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STS-127 Endeavour - Flight Day #13: EVA #5

Egress (07:28AM CDT), Z1 patch panel reconfiguration (hmm? Two patch panels on the port side of Z1 allow the Z1 input power source to be changed), SPDM insulation covers reconfiguration (Dextre is a handy little guy), Visual Equipment Installation, S3 Zenith Outboard Payload Attachment System (PAS), Ingress (01:58PM CDT). [i think PAS will be "as time allows"]

04:11AM PDT :: hey! they're early.

04:15AM PDT :: lemon jelly - spacewalk

05:14AM PDT :: astroboy! and… Japanese Hip hop? wait a minute. best-kept secret in hip-hop? yeah right. (i need a nap!)

05:28AM PDT :: first tasks complete! i'm getting a snack. (it's funny, those thick gloves, but they make it look so easy)

05:38AM PDT :: suggestion: pgt with a 6in extension bravo 5. (for the launch lock thingys)

05:43AM PDT :: LOL. something about MLI thingys being evil & that's "old lore in the eva world". starboard bolt down, 17turns (bravo 5 counteclockwise & 16turns).

05:47AM PDT :: 4 launch bolts, we're on the 2nd one. (don't ask me what it's for! -- i checked: the vision doodad)

05:51AM PDT :: astronaut rap! (i swear tom sounded like he's rapping. i do so solemnly swear)

05:59AM PDT :: right angle drive's giving me vertigo.

06:17AM PDT :: PGT=Pistol Grip Tool.

06:23AM PDT :: ok, if this started at 7:33AM EDT, then it started at 6:33AM CDT which means we started early & we've been at it for 1h50m.

06:25AM PDT :: bravo 4 clockwise 2, 16 turns. chris' patch panel reconfig ok & something something is doing something else now (which is good!).

06:32AM PDT :: Bazooka Bubble Gum Song ~ everybody dance now, first camera in.

06:34AM PDT :: booty? this booty?

06:43AM PDT :: we have a happy spot! Happy Working Song

07:05AM PDT :: I Am A Camera (camera work done, booty ok (but can you put a little bow tie on it?)), Yodobashi Camera Songnow we can go build that space elevator!

07:28AM PDT :: bingo! ["as time allows"] (OMG, someone hiphopitized the bingo song)

09:23AM PDT :: 5 successful evas. this one: 4 hours 54 minutes. egress 6:33AM CDT, ingress 11:27AM CDT.

Tags: endeavour, nasa, sts-127

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