (Sinks) :: EON PHASE: 25 (Phase Arc 240º ~ Waning Trine) : Re-evaluation, Holistic Insight, Seeing Big Pic, Emerging • [[ TX Prime [022] 079 = ((((:))):) ]] #31-MUMMUMIX [AQUARIUS 26º–PISCES 03º] ~ ZONE 8::3 (Nyarlathotep) The Mist-Crawler: Amphidemon of Insidious Fog; Ocean storms (and xenocommunication on the bacterial plane); Diseases from outer-space (OANKALI medicine); Reguli School of the Deep; The Venus Magi of the Duad; Levanah of Degrees; Reason.

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