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As I mentioned before, Pomona has always had a problem with drunks!!!!!!!!!!

rusty's city manager gave everyone the head's up: start looking for a job. they lost a million already on the credit crisis & may lose more. how many cities lost money & what kind of impact does that have? so i'm checking on pomona mayor race &… Pomona councilman arrested on DUI charge & "pomona" is a haven for dopers, dope peddlers, alcoholics, illegals, corrupt city government inhabitants, mexican mafia, and lets not forget prostitutes, pomona's life line! & Alyassin...just the name itself scares me (he's a young guy too, with a 7 point plan! (why yes, i've gone through a pomona checkpoint)).


California Hub @ Ballotpedia

eeny, meeny, miny, moe: &

HELL NO!, on Prop 8 (that ad is sick & disgusting). my niece tells me her friends think gays are gross. wtf? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?! what kinda kids are these? ah, they are of a "certain persuasion".

more mayor stuff

 • George Hunter, Pomona mayor candidate
 • Hunter for mayor, three for council [Inland Valley Daily Bulletin endorsement]


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