northanger (northanger) wrote,

hello, new furry person

don't think i ever mentioned this, but Favorite Furry Person died April 17th. they put her down because her cancer came back. thankfully, had a chance to get on phone & say goodbye. "woof", softly.

just found out new furry person is on the way from Gilroy. after hearing what kinda dog it is, weakly suggested Nasa. but it's an all out fight & i think it's going to be Bailey.

naming war ended: Jellybean (aka, JB). still en route.

puppy arrival right before 10ish. 8wks, "floppy ears, tail that wags, easier to bathe… she kisses. she's a beagle". 2-color tail (black+white from middle to tip), she's cute. doggy freckles & beautiful eyes. dad nixes Jellybean. Peanut? Lily seems sticky. came w/ puppy kit, food & shot record. whole temporary family showed up to say bye-bye. Later... We like Lily.

Tags: lily, snoopy
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