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STS-127 Endeavour - Flight Day #10: EVA #4

today the SSRMS thingy moves the ICC thingy to the EVA worksite (know your abbreviatories m&ms! (hint: the first thingy has a maple leaf)). the ICC is a… ah…, ask this guy! anyway, moving right along on the eva timeline we've got a P6 battery needs removing & replacing. they train underwater replacing batteries in tv remotes (aren't those tough to replace?). {squinting at paper} then ICC shakes hands with the SRMS thingy (another maple leaf (very popular decorative touch in space!)). maple leaf² tucks ICC back inside Endeavour & we're all done except workaheads & stuff. today's eva begins 8:58 AM CDT & ends 3:28 PM CDT and is brought to you by the letter m&m.

10:38AM PDT :: EVA-4 m&ms out the door @ 8:54 a.m. CDT replacing 4 batteries. new batteries are on the ICC! (oh, that's what that does). ok, so there are like these 6 batteries right? each weigh 375 tons! {reading} pounds (ok ok… tad more bigger than tv remote batteries). anyway 2 got changed yesterday before the ACDL got too high so right now we've got 4 batteries changed out & 2 more to go with about 3ish more hours to go! (i think they're working on the one they woulda started working on if they worked on the ones they shoulda worked on yesterday) [um, yesterday=eva3 :)].

11:48AM PDT :: 10:38AM PDT link above is Buzzcocks Love Battery. now i'm looking for battery songs. there's Flying Battery Zone! (huh?). ok howsabout Metallica's Battery. or a singing battery! (dear god no!). so, um, we're humming right along on the battery replacement dealy thingy (because the battery song collection down here ain't too stellar if you ask me, but i'll keep lookin'!).

11:56AM PDT :: the Umbilical Brothers check the battery!

12:17PM PDT :: battery profiling! (uh huhhh).

12:24PM PDT :: oh oh! i forgot to update. um, we're like 5ish hours in & on battery F! (well, battery E is done so i think it's F, right? (gee, i don't know!)) using the bravo seven clockwise settings (don't ask me what that is!! ask Tina).

12:27PM PDT :: ok, it's battery number six at five hours 30 minutes. then it's on to battery F! what the heck! we're alphanumerica up here!

12:36PM PDT :: The three most important considerations for mobile applications are, in order: battery life, battery life, and battery life. ~~ Smooth Battery Operator by Helen Austin.

12:41PM PDT :: btw, we're on battery foxtrot position of the kamasutra of battery replacement (more or less).

12:46PM PDT :: give me "up" until you cry uncle! (that was earlier). but we're lining up as expected (which is now), with last new battery.

12:57PM PDT :: to the left, back it up, break it down.


2:50PM PDT :: my niece came & brought me cafe molido santo domingo~ You owe it to yourself and everyone you know to try this wonderful beverage

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