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medal count

2United States363836110
3Russian Federation23212872

Olympic Medal Count 2008
2008 Konstitutsiya
8837 London
2012 Guo Shou-Jing

62 academicians
China's national flower
one country, two flowers
Chen Junyu

may your number always be lucky
8 Flora

IOC President Jacques Rogge declares
Beijing Olympic Games closed @ 2008-08-24 21:03:14 PM (13:03:14 UTC)

Grand spectacle closes Beijing's Olympics

Backgrounder: Lyrics of "The Flame of Love"

Beijing Olympic flame extinguished

Xinhua Olympic Coverage

Live-Blogging the Closing Ceremony

grabbing ephys for stragglers. swetest doesn't recognize "Quivira", lists provisional designator 1984 SF3. Quivira named during 2000 Flagstaff Festival of Science Asteroid Naming Contest:

Quivira is the name of a place to which Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was led in 1541 by an Amerindian guide named "El Turko," who said there could be found "trees hung with golden bells and people whose pots and pans were beaten gold." Upon arrival, the location and was found inhabited only by the Wichita tribe in what is now Kansas. The name was suggested by Jesse Roberts of Camp Verde, Arizona, as winner of a contest to name this asteroid in conjunction with the 2000 Flagstaff Festival of Science.

photo of winner w/ discoverer Brian Skiff. Skiff did discover #11831 1984 SF3 [+][+]. but No Matching Record found @ JPL database for "Quivira". but...

#2059 Baboquivari discovered at Goethe Link: This Amor-type object, recovered with the Steward Observatory’s 2.3-m reflector on Kitt Peak in 1976, is named in honor of the Papago Indian Tribe, which made available the land on which the AURA observatories are based. Baboquivari, located a few kilometers south of Kitt Peak, is the highest and most sacred peak in Papago country. It figures prominently in Papago mythology as the home of the culture hero I’itoi. Name proposed by F. K. Edmondson. #1221 Amor, #1488 Aura, #1728 Goethe Link, #1761 Edmondson, #2322 Kitt Peak, #3047 Goethe, #15371 Steward.

something for timeline: 080926 ~ 2008 Flagstaff Festival of Science begins; 080927 ~ Shoemaker Keynote Presentation @ 02:00 UTC; 081005 ~ 2008 Flagstaff Festival of Science ends. #2074 Shoemaker, #2118 Flagstaff, #3792 Preston.

if/when #11831 ever gets named Quivira would one of the cities of gold finally found? Quivira and Cíbola: #2633 Bishop, #2898 Neuvo, #3868 Mendoza, #4442 Garcia, #4657 Lopez, #5405 Neverland, #7356 Casagrande, #8039 Grandprism, #11193 Merida, #11496 Grass, #16641 Esteban, #16967 Marcosbosso, #21500 Vasquez, #21651 Mission Valley, #82332 Las Vegas. El Dorado: #1482 Sebastiana, #1528 Conrada, #2075 Martinez, #2305 King, #2791 Paradise, #3043 San Diego, #4332 Milton, #4609 Pizarro, #4877 Humboldt, #5676 Voltaire, #6216 San Jose, #9357 Venezuela, #10793 Quito, #11334 Rio de Janeiro, #12598 Sierra, #13647 Rey, #17427 Poe, #18458 Caesar, #18498 Cesaro, #20482 Dustinshea. more gold: #1614 Goldschmidt, #3101 Goldberger, #3805 Goldreich, #4423 Golden, #4433 Goldstone, #5393 Goldstein, #8610 Goldhaber, #10153 Goldman, #16452 Goldfinger, #20793 Goldinaaron.

more #4105 Tsia info: Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, read long entry on page 350Named in honor of the ancient sun symbol used by Indians of the Zia Pueblo in central New Mexico (one of the Seven Golden Cities of Cibola sought by Coronado) [+][+][+][+][+][+][+]. Tsia symbol appears on New Mexico flag designed by Dr. Harry Mera of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mera was an archaeologist who was familiar with the Zia sun symbol found at Zia Pueblo on a 19th century pot. The symbol has sacred meaning to the Zia. Four is a sacred number which symbolizes the Circle of Life: four winds, four seasons, four directions, and four sacred obligations. The circle binds the four elements of four together. #210 Isabella, #374 Burgundia, #3553 Mera, #15594 Castillo.

FLORA {19LE17} 48º21'18" from ZERO POINT @ EON-5 Restriction, Inadequate Knowledge, Shadow Elements, Shock to System • Sabian Symbol ~ Leo 20° A group of prehistoric American Indians are seen in the course of an elaborate and impressive invocation to the sun.

i'm going to have to update those keywords—created them several years ago to get eon phase snapshot. these don't quite capture things: this phase introduces a new emotional power, its impact & expansion. Flora conjunct Venus/Fanatica waxing octile the Moon. Fanatica (fascinating, “Fanaticus” was an honorable designation) in several senses: fan, fasces, sacred (since it comes from fanum, "temple") &c. words from the song, Looking at your face with the fragrance of jasmine flowers/ Opening up at the moment of emotional goodbye/ Tonight I will walk to your side/ I will fly with you/ With you soaring through the sky/ So much more that we can see/ Flying together high. emotional goodbye.

"Lightning" Bolt is speaking from EON-5's dynamic: "get through" & "move forward". You have to move forward after the disaster. And also, the Olympics ask people to move forward. China understands deep symbolism [+] — and i think its EON-5 move forward structure... is the shape of an expanding global flower (or some sorta dual global flower thingy. hey, great idea for a floaty) [+].

080729 Flora           19 le 16'51.4726   0.4923606   17°12'31.2365
080729 2002 AW197      19 le 22'18.7544   0.0231286    6° 0'57.7075
080729 Harvard         20 le 12'19.0835   0.4270768   15°14'16.2320
080729 Fanatica        20 le 46'35.2489   0.4416741   17°32'46.9234
080729 Venus           20 le 54' 3.1720   1.2295558   15°54'47.3306

#11831 QUIVIRA 1984 SF3 {23LI11} 112º15'44" from ZERO POINT @ EON-12 Maturation, Cosmic Intent, Higher Spin, Catalysing • Sabian Symbol ~ Libra 24° A marvelously colored and figured butterfly is spread before the eyes; on its left is an extra and third wing.

goodbye Beibei! return home to the sea & bless it! goodbye Jingjing! protect Giant Panda & all precious life! goodbye Huanhuan! may you live in everyone's hearts forever! (please make special trip to Iraqi athletes & get them ready for 2012!) goodbye Yingying! somebody's got to talk to The Hopi Elders, how about you? goodbye Nini! i kiss your nose... you go check on global warming & give everybody good report on needed action items!

goodbye Fuwa!

emotional goodbye....goodbye new golden city.

080729 Olympiada       19 li 38'21.3138   0.4033827    9°46'10.4738
080729 1984 SF3        23 li 11'17.4718   0.2470048   -6°11'16.5666


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