northanger (northanger) wrote,

virtual futures

As (emergent inhuman) polytics and topic for (pitifully confused anthropian) politics, hyperstition accesses the virtual (future) to wage war against the present - it is highly unlikely, therefore, that it conforms to a single programme or even ideologically consistent set of programmes, more plausibly it is an abstract weapon available to many different factions and strategies (although perhaps escaping them along its own vector of Renomu-type autonomization ('Skynet-scenario'))

"what kind of war?" - depends on the agency considered ... Main thing for now is to recognize that such polemical architectures exist and thrash them through, rather than mouldering resentfully in the collapsing ruins quasimarxist utopianism or relapsing into an indolent conservatism blind to potential historical catastrophes of unbounded radicality (artificial Armageddon, Shoggothic insurgency, Pest incursion ...)

To rephrase the question: How does the agitation polarize? That's where strategies are at work, with various forces attempting to re-install the marxian class war model ('antiglobalization'), the vichyesque eurofascist 'third way' ('antiamericanism'), Jihad ... seems to me these are all 'Anticapitalist uprisings' of various kinds ('reactionary spasms' in my book), but don't want to leap to hard conclusions (hoping, probably in vain, for a discussion on the subject).

[Europocalypse Soon]

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