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484 Gates

Different versions of Sefer Yetzirah mention 231 Gates or 462 Gates. The number 231 represents the series of unique letter pairs and 462 are the individual letters (231 x 2). In Jacob's Wheel there are 21 Major Gates and 441 Minor Gates when the center mandala is omitted: 462 = 21 Child Mandalas x 22 Glyphs (on each mandala). The Major Gates are the key, or center, glyphs of each child mandala and represent what is being actualized, and the Minor Gates are what we actually experience in life with each glyph representing a two-month phase cycling through all 441 Minor Gates in 73½ years (441 / 6 = 73.5). The "fruit" of the Jacob's Wheel master cycle is the key glyph (Shin) of the center mandala that also appears on each of the child mandalas by cycling through a different position on the spokes/rings:

"The key mandala is brought into manifestation by the action of the 21 mandalas on the spokes of the Master Mandala, and hence, its presence is already implied and built into the 231 gates".

In actuality, if all glyphs of the JW master mandala are counted there are 484 Gates: 22 x 22 = 484. An Enochian version of this wheel also has 441 Minor Gates but since the Enochian alphabet only has 21 letters there are no major gates and no center mandala (21 x 21 = 441). However, the number 441 is significant because the numbers on the outer circle of the Sigillum Dei Æmeth total 440 and counting archangel Michael's final .1. the number is 441 (Liber Secundus [pdf]). Since the astrological system of Jacob's Wheel only utilizes these 441 Gates it's possible that a 22nd Enochian letter can be ignored and a similar system generated. But that structure omits anything at the center being actualized—it would remain blank because there would be no "mother" mandala.

I investigated the possibility of a 22nd letter (represented by "?") so that the Enochian Wheel had a center mandala and also decided to interact with the 21 Major Gates and the Key Mandala directly (ie, create phases that occur within these structures). The number 484 = THEOU (of God). The genitive case notes possession in the bible: Son of God, Spirit of God, Finger of God, Children of God, etc., and in Greek it's Qeou, the genitive case of QeoV (Theos). Sigillum Dei Æmeth is usually translated as The Seal of God's Truth.

The 484 Enochian Gates are unique letter pairs where each key glyph is paired with the remaining glyphs of its mandala. I note below that JW spirals outward. For this exercise I decided to follow the hexagonal structure of the SDA moving forward or backward.

Jacob's Wheel has seven cycles and I worked out three for this Enochian exercise: Precessional, Yearly and Daily. Warning: It just occurred to me that the following could be a center of pestilence. All cycles begin April 1904 during the Transmission of the Law. The basic structure involves accessing the 462 Minor Gates of the Child Mandalas via the 22 Major Gateways of the Mother Mandala in a backwards rotation (since precession on the Zodiac Wheel occurs backwards).

First, this diagram illustrates the cycle where the numbers of the 21 magic square are assigned so that each "spoke" equals 33 (see more below). Creating a hexagonal cycle across three levels of angels on the SDA. This table shows how the angels are assigned with the Enochian alphabet. Also note the planetary / zodiac attributions: Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn are on the unicursal hexagram; the three outer planets: Uranus, Neptune & Pluto; the zodiac beginning with Pisces to factor in precession and ending with Aquarius.

You begin in the center of the B-P Mandala (Sun) which has the 22nd Enochian Letter ("?") representing Aquarius as its key glyph. You "exit" the B-P Mandala and enter the ?-L Mandala (Aquarius), and you go forward sequentially ending at T-H, which you "exit" and return to the B-P Mandala. Notice how you have moved backward one glyph on this mandala. The T-H and the remaining glyphs are both entrances and exits from one child mandala to the next. The last mandala you enter is the C-Q Mandala (Moon) where, when exiting that mandala on the ?-L glyph, causes you to re-emerge at the center of the B-P Mandala (Sun) representing what is being actualized: Aquarius (or you, in this case).

The mandalas show the GAVaX Codes
and not the letter pairs.

Humanistic Astrology is a person-centered approach versus the event-oriented approach of traditional astrology:

"The humanistic approach to astrology sees the person as an independent organic whole consisting of an intricate pattern of interrelated and interacting forces ... this pattern, formulated at the first moment of independent existence, establishes the individual's life-purpose and its basic relation to all other wholes in the universe. This organic whole -- the individual person -- is essentially no different from the infinitely greater and vaster organized whole, which we call the universe -- the individual is this universal whole, focused at a particular point in space and in terms of the particular need of the exact moment of its emergence into independent existence." From the humanistic approach, the birth-chart is not something the person has to overcome and is not judged in terms of good or bad. The humanistic, person-centered astrologer sees the birth-chart as a seed pattern, describing what the individual may grow to become, what he is potentially..." —Michael R. Meyer, Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer

The Enochian Wheel structure I outline acknowledges (more pestilence!) that Crowley experienced the entire aeon in toto when he received Liber AL. The focus here is not on Crowley and not (believe it or not) on Aiwass but in recognizing that each individual that recognizes the Law of Thelema is also present at this event and not restricted by time or space to the full extent of the Law. It is my understanding that any astrological system that fails to acknowledge this may restrict the individual. That is why each gate on the Wheel should be accessible.

For the Precessional Cycle I used 54 years for the duration of each Gate: 484 x 54 = 26,136 (+216 years), but 53 years can also be used: 484 x 53 = 25,652 (-268 years). Note: The length of Precession varies, but it's approximately 25,920 years. This cycle indicates we're currently in the center of the ?-L Mandala (Aquarius). The total years spent in one mandala for this cycle is 1188 years.

This site looks at the occult significance of The Sophia of Jesus Christ and the precession of the equinoxes.

The Yearly Cycle allows us to zoom in and locate a specific year. Twenty-two years are spent in one mandala and the entire master cycle is repeated 54 times to equal the length of precession. Currently, we're in the Z-E Mandala (Libra) and the Daily Cycle indicates which glyph is currently activated in this mandala. This table shows that the year 2004 (in the Z-E column on the 15th row) begins with the 219,001st phase from 1904 of the Daily Cycle. This table provides the Daily Cycles for February. Note: I align my local time (Pacific Standard Time) to the local time of Cairo, Egypt (12 Noon): 2AM, 6AM, 10AM, 2PM, 6PM, 10PM.

The Daily Cycle is based on the 72 Quinaries of the Zodiac (a quinary equals 5 degrees). This correlates to the Shem haMephoresh and allows us to interact with the current in six 4-hour segments per day. There are 2190 of these 4-hour segments in a year (2190 / 365 = 6). Note: It takes approximately 72 years to move one precessional degree and approximately 2160 years (72 x 30 = 2,160) to move from one sign to the next.

In two of Lon DuQuette's books is a grid listing the angels of the Shem haMephoresh and the Goetia. Next I'll illustrate how to use this basic format to build a grid structure and list the 72 Gates for a 12-Day period aligned to the natal positions of 72 planets, asteroids, comets, centaurs or hypotheticals identified for each quinary. The Tarot, Runes, Tattwas, and the Enochian system can also be assigned to this grid to provide a personalized version (similar to Liber 777) to identify peak or critical periods and build appropriate sigils, talismans, etc., based on the natal chart.

How does this directly relate to the Enochian Great Table? In Benjamin Rowe's Comselha: An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual he assigns the four Elemental Kings, twelve Names of God, and twenty-four Seniors to the Zodiac Wheel. When I present the grid structure I'll list these assignments.

Lastly. I don't consider what I present here as the definitive form of this concept. Not all aspects of the Enochian System or the Sigillum Dei Æmeth have been investigated. I have only identified fundamental structures within Jacob's Wheel and applied them (preliminarily) to Enochiana. But note: another word that equals 484 is dymlt talmiyd "Scholar" occurring once in 1 Chronicles 25:8. To me, this structure implies one who is a scholar of life and, I hope, an invitation to Enochian scholars to pursue this further.


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