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SoCal Fires

Fires sweep into Orange County :: REPORTING FROM ORANGE COUNTY -- Firefighters are battling two fast-moving fires that have closed sections of the 91 and 57 freeways. At least 40 homes in Yorba Linda and vicinity have burned in a fire that began in Corona and burned several homes there. That blaze jumped the 91 Freeway and was burning homes in Anaheim Hills, including a huge apartment complex. A second fire, in Brea, has surrounded Brea-Olinda High School and is burning around the 57 Freeway. Residents in Anaheim Hills were told to evacuate as the fire burned residences in that upscale community. An apartment complex in Anaheim Hills appeared to be engulfed in flames this afternoon. The fires created a surreal and chaotic scene as motorists were marooned on freeways or local thoroughfares. Some scrambled to evacuation centers or tried to return to their homes. Authorities said the westbound 91 Freeway at Weir Canyon had been closed, as was a section of the 57 Freeway in Brea, making it tough for residents to escape.

November 2008 Southern California wildfires :: Montecito Tea Fire | Sayre Fire | Triangle Complex Fire

Pomona's located in upside-down triangle to the right left of shaded area for Yorba Linda. Yorba Linda's south of Pomona & i'm near 71. my neighbor H says she got stuck on 57 for four hours & says it's really bad out there (& yes, you can see smoke from here). Rusty's checking on R+D in Anaheim. hope everyone everywhere is ok. already contacted closest family unit to let them know i'll head out their way if i need to. making dinner now & packing bag w/ essentials. don't think Pomona will be effected, but it's close enough (& dark now) that not getting ready is kinda stupid. don't think KNBC's done a commercial yet (if they did, i missed it). all mom wanted to know was that i had my head up, so she's calm right now but can't watch coverage anymore (i know she's praying for everybody).

Sleepy Hollow, mandatory evacuation.

Southland fires update: In O.C., fire 'very active' overnight :: At 7 a.m. Sunday, about 300 firefighters gathered at Irvine Regional Park, the new incident command base for what has been dubbed the "Triangle Complex" fire. The blaze includes the "Freeway Complex" fire and the Brea fire in Orange County. Fire officials said the blaze had burned through 10,475 acres, damaging or destroying more than 106 homes and injuring seven firefighters. Four of the firefighters were injured in Corona, in Riverside County, shortly after the fire broke out at about 9 a.m. near the 91 Freeway near Green River and the 55 Freeway. Overnight, the fire was "very active," officials said. At about 3:30 a.m., winds blowing out of the south pushed the fire across Carbon Canyon Road, south of Sleepy Hollow, toward Telegraph Canyon. The flames were encroaching on the 57 Freeway and pushing into Valencia, said Mike Boyle, chief of the night operations section. In Chino Hills, there were thick smoke and flames, also hitting Highway 71.

Unhealthful air from fires spurs Pasadena to cancel marathon | SoCal Fires Liveblog #2 | Mobile home park is ground zero of Calif. wildfire

winds are a lot calmer, but we still got a red flag warning until 4pm. there's some sort of "plume" in Diamond Bar near 57 & they're laying out a "fire retardant line" to protect that area. this is near the edge of a fire in Chino Hills & a little bit too close for comfort. KABC did a long pan from each — lots of smoke. Rusty called while i was typing this saying 7-11's coffee cups now have Obama '08 on them. Rusty said Obama should just put his name on everything & that'll help save the economy.

