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#2938-Hopi, The American Declination

declination list @ bravenet

080729 Hopi            17 aq 54'51.2388  -0.3087159  -46°23' 7.9401
- - - - - - - - 
080729 Quaoar          17 sa  7'13.4041  -0.0111366  -15°15'48.8259
080729 Shaanxi         17 sa 17'28.0754  -0.0465241  -32° 9'21.6194
080729 Stevens         17 sa 28'15.7922  -0.0484004  -27°28'52.3921
- - - - - - - - 
080729 Konstitutsiya   28 ta 15'45.6357   0.2173990   28°32'18.6768
080729 Standing Bear   28 ta 34'26.4753   0.3209409   20°25'58.6238
080729 Aegina          28 ta 38'51.5975   0.3795813   20°39'15.7579  #91
- - - - - - - - 
080729 Greenwich       29 ge 11'41.2931   0.4259370   32°14'13.5318
080729 Abramov          2 vi  3'20.0803   0.3661592    9°57'20.6681

Treehouse Mountain :: HOPI ~ Native American peoples, culture, memories and behavioral inclinations; indigenous peoples; minority groups; contact with knives/cutting, corn-based foods, feathers, snakes and ambushes (inc. of the psychological variety); territorial claims and disputes; attack or ambush perceptions; deep-seated defense (of points in axis or aspect.)

two hyperstitions: Psalm 91 as Soldier's Psalm [+][+][+][+][+] & We are the ones we've been waiting for [+][+][+][+][+][+]. both are basically unattributed, the 2nd makes me wonder: has anyone ever contacted the Hopi Elders directly?

Culture of Corruption :: Abramov represents Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal & Greenwich represents dengre ~ selected a bunch of asteroids & Greenwich is OOB 32° North.

Asteriods named or related to Native Americans :: #457 Alleghenia (probably Lenape for "fine river"; named for Allegheny Observatory; represents Delaware Indians; see Manhattan), #631 Philippina (Philipp Kessler, friend of the discoverer, on the occasion of his engagement; see Ute), #634 Ute (friend of the discoverer, on the occasion of her engagement (see Philippina); represents Ute Tribe in Utah & Colorado — Utah derived from Ute), #793 Arizona (Lowell Observatory; represents Arizona Indian Tribes), #797 Montana (From mons, the Latin for mountain, in honour of Hamburg Observatory, located at Bergedorf, in Germany; this was the first minor planet discovered there; represents Indian Tribes of Montana), #1066 Lobelia (Indian tobacco flower, genus Lobelia), #1345 Potomac (Algonquian for "place where people trade" or "the place to which tribute is brought"; named for Potomac River; represents Powhatan confederacy; see Pocahontas), #1602 Indiana (Indiana & Indiana University; Indiana means "Land of the Indians" or "Indian Land"; represents Indian Territory & Tecumseh's War against US expansion), #1915 Quetzalcoatl (sky and creator god; aka The Feathered Serpent; connected to planet Venus), #1921 Pala (Pala Indian Reservation in Pala, California), #1973 Colocolo (Mapuche leader, "Toqui de la Paz" (Peace Chief); succeeded Caupolican as commander-in-chief of Mapuche army in 1551 &, w/ Caupolican & Lautaro, led mapuche warriors at the Battle of Tucapel), #1974 Caupolican (Mapuche leader; commanded army during 1st Mapuche rising against Spanish conquistadors), #1980 Tezcatlipoca ("Smoking Mirror" in Nahuatl; central Aztec deity; associated with: night sky, night winds, hurricanes, north, earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, sorcery, beauty, war & strife), #1992 Galvarino (Mapuche warrior during Arauco War), #1993 Guacolda (Mapuche warrior; wife of Mapuche chief Lautaro), #2013 Tucapel (famous Mapuche leader in the first resistance against the Spanish), #2028 Janequeo (Wife of Mapuche chief Guepotan; led army against Spaniards), #2201 Oljato ("Moonlight Water" or "water by the moonlight"; part of the Navajo Reservation located near Arizona/Utah border), #2270 Yazhi (Navajo for "the little one"), #2272 Montezuma (Moctezuma II, ninth emperor of the Aztec empire), #2275 Cuitlahuac (tenth emperor of Aztec empire), #2432 Soomana (Hopi for "star girl"), #2433 Sootiyo (Hopi for "star boy"), #2648 Owa (Hopi for "rock"), #2649 Oongaq (Hopi for "from up there"), #2822 Sacajawea (Sacagawea, Shoshone explorer), #2938 Hopi (The Hopi, the Native American people), #2939 Coconino (Coconino County, Arizona containing Hopi & Navajo Nation Reservations), #2976 Lautaro (leader of the Mapuche of Chile; aka Levtraru, also Lautaro (Swift Hawk) by Spