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7001 Noether at 00:00UT from 18-Nov-1947 to 03-Sep-1948

YYMMDD Asteroid        Longitude (Sign)   Speed        Declination
471118 Noether         29 vi 44'34.2703   0.4098173    0°49'14.3350
- - - - -
{1} 29 vi 44'34.2703 is Virgo 29°44'34.2703" (Degrees Minutes Seconds)
{2} when Speed is negative planet is in retrograde

Noether :: Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1955-Mar-14 by Indiana University at Brooklyn; named after mathematician Emmy Noether, "the most important woman in the history of mathematics".

the reason why i'm looking at Noether during this range is that it's very close to Spica on 12-Mar-1948:

480312 Noether         19 li 21'34.7382  -0.1885065   -1°26'26.2660
480312 Spica,alVir     23 li  7'11.5535   0.0000000  -10°53'33.4824

but Noether went retrograde (approx.) 16-Feb-1948 at Libra 21° and didn't reach Libra 23° until 14-Aug-1948. during Feb-Mar 1948 there's a mystic rectangle and hexagram… {12-Mar-1948 chart}. however, it needs to be rectified to discover the hexagram similar to the 23-Jan-1997 hexagram {chart} — i have never rectified a chart before & don't know how, but i think this is an example of a chart rectifying itself.

someone told me about the 1997 chart, then mentioned Noetics. so, 1007 Noether represents Noetics. what's interesting about Noetics is There’s Something Noetic in the Air. Katherine Solomon, a character in Brown's The Lost Symbol, studies noetics.

my Aurora is within 1° of my natal Sun, so using asteroids (94) Aurora & (2194) Asmodeus to establish baseline with 12-Mar-1948 chart. couple of other things to consider: chart's signifier (VIII Strength, rules Leo) & note how huge Houses 1 & 7 & how, overall, the chart seems to suggest the infinity symbol (∞).

after checking range of dates before & after 12-Mar-1948 pinned down hexagram occurring prior to the date (see also 06-Mar-1948). but then decided to see what happened when Aurora aligned with Saturn because there seemed something weird going on in that corner of the mystic triangle.

several things occur when Aurora aligns with Saturn on 28-Feb-1948: Leo becomes the rising sign, Uranus and Asmodeus conjunction becomes tighter, Sun is above the horizon and the 1st and 7th Houses shrink from approximately 50° wide to about 15°.

which brings me back to Noether and the journey this chart seems to suggest.


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