25,000 evacuated as blaze expands north out of Orange County :: More than 25,000 residents were evacuated today and 3,500 structures threatened as the Triangle Complex fire moved north from Orange County over brush-covered hills into San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. At least 150 homes have been damaged or destroyed as 1,200 firefighters assembled along fire lines. At this hour, evacuations are in progress in parts of Diamond Bar, where officers are knocking on doors at 1,400 homes in the Country Estates gated community. Officials said the fire was burning east of the 57 Freeway but could jump the highway, driven by 15 to 20 mph winds. That portion of the freeway is closed and a line of fire trucks is amassed to keep the fire from jumping to the west side of the freeway. The Triangle Complex fire is one of three that continue to plague Southern California. More progress is being made to battle the other two -- in the Sylmar area and in Santa Barbara County. In the Triangle Complex blaze, areas in danger include Carbon Canyon, Telegraph Canyon and the areas abutting Chino Hills State Park. Also at risk are Brea, Chino Hills, Yorba Linda, Anaheim and Corona. + Fire situation improves in Diamond Bar

needed stuff from store, which is on, btw, Diamond Bar Blvd. saw big cloud toward south? heading out of apartment complex. kept driving past store as airplanes & helicopters flew in & out of smoky area. got to Grand (where i used to live) now blocked by police. did u-ey, shopped, then stopped at family unit's house. damn dog bit me, tore my pants & started gnawing on my heel. during times like these it's comforting to know the Governator's in charge. when i drove back skyline looked smudgy. then i burned my breakfast pizza, goshdarnit. is it a good idea to put the entire state of california under goëtic protection? [(AQ-286 THE GOËTIC MIZPAH)] would anyone mind? make it so. (just had strange visual of demons in fire hats hanging on fast-flying fire engine).

ok, #65. who is that? brb. Andrealphus, Fire Chief (hey, kewl: mensuration = the art of measuring).

oh wait, damn dog bit me (seriously, i don't make this stuff up. i was saying goodbye to M & told him to give me a hug. so i was going to twirl him around & say goodbye when i got this growly furry thingy growing on my hip). during the fire situation totally forgot to mention Barney the Greatest Dog Ever!

our first dog was a scotty we got while Gorilla was stationed in Japan. two guys were heading back to the states & needed to find a replacement home. for some odd reason they picked our family out of three they were considering. beginning family tradition of naming scottish dogs after scotch whiskeys & german dogs after german tanks. what a very literal family we are. so… Barney's the dog to call when you gotta build a new dog house. (Godspeed, Barney, Miss Beazley & India).

totally awesomely too kewl… finally figured out which song this post is listening to.

White smoke: A good sign in Diamond Bar fire area | Red flag warning extended through 10 p.m. | Air quality

called Momasita & gave one last report: checked outside, faint dust around street lights, two calm cats. might drive around tomorrow to check things out, check for headlines & stuff. hopefully, LAFD will keep a lid on things & everybody'll have a safe night. if not, some goëtic micromanaging may be in order.

Lull in winds giving firefighters hope :: Calmer winds and cooler temperatures momentarily slowed three devastating wildfires that raged over the weekend in Southern California. Los Angeles County fire officials said this morning that the Sayre fire in the Sylmar area remained 40% contained, having charred more than 10,000 acres. They deployed 300 firefighters from the fire to Placerita Canyon near Santa Clarita, which flared up Sunday, and to an area west of last month's Marek fire in Porter Ranch. "We don't want to drop our guard. It's all dictated by the wind," said Battalion Chief Ronnie Villanueva of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Residents of the Oakridge Mobile Home Park, which was nearly flattened by fire, will be allowed back to their homes this morning temporarily to gather their belongings. The first major break in the fierce, desert-born Santa Ana winds that pushed the three fires through Southern California came Sunday, although authorities warned that shifting winds could splinter off erratic blazes and threaten homes for at least another day. The gravest threat was along the border of Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties, as the fire charged toward the canyons and hillsides of Diamond Bar, Chino Hills and Brea. The so-called Freeway Complex fire caused authorities to order more than 26,000 residents to evacuate and destroyed at least 179 homes, most of them in Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills. Firefighters spent day and night Sunday beating back the fire's northern march along the 57 Freeway and its stubborn hold on Tonner Canyon north of Brea. Forecasters predicted more hot, dry weather for today, but without the type of wind that whipped up flames through the weekend. Authorities warned of poor air quality throughout the region today, and classes have been canceled at some schools near fire zones in Orange County. "The overall big picture is we're encouraged by the weather," said Ray Chaney, an incident commander from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, who was working on the Freeway Complex fire. But he wasn't ready to claim victory. "We're not going to let our guard down. We've got several days of hard, hard work."

still not the best vantage point, but looks clear from the other side of the apartment complex. big cloud gone, bright californy day.

