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Venus Transit, June 8, 2004

A list of interesting Enochian trivia related to Venus (because it's my birthday today!)

1. A diagram at the beginning of Liber Primus has the angel Annael over Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Annael is the Angel, or Intelligence, that now predominates the whole world, governing the sphere of Venus and Friday.

2. Dee's Introductory Prayer to His First Angelic Communication mentions Annael: "I have thought it not impertinent, to note down, even in this place one of the last Actions, which I had with the foresaid preacher; when I made earnest and faithful petitions unto thee (o the true and Almighty God) for sending, unto my comfort and erudition, (if it were thy blessed will) thy holy, and mighty Angel Annael".

3. December 22, 1581 is a Friday, where Saul, Dee's scryer before Edward Kelly, sees Annael: " I willed, the Scryer (named Saul), to look into my great Crystalline Globe, if God had sent his holy Angel Anael, or no." {see note #4}

4. During this meeting Annael speaks of the forthcoming Actions.

5. The Venusian Current: "Dee seemingly associated the reign of Elizabeth to a venusian current that posited an expansion of the British Dominion through the favor of the God of Hosts and the intercession of his holy angels". {see note #32}

6. April 8, 1904 was a Friday. If Aleister Crowley received The Book of the Law a week before on April 1st (as some think) that was Good Friday.

7. Athanasius Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus includes a version of the Sigillum Aemeth: The text begins: "Hoc amuletum heptagonum circulo inclusum Veneri dicatum est, vti in Arithmetica hieroglyphica ostendim". VENERI is Venus. An extremely rough translation: "This amulet of the heptagon enclosed by a circle is dedicated to Venus, to use in order to reveal (make clear / show / exhibit) the Arithmetic Hieroglyphs".

8. Most of the names on the Sigillum Dei Æmeth are created by the traditional names of the planetary archangels placed in a 7x7 tablet. The planetary archangels appear around the pentagram in the sigil. The seven names between the outer heptagon and the inner heptagram are the "Names of God, not known to the Angels; neither can [they] be spoken nor read of by man." They appear left-to-right in the tablet. Four additional ranks of beings are referred to as the Daughters of Light, Sons of Light, Daughters of the Daughters and Sons of the Sons. These appear on the sigil (a) within the points of the heptagram, (b) on the heptagram itself, (c) & (d) and on the two smaller heptagons within the heptagram, and appear on the tablet in a series of 4 sets of diagonal lines.

I drew lines between the Names of God to determine the relationship of the letters in the names of the Sons and Daughters of Light as they occur ON THE SIGIL ITSELF. The lines seem to draw an upside-down egg in the center of the sigil, which reminds me of an image in Dee's 18th Theorem in The Hieroglyphic Monad. The colored dots correspond to the colors used on these images {one | two} to represent the four groups. The different colors in each dot indicates which group uses that letter (frequency). Two colors = letter used in two separate groups. Only one letter is used for all groups and appears at the tip of the "egg".

9. Dee's Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæ has a table assigning the planets to the Filij lucis and Filij filiorum on the Sigillum Dei Æmeth that starts with Venus.

10. The magic square of Venus uses the numbers 1 to 49, the same numbers on the Tabula Bonorum. The magic square of Venus and the table of letters that create the names on the Tabula Bonorum are 7 x 7 tables. If you group the numbers on the Tabula Bonorum together by planet, each group totals 175. That's the same total for all the rows, columns and diagonals on the magic square of Venus. Look at this image and notice how, all the numbers appear at unique positions. When all the rows are collapsed together into one table it creates a different magic square.

11. "The first Temple founded in England in 1887-88 under the governance of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was named very appropriately Isis-Urania. Isis-Urania is Venus, and she is the occult planet which represents the Genius of this Order—Venus, the Evening and the Morning Star, presaging the rising of the Sun of ineffable Light. Venus is also, as Isis, a symbol of the Qabalistic Shekinah, the Glory of the Presence Divine, the Holy Spirit." —The Three Chiefs, by Frater A. M. A. G.; The Golden Dawn, by Israel Regardie

12. Venus is also known as the Star of Lamentation. The Book of Lamentations begins with the word How, in Hebrew AYKH or AYK (gematria 31, the same value as AL and LA). Lamentations is divided into 5 books where the first, second, fourth and fifth books have 22 verses, and the third book has 66 verses. Except for the last book, the first letter of each book forms an acrostic. Someone has said that Lamentations 3 is a "triadic acrostic" and is the "acrostic of acrostics of this poem". A word square is also an acrostic in which a set of words are arranged where they read the same horizontally or vertically. Similar to a magic square. This is all interesing in light of the magic square forming Jacob's Wheel, and the fact that Enochian tables are a set of angelic names.

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