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Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

looking for an asteroid named "cosmos" - yep, "cosima", but also found this for 03-March-2005 Moon-Antares Occultation.

KOSMODEMYANSKAYA [ALCYONE] (NW by N :: 04Ge02 :: CROWN CHAKRA {Sahasrara}) 333º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 1: ADMIRABLE or HIDDEN INTELLIGENCE–The FIRST (1) Path is KETHER (Crown) = I THE MONAD (Aces) :: EON PHASE: 36 (Phase Arc 330º ~ Semi-Sextile) : Fruition, Creative Imagination, "Last Judgement", Closing.

Teenage Soviet Hero Executed 61 Years Ago

Young teenage girl Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya heroically died during the Great Patriotic War

The legendary girl Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was executed 61 years ago. It was on the day of November 29th, 1941. The weather was very cold that afternoon. The Germans forced the residents of the village of Petrisheva (70 kilometers far from Moscow) watch the execution. The people were growing numb both with cold and with horror when they saw a young girl walking barefoot towards the scaffold. The girl was abused and tortured, yet, she still had a strong human spirit.

The girl-s name was Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, or Tanya, as she called herself. The Moscow schoolgirl volunteered to enlist in the intelligence services in the settlement of Kuntsevo. The Russian intelligence headquarters in Kuntsevo trained its soldiers to conducting subversive activities behind German lines. Before Zoya was hanged, she shouted out the following words, which are still in the memory of the Russian people: ?You won-t hang everyone of 200 million! My comrades will take revenge for me! The Soviet Union will win!¦ Later, those words became the words in the Soviet Army and the Russian people.

It has recently become known that Zoya was betrayed by her fellow-soldier from their partisan group. The three of them approached the village of Petrishevo and then dispersed towards various parts of the village. Their goal was to set the German headquarters and stables on fire, as well as the houses where the German soldiers were staying. The Germans caught one of Zoya-s friends, and he told them about Zoya and the third soldier.

The betrayer, a ?Soviet partisan¦ became a German agent. Some time later, the Germans sent the man back to the Soviet rear, but his activities were soon exposed. Soviet intelligence questioned the man and found out the details of Zoya-s tragic life. He said that the Germans beat the teenage girl with rubber batons for two hours. The girl did not make a sound at that. She did her best to show her courage, biting her lips until they bled. Years later, a Soviet court martial sentenced the betrayer to death.


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