Patrick Franks, 11, hugs his beloved dog Scamp while taking a break from digging for any salvageable items in the ruins of his family’s home, which burned to the ground in Yorba Linda. “He’s the first thing I rescued,” Patrick said with a wide smile, recounting how his family evacuated as flames shot up the back side of their house. PHOTO CREDIT: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

CAL FIRE Incident :: Tea Fire 100% contained | Sayre Fire 100% contained | Freeway Complex 100% contained

Fires in California (from Space) :: Gusty winds drove wildfires into southern California cities in mid-November 2008. This image from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite shows the Los Angeles metropolitan area on November 16, 2008. Places where the sensor detected active fires are outlined in red. The top image shows smoke spreading far to the west over the Pacific Ocean. According to the National Interagency Fire Center daily situation report from November 16, the Sayre Fire north of San Fernando was 8,000 acres and 20 percent contained. The Freeway Fire was 5,800 acres and 5 percent contained.

A statue bows its head as if in sadness amid the ashes of the
Oakridge Mobile Home Park, where about 500 mobile homes were consumed by fire
PHOTO CREDIT: Reed Saxon/Associated Press

Residents of Sylmar mobile home park line up to survey fire-ravaged community :: Hundreds of evacuees from Oakridge Mobile Home Park began lining up at Sylmar High School evacuation center before 9 a.m. today to board police vans for a first look at their fire-ravaged community. Police are restricting access to the park because it is still considered a crime scene, closed to the public after the Sayre fire destroyed 477 of its 608 homes. Residents whose homes were still standing were allowed to sign up Sunday night for van rides. Police then divided the hundreds who signed up into groups, allowing the first few in each group to board four 12-seat vans and enter the park. The first van entered about 9:30 a.m., driven by police and evacuation center staff. Each van made 10-minute stops at groups of houses so residents could hurry inside with flashlights to retrieve wallets, medications, birth certificates and clothes. Later, vans began ferrying residents whose homes were destroyed into the park, although they were not allowed to sift through the ashes. As residents rode through, they passed sobering sights: homes reduced to ash, a coroner's team of investigators and cadaver dogs searching for bodies (none were found as of this afternoon), the park's pool black with soot, melted cars, charred cedar trees, broken water mains and signs already warning of unlicensed contractors.

Schwarzenegger seeks federal disaster designation :: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is seeking a federal disaster declaration from Washington, which could unlock more emergency recovery funds. He's already issued his own emergency declaration for Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in the wake of the wildfires. From his letter: I request that you declare a major disaster for the State of California as a result of extremely high winds and wildfires beginning November 13, 2008. At this time, impacted counties include Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Santa Barbara. Winds exceeding 70 miles per hour have worsened fire conditions by fanning the flames, causing them to spread with frightening speed. This wind and fire event has already consumed more than 40,000 acres; caused widespread human injury; destroyed and damaged homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and infrastructure throughout the region; and it continues to threaten the lives and safety of many Californians. See the full text of Schwarzenegger's request after the jump. » L.A. Now -- Southern California -- this just in


Firefighters have upper hand on wildfires as residents return to homes -- or rubble :: Winds remained calm today and the air started to clear, allowing firefighters to make more headway against wildfires that have burned through Southern California. Residents who fled the flames steeled themselves for the worst as authorities prepared to escort more people back into the Oakridge Mobile Home Park in Sylmar -- the "Beverly Hills of mobile home parks" -- now a devastated neighborhood that looks more like a war zone than a country club. The Orange County Fire Authority planned to lift final evacuation orders at 10 a.m. today for the Chino Hills area, where the Freeway Complex fire charred 28,889 acres in Corona, Chino, Yorba Linda, Brea and Anaheim. "The firefight is over," said Marlene Heisey, an information officer with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Still, firefighters are keeping a watchful eye on wind and weather. "We have a good handle on things," said Kris Concepcion of the Orange County Fire Authority. "We are now just making sure that everything in that fire area is cold."

