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STS-129 Atlantis - Flight Day #4: EVA-1

Mikey (left, solid red stripes) is wearing USN Blue & Gold,
Bobby (right, no stripes) wearing MIT Cardinal Red & Steel Gray

(click pic for vid: Sarah Kazukiewicz Korona,
STS-129 Lead Spacewalk Officer)

EVA-1 Begins: 08:18 AM CST, Ends: 02:48 PM CST

EVA Operations: Install spare S-band antenna structural assembly • Install redundant space-to-ground antenna cabling • Remove Unity node handrail and replace with ammonia line routing bracket • Lubricate Payload Orbital Replacement Unit Accommodation and Japanese robotic arm • Reposition local area network cable on Zarya • Troubleshoot S0 panel

First STS-129 Spacewalk Complete :: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 01:06:48 PM PST :: Spacewalkers Mike Foreman and Robert Satcher completed a 6-hour, 37-minute spacewalk at 4:01 p.m. EST [spacewalk officially began at 9:24 a.m.]. After finishing all their scheduled chores with two hours to spare, Foreman and Satcher were assigned a task that had been planned for the second spacewalk. They deployed the outboard Payload Attach System on the Earth-facing side of the Starboard 3 truss, after overcoming some initial difficulties. This was the first of three STS-129 spacewalks, the 228th conducted by U.S. astronauts, the fourth for Foreman and the first for Satcher. It was the 134th in support of International Space Station assembly and maintenance, totaling 837 hours, 28 minutes. It was the 106th spacewalk out of the space station, totaling 650 hours, 13 minutes. happy birthday Nicole!

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