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Questions also exist about the date of the Book's dictation. There is reason to believe the three days were not April 8, 9 and 10 as Crowley initially claimed, and Kenneth Grant suggests Crowley was unsure of the date itself. His diaries suggest it was the first three days of April, not those he used in public--he left much information about the Cairo Working "fuzzy". [+]

The calendar described in the Book of Enoch has many excellent features. One of the best is that it has a very simple, elegant pattern. My understanding of the text is that it has twelve months of 30 days and 4 other days which are quarter-year markers for the four seasons. Thus it totals exactly 364 days. [+]

The first angel in each of the seven sectors is counted as a King, and rules the planet and day of the week indicated by the circled planetary glyphs. The first of these Kings, Baligon, also rules the entire Heptarchic system under his alias of Carmara. Each King has under him a Prince, who is the second angel in the preceding sector. E.g., Baligon's prince is Bagenol from the sector of Luna… The King and Prince rule a specific day of the week, and have a set of 42 ministers that, in groups of seven, rule a four-hour section of that day. [+]

"thelemic eon" begins 01-Apr-1904 & "thelemic year" consists of thirty 12-day cycles (30×12=360) omitting 4 days for equinoxes & solstices. current thelemic year is 106 beginning 21-Nov-08 on 3151st cycle, ending 19-Nov-09 on 3180th cycle. Fomalhaut @ Pisces 4° on 20-June begins 620 Astroschyzy during Cycle #3168/106—this cycle presents all points (planets, asteroids &c) for one day (20-Jun-2009 @ 12:02:29UT) representing the entire 12-day cycle.

however, transit cycles assigns a day to each house. ie, during Cycle #3169, 28-Jun-09 = 1st House, 29-Jun-09 = 2nd House &c. ephemerides based on 620 natal position; therefore Uranus, Juno, South Node in 1st House on 620 chart & ephemeris is always done for the first day of each cycle. (this is why it's called astroschyzy since this creates a cosmic alignment of 12 days that does not exist in real-time).

Cycle #3151/106 (1/30) :: 21-Nov-08 to 02-Dec-08
Cycle #3152/106 (2/30) :: 03-Dec-08 to 14-Dec-08
Cycle #3153/106 (3/30) :: 15-Dec-08 to 27-Dec-08 (Winter Solstice 21-Dec-08 @ 12:04UT)
Cycle #3154/106 (4/30) :: 28-Dec-08 to 08-Jan-09
Cycle #3155/106 (5/30) :: 09-Jan-09 to 20-Jan-09
Cycle #3156/106 (6/30) :: 21-Jan-09 to 01-Feb-09
Cycle #3157/106 (7/30) :: 02-Feb-09 to 13-Feb-09
Cycle #3158/106 (8/30) :: 14-Feb-09 to 25-Feb-09
Cycle #3159/106 (9/30) :: 26-Feb-09 to 09-Mar-09
Cycle #3160/106 (10/30) :: 10-Mar-09 to 22-Mar-09 (Spring Equinox 20-Mar-009 @ 11:44UT)
Cycle #3161/106 (11/30) :: 23-Mar-09 to 03-Apr-09
Cycle #3162/106 (12/30) :: 04-Apr-09 to 15-Apr-09
Cycle #3163/106 (13/30) :: 16-Apr-09 to 27-Apr-09
Cycle #3164/106 (14/30) :: 28-Apr-09 to 09-May-09
Cycle #3165/106 (15/30) :: 10-May-09 to 21-May-09
Cycle #3166/106 (16/30) :: 22-May-09 to 02-Jun-09
Cycle #3167/106 (17/30) :: 03-Jun-09 to 14-Jun-09
Cycle #3168/106 (18/30) :: 15-Jun-09 to 27-Jun-09 (Summer Solstice 21-June-09 @ 05:459UT)
Cycle #3169/106 (19/30) :: 28-Jun-09 to 09-Jul-09
Cycle #3170/106 (20/30) :: 10-Jul-09 to 21-Jul-09
Cycle #3171/106 (21/30) :: 22-Jul-09 to 02-Aug-09
Cycle #3172/106 (22/30) :: 03-Aug-09 to 14-Aug-09
Cycle #3173/106 (23/30) :: 15-Aug-09 to 26-Aug-09
Cycle #3174/106 (24/30) :: 27-Aug-09 to 07-Sep-09
Cycle #3175/106 (25/30) :: 08-Sep-09 to 19-Sep-09
Cycle #3176/106 (26/30) :: 20-Sep-09 to 02-Oct-09 (Fall Equinox 22-Sep-09 @ 21:18UT)
Cycle #3177/106 (27/30) :: 03-Oct-09 to 14-Oct-09
Cycle #3178/106 (28/30) :: 15-Oct-09 to 26-Oct-09
Cycle #3179/106 (29/30) :: 27-Oct-09 to 07-Nov-09
Cycle #3180/106 (30/30) :: 08-Nov-09 to 19-Nov-09


[1] pay attention to events that occurred during Cycle #3168 (first 620 cycle) from 15-June to 27-June: Iran Election Aftermath (June 12–ongoing), US State Department contacts Twitter about "important communication tool in Iran" (June 16), LRO/LCROSS (June 18), Neda Agha-Soltan (1982 – June 20, 2009), Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) &c.

[2] houses defined by Aries Point (Fomalhaut 4°), each house begins at 4°0'0". Aries Point (or Zero Point, or Aries 0°) "this part is exquisitely sensitive in its connection with public projection potential" [+] ~ "awareness of public sensibility; reaction to the external world" [+] ~ Aries 0° corresponds to Ashvini, the first nakshatra.

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