LiveJournal down, migrating to new server facility.

CAL FIRE Incident Information, containment figures drop: Tea 95% & Sayre & Complex 40%?

What Do Fire Officials Mean When They Say 'Containment'? :: First, you have to understand fire control lines, which is "an inclusive term for all constructed or natural barriers and treated fire edges used to control a fire," according to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group's glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology that LA Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said was a good source for such understanding… [from] NWCG's glossary… The status of a wildfire suppression action signifying that a control line has been completed around the fire, and any associated spot fires, which can reasonably be expected to stop the fire’s spread. Humphrey warns that there is some "relative meaningfulness or meaninglessness," in the numbers. After all, a fire can easily go from 80% contained back to 25% if winds pick up and spread the fire beyond the control line.

'This dude saved a ton of houses' :: Jeff Reeves became a local hero in one Yorba Linda neighborhood after spending a day and a half spraying down his neighbors' homes with his water truck. Reeves, a grading contractor, heard that people in his neighborhood were encountering a fierce fire. So he pulled the water truck out of his yard, filled it with 2,250 gallons of water and, at 10:15 a.m. Saturday, when the fire hit, began spraying homes with loads of liquid.

Bush issues disaster declaration :: President Bush issued a major disaster declaration today for Southern California counties hit by the wildfires. Quotes from the White House: “Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster,” White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said. “Federal funding also is available to state and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for debris removal and emergency protective measures, including direct federal assistance, for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Santa Barbara counties.” » Statement on Federal Disaster Assistance for California

Bonfire party caused Montecito fire :: The fire that destroyed scores of homes in Montecito and Santa Barbara was caused by a group of young people who had built a bonfire, authorities said today. A group of 10 young men and women described by authorities as locals went to the Tea house, an abandoned mansion, on Wednesday night for a bonfire party.

updated containment numbers: Tea 100%, Sayre 70% & Complex 75%.

LJ News Special Edition: Server Move, Permanent Account Sale Update, A La Carte Userpics :: The long-awaited server move takes place this Tuesday, November 18, at 8:00 a.m. PST. We're moving the site from servers based in San Francisco to the servers in our new data center in Montana. A massive data move like this takes a lot of heavy lifting, and to haul all that data from San Francisco to Montana, we have to take the site down, starting at 8:00 a.m. PST on Tuesday morning. We don't think the move will take more than four hours, but there's always the possibility that it could take longer (the best laid plans and all).

seems to me it was down less than 4 hours. earlier, opened pages no problem, but then it started hanging. went to, which opened ok, but displayed New Setting! Hi from LiveJournal. We have a new option that we'd like you to set: Do you want users to be able to find you by searching for your primary email address? (Learn more). nope. back to normal. montana?

Montana State University Integrated Marketing Guide and Brand Toolkit :: MSU is a complex, diverse, multifaceted organization. Like other national brands MSU wants to be recognized for its strengths and expertise. Imagery, logos, design elements and copy all combine to bring about a powerful image that is unmistakable in the eyes of our target audiences. MSU defines itself as a vibrant and growing institution where students, faculty and staff enjoy a challenging and collaborative atmosphere that fosters innovation, exploration and creativity in a spectacular Rocky Mountain setting. The tagline "Mountains and Minds" highlights the unique promise that MSU integrates learning and the discovery of knowledge in an incomparable location.

The Montana GEAR UP Toolkit: Resources for Schools :: Goal 1: Early College & Career Awareness; Goal 2: Financial Aid & Scholarships; Goal 3: Increasing Academic Rigor & Support.

