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Eclipses & Endpoints

 • The 13 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse: August 5, 2009 • 

MOON {13AQ43} 180°0'0" from SUN {13LE43} ~ FULL MOON TYPE (Soli-Lunar Arc: 180°–225°): Moon opposes Sun (15-18½ days after New Moon, 180°). Moon reflects the greatest amount of Sun's light, "There's literally an electrical energy build-up before a Full Moon and a release just after the peak" § EON PHASE 19 - The Opposition (Phase Arc 180° ~ Opposition) Repolarization, Universal Sphere, Line of Awareness, Tensile Power: "Now the flower enfolded in the seed of the conjunction is seen for what it is"; KEYNOTE: The efflorescence of qualities § SUN ABOVE—MOON BELOW HORIZON Primarily inward focus revealing an individual form to collective ideal.

surprise. astroschyzy's back. previously mentioned Aquarian 15° Gateway so Martha Wescott's The 13 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse: August 5, 2009 & whether or not 2009 Eclipses creating "a story line" (The 15 Capricorn Lunar Eclipse) caught my attention as a possible framing for 620 & Royal Stars moving from WWII positions. Astrodienst chart for Pomona, California on 05-August at 05:54:52 PDT (06-Aug @ 00:54:52 UT) during eclipse conjunction; adding points mentioned by Westcott: #16 Psyche, #103 Hera, #114 Kassandra, #3671 Dionysus & Uranians Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Vulkanus.

other things make this chart interesting:

{a} Eclipse Moon transiting 620's 12th House of Aquarius (EON-36). basically (since they sit side-by-side) no difference between Aries Point & Endpoint except EON phase: AP=EON-1, EP=EON-36. EON-1, "born of the seed of the closing cycle". these paint an interesting picture: Thoreau, Nessus, Damocles, Kyleyawn, Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter, Jackson, Midheaven, Stonehenge. what crosses Pisces 4° Plane (Aries Point) first? none of these do. all of these points are retrograde except Jackson & Stonehenge, which are about to go Rx leaving Midheaven as endpoint. Jupiter transits 620 Aries Point 04-Feb-2010 @ 12:212937UT; Neptune enters Pisces (which it rules) April 2011 goes Rx returns to Aquarius back to Pisces then Rx finally reaching Pisces 4° three times (March 2013, August 2013, January 2014) until finally not quite (November 2014) until going its merry way.

Semper crossing P4P first going retrograde 11-Aug-2009, returning 15-Dec-2009 during 15th transit cycle ~ Cycle #3183/107 (3/30) :: 14-Dec-09 to 26-Dec-09 (Winter Solstice 21-Dec-09 @ 17:47UT). Semper remains in EON-1 or EON-36 until completing its retrograde cycle during the next 10-12 cycles (still checking). ironically, asteroid Kyleyawn represents a real returning soldier from overseas. more later.

{b} Wescott points out "eclipse occurs in the degree of the Uranus/Pluto midpoint"; if you look at Uranus & Pluto's location each is in opposition—Uranus/Saturn, Pluto/Venus—creating an opposing midpoint on the eclipse degree. or, two big planetary oppositions crossing eclipse degree on the midpoint.

Wescott says locate natal factors "fac[ing] the primary challenge from the eclipse and its axis". my natal Pluto/Zeus/ASC in Virgo, Saturn opp Sun, & Uranus {08LE48}, Isis-Transpluto {08LE46}, Ceres {10LE29}. 620 Uranus {26PI34} is 227°46'58" from Uranus {08LE48} @ EON-24 Contribution, Acceptance, Workable Philosophy, Disseminating (me: Disseminating Moon {10PI44}); EON-24 Keynote: A warm acceptance of relationship and a growing involvement with the basic issues of participation; EON-24 Dynamic: challenges of integration and acceptance.

Lynn Koiner's work with Isis-Transpluto may be relevant for Regulus in Virgo because her research shows Isis-Transpluto rules Virgo (TRANSPLUTO IS REAL!, Notes on Transpluto, Virgo - Transpluto burnout). i'm Gemini, Virgo Rising so Koiner's "[t]he sign of Gemini, particularly noticeable with the Moon in Gemini, is the most acute conductor of the Transpluto influence", really got my attention.

{c} Nessus conj Moon (Nessus/Jackson)…

Cycle #3171/106 (21/30) :: 22-Jul-09 to 02-Aug-09 :: New Endpoint - MIDHEAVEN

Cycle #3174/106 (24/30) :: 27-Aug-09 to 07-Sep-09 :: New Endpoint - LAPALMA (tentative)

16-Aug-2009 @ 14:57:482765 UT

090816 Semper           4 pi  0' 0.0000  -0.1905665  -13° 0'42.1131

19-Aug-2009 @ 15:403921 UT

090819 Lapalma          4 pi  0' 0.0000  -0.2548301  -17°53'47.9252

03-Dec-2009 @ 22:47:453621 UT

091203 Lapalma          4 pi  0' 0.0000   0.2971764  -16°33'38.3601

15-Dec-2009 @ 21:26:313381 UT

091215 Semper           4 pi  0' 0.0000   0.2582372  -11°29' 5.8146

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