Business Owner's Toolkit: Montana :: Total Know-How for Small Businesses

The Montana Toolset: Formal Analysis of AADL Specifications :: SAE AS-2 Working Group, Seal Beach, California, 27 January 2005 :: Outline ~ »Origins, Goals, Plans and Strategy »ACSR and the VERSA Toolkit »The Charon Language and Toolkit »The Montana Toolkit »STTR Phase I »STTR Phase II

[↑] Wall Street was first published in hardcover by Verso in 1997, and in paperback in 1998. Since Verso chose not to reprint it when it went out of stock, the rights reverted to the author in March 2005.

Society of Automotive Engineers :: (SAE); professional organization for mobility engineering professionals in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries. The Society is a standards development organization for the engineering of powered vehicles of all kinds, including cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and others. Membership is open to the public for those particularly interested in Human Factors and Ergonomic Standards.

Architecture analysis and design language :: (AADL); architecture description language standardized by SAE. AADL was first developed in the field of avionics, and was known formerly as the Avionics Architecture Description Language. It is derived from MetaH, an architecture description language made by the Advanced Technology Center of Honeywell. AADL is used to model the software and hardware architecture of an embedded, real-time system. Due to its emphasis on the embedded domain, AADL contains constructs for modeling both software and hardware components (with the hardware components named "execution platform" components within the standard). This architecture model can then be used either as a design documentation, for analyses (such as schedulability and flow control) or for code generation (of the software portion), a la UML.

Who is Using AADL? :: University of Pennsylvania and Fremont Associates under STTR funding are investigating the formal analysis of AADL models through integration of AADL with an Algebra for Concurrent Shared Resources (ACSR) and CHARON, modeling language for Hybrid State Machines. »Montana Toolset: Formal Analysis of AADL Models »The Montana Toolset: OSATE Plugins for Analysis and Code Generation »Process Algebraic Schedulability Analysis of Real-Time Systems »A Web page with additional references about this work. » Small Business Technology Transfer

Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program :: DARPA (Bridging the Gap, Powered By Ideas; 1958-2008) :: established when Congress reauthorized the SBIR Program in 1992. The STTR program was reauthorized in September 2001 and will continue through FY2009. At the beginning of FY2004, STTR Phase II awards increased from $500K to $750K. Under this program, DARPA funds cooperative R&D projects involving a Small Business and a University; an approved, contractor-operated, Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC); or a Nonprofit Research Institution. Previously, the involvement of these researchers in SBIR projects, while common, tended to be in a minor consulting or subcontracting role, unless they were primarily employed by the small business. STTR, by contrast, requires researchers at research institutions to play a significant role in each STTR project, while allowing them to remain primarily employed at the research institution.

Fremont Associates » Reading :: Below is a sampling of publications covering the formal methods and tools that will form the basis of our AADL analysis tools. The Montana Toolset: Formal Analysis of AADL Specifications (PPT)

Fremont Associates » Projects :: Project REVEAL (Reconstruction, Enhancement Visualization and Ergonomic Assessment for Laparoscopy); VERSA (Verification, Execution, and Rewrite System for ACSR); jVersa is a complete re-thinking of the VERSA system; AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language) an emerging SAE standard language for describing the software and hardware architecture of performance-critical real-time systems. In addition, the AADL standard allows the definition of annexes, i.e., formal extensions to the standard language to enhance the design specifications of hardware or software components. We are leveraging the AADL language and tool development efforts to create a new toolset that incorporates simulation and analysis technologies for embedded real-time systems developed within the Charon and ACSR/VERSA projects at the University of Pennsylvania. Our integration of AADL with Charon and VERSA will extend the capabilities of AADL to allow analysis and simulation at the architecture level, detailed analysis at the module level, and support for implementation.

AADL and the Furness™ Toolset :: Why AADL? A better question would be "why are you using PowerPoint, Excel and low-level Simulink files to design architectures in a way that can't be carried forward into your design and implementation processes?"

google connections between CA & MT

What States besides California, and Montana allow medical marijuana for treatment?

How serious is this mess? :: After a decade of mismanaging the electricity sector, Ontario finds itself scrambling to buy power amid rising costs and without a strategic plan to resolve the issues. In the second of a three-part series, the writers warn that Ontario is in danger of becoming "rust belt north." ~ In the United States, early optimism for electricity deregulation has been dashed by the disastrous failures in California, which after 11 years is left with high electricity rates, two bankrupt utilities, and a record $37 billion state debt. In Montana, Montana Power is no longer in the electricity business, rates are sky high, and many state industries have had to close down. Both states have also learned that deregulation/privatization doesn't remove the downside risks from taxpayers. Similar failures have occurred in other states, where it appears the rush to deregulation was based on corporate greed by boards and executives of some corporate players, aggressive promotion by financial institutions, unrealistic investor expectations, unwary state regulators and federal electricity authorities, and poorly informed politicians. Missing was the slightest concern for electricity consumers, and electric grid reliability.

google connection between Governator (he's a Tech Talkin' Gov) & STTR

SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act of 2008 (H.R. 5819 / SBIR Reauthorization Bill Moves to Full Senate / S. 3362)

google connection between MT & NASA

Berkeley Pit: Butte, Montana :: Mined for gold, silver, and copper, the region of Butte, Montana, had already earned the nickname of "The Richest Hill on Earth" by the end of the 19th century. Demand for electricity increased demand for copper so much that by World War I, the city of Butte was a boomtown.

HYDROS Mission | Montana NASA EPSCoR Travel Program » EPSCoR: NSF, DOS, NASA

Building a social capital model of research development: the case of the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research :: Author: Dietz J. S.. Source: Science and Public Policy, Volume 27, Number 2, 1 April 2000 , pp. 137-145(9). Publisher: Beech Tree Publishing :: Abstract: This paper argues that social capital theory, originally developed to explain collective, cooperative behavior, can be applied in understanding how better to use science and technology to advance social and economic objectives of underdeveloped regions. Using the case of the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), broad issues affecting priority setting, knowledge utilization, and program evaluation are examined to shape a revised theory of social capital, EPSCoR, and the use of science as a social and economic development strategy. A 'scientific and technical human capital' model for the evaluation of EPSCoR is presented.

Astronauts: Harrison Schmitt, James C. Adamson, Patrick Baudry, Loren W. Acton & Barbara Morgan (Retired, Distinguished Educator in Residence ~ Godspeed)

NASA Brings Vision for Space Exploration to Montana Students :: NASA Ames senior official Bonnie Dalton and astronaut John Grunsfeld will visit Hellgate Elementary School, Missoula, Mont., to share NASA's future exploration goals and their excitement about the future of space exploration. On Nov. 30, 2005, they will participate in a 'launch' event celebrating the selection of Hellgate as a NASA Explorer School. Dalton and Grunsfield will discuss the Vision for Space Exploration and the students' role as the next generation of explorers. The pair will encourage students to pursue studies in math, science and technology and careers in aeronautics and space.

Hellgate? (oh, Motto: Oro y plata (Gold and silver))

tea & complex 100% contained, sayre 85% contained (think we're looking for 100% contained - FINAL, which means all fires out?)

Rescue Teams Assist Animal Victims of California Fires :: At the request of state authorities, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) dispatched its Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) to the Sayre fire near Sylmar and the Freeway Complex Fire that originated in Orange County. The DART unit provides temporary housing, food and medical care to animals. In addition, a mobile kennel has been set up at Sylmar High School, and small pets can be taken to the Mission animal shelter. {includes evac info & emergency guidelines for pets} From now through Nov. 30, VCA Animal Hospitals throughout Southern California are offering free boarding for companion animals whose families were evacuated or displaced as a result of the firestorms. Boarding assistance for pets is based on space availability at individual locations. “As families are being evacuated to shelters or facing the loss of their homes, VCA hopes to ease their burden by offering free boarding for pets so they can focus on the critical issues with their families and homes,” said Art Antin, chief operating officer of VCA Animal Hospitals.

Assistance to Schools Affected by Southern California Wildfires Detailed :: Sacramento, California - State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell today announced emergency assistance is available to students, schools, and the communities affected by the wildfires in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Orange counties. "I am directing all divisions within the California Department of Education to work closely with our school districts to offer whatever assistance they need to keep students safe, get school facilities open, and help administrators cut through red tape as they help communities ravaged by the wildfires,” said O'Connell. "Schools will not lose funding if their facilities are closed by wildfires or used as emergency shelters. Also, schools may be reimbursed if their school lunches are used to feed evacuees.” As of today, 59 schools in Southern California were closed, affecting 47,592 students, and 2,403 staff. Most of the schools will reopen on Tuesday. There are no reports of school-related injuries or deaths as a result of the wildfires. The heaviest damage to a school facility was in the Brea Olinda Unified School District in Orange County as a result of the "Freeway Complex Fire” that originated in Riverside County.

Remember those who fought the last fire -- and gave their lives :: In the middle of a wind-driven firestorm, it's easy to feel that this one is worse than anything before it. But longtime Angelenos -- and veteran firefighters -- remind us that the destruction and death of those autumn fires have always been a part of life in modern Southern California. Over at the LAFD blog, Brian Humphrey wrote a moving tribute to a group of firefighters who died protecting homes from fire more than four decades ago. They have a connection to the latest fires, and Humphrey laments that we don't know their story.




AQ 899 = PLEASE, TELL THE STORY BEHIND THE NAME OF EL CARISO PARK (Though off-duty and unable to respond from afar, my personal cellphone rang through the night with calls from reporters seeking "the story". With the initial Incident Command Post for the Sayre Fire listed as AQ-236 EL CARISO PARK, I politely guided journalists to the site by instinct, asking them but one favor: "Please, tell the story behind the name of El Cariso Park"; AQ-776 SAYRE FIRE: HALLOWED GROUND FOR FIREFIGHTERS, AQ-777 SAYRE FIRE: HALLOWED GROUND FOR FIREFIGHTERS + 1 • AQ-350 EL CARISO HOT SHOTS) = A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO LIVING AND TRAVEL IN THE ARAB WORLD (AQ-274 NANCY A. SHILLING, AQ-374 PROFESSOR SHILLING) = ASPECTS OF A SYSTEM'S BEHAVIOR, ITS "DEGREES OF FREEDOM" (AQ-294 DEGREES OF FREEDOM, AQ-563 TRANSCENDENTAL GEOPHILOSOPHY; AQ-454 EMPIRICAL GEOPHILOSOPHY) = FOUND IN THE PHASE SPACE OF SELF-ORGANIZING SYSTEMS (AQ-638 SELF-ORGANIZING SYSTEMS FEATURES; AQ-454 EMPIRICAL GEOPHILOSOPHY) = NUMERICAL CONNECTION THROUGH THE ABSENCE OF ANY LINK (AQ-245 UNUNUTTIX).


AQ 621 = TRIBUTE TO THE EL CARISO HOT SHOTS (March 17, 1997 —CONGRESSIONAL RECORD— Extensions of Remarks, E483 :: Those who lost their lives include: Raymond Chee (23, Crew Boss), James Moreland (22), Michael White (20), John Figlo (18), William Waller (21), Joel Hill (19), Stephen White (18), Carl Shilcutt (26), John Verdugo (19), Daniel Moore (21), Kenneth Barnhill (19), and Frederick Danner (18) § Those who survived the Loop Fire include: Gordon King, Warren Burchett, Glen Spady, Joseph Smalls, Edward Cosgrove, Rodney Seewald, Stephen Bowman, Charles Gibson, Franklin Keesling, Jerry Gunter, William Davidson, Thomas Sullivan, Gerald Smith, William Parshall, John Moore, Richard Leak, Robert Chounard, Patrick Chase, and Thomas Rother) [1][2] = STS-126 ENDEAVOUR LAUNCH : 14-NOV-2008 @ 7:55PM EST.



AQ 401 = MEMORIES OF HAWTHORNE (Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, 1897; 358-360 :: My father looked in good spirits as we moved along. When he trafficked with an Italian fruit-vender, and put a few big hot chestnuts into his pocket, with a smile for me, I (who found his smile the greatest joy in the world) was persuaded that really fine things were being done. The slender copper piece which was all-sufficient for the transaction not only thrilled the huckster with delight, but became precious to me as my father's supple, broad fingers held it, dark, thin, small, in a respectful manner. He caressed it for a moment with his large thumb, — he who was liberal as nature in June, — and when the fruit -vender was wrought up to the proper point of ecstasy he was allowed to receive the money, which he did with a smile of Italian gracefulness and sparkle, while my father looked conscious of the mirthfulnessness of the situation with as lofty a manner as you please. As for the peasant women we met, under their little light-stands of head - drapery, they were easily comprehensible, and expressed without a shadow of reserve their vanity and tiger blood by an openly proud smile and a swing of the brilliantly striped skirt. The handsomest men and women possible, elaborately dressed, shone beside tiers of the sweetest bunches of pale violets, or a solitary boy, so beautiful that his human splendor scintillated, small as he was, sat in the pose and apparel that the world knows through pictures, and which pigment can never well render any more than it can catch the power of a sunset or an American autumn. The marble-shops were very pleasant places. A whirring sound lulled the senses into dreamy receptiveness, as the stone wheel heavily turned with soft swiftness, giving the impression that here hard matter was controlled to a nicety by airy forces ; and a fragrance floated from the wet marble lather, while the polishing of our newly picked up mementos from the ruins went on, which was as subtle as that of flowers. A man or two, hoary with marble-dust and ennobled by the "bloom" of it, stood tall and sad about the wheel, and we handed to these refined creatures our treasures of giallo-antico and porphyry and other marbles picked up " for remembrance " (and no doubt once pressed by a Caesar's foot or met by a Caesar's glance), in order to observe the fresh color leap to the surface, — yellow, red, black, or green. Far more were we thrilled at finding scraps of iridescent glass lachrymals, containing all the glories of Persian magnificence, while pathetically hinting of the tears of a Roman woman (precious only to herself, whatever her flatterers might aver) two thousand years ago; AQ-322 ROMAN STONE WHEEL) = THE FOUR NIGHT WATCHES = THREE FIRES CONFEDERACY.

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i think there's no (what they call) active fire behavior, just smoldering? good news: a lot of out-of-county & out-of-state firefighters have/are returning home. a big thank you from everybody.

did quick check on Hawthorne, also located in LA County, popping Great Southern California ShakeOut, which started 13-Nov @ 10AM with over 13 million people participating in ShakeOut Drill (Fake 'Big One' strikes Southland; Tea Fire started same day @ 6:30PM). ok! i learned something today: Drop, Cover, and Hold On! means: immediately protect yourself as best as possible where you are. which i didn't know how to do the last earthquake (i just squeaked). on 15-Nov @ 10AM, a small blaze, quickly contained, in Palos Verdes Peninsula near Hawthorne Boulevard (Sayre Fire started previous evening, Complex Fire would start next day).

one last AADL thingy: Ann Arbor District Library is #1 google for AADL. Center for Automotive Research also located in Ann Arbor—it's an auto industry think tank responsible for doomsday "millions of jobs will be lost" everyone is quoting. PDFs: Press Release & CAR Research Memorandum.

all fires 100% contained!

Oakland Museum of California :: October 17, 2008 - After a forest fire, what is the first sign of life? Fungi. Their tiny root-like fibers appear on the charred forest floor and begin to break down debris and release nutrients into the soil. This age-old process is crucial to soil restoration and the forest’s revival. Learn about the noble lives of mushrooms at the museum’s annual Fungus Fair—Fungus & Fire, Saturday, Dec 6 (10 a.m.–6 p.m.) and Sunday, Dec 7 (12-5 p.m.). The fair explores the role of fungi and mushrooms in the aftermath of California’s devastating forest fires. » Fungus Fair 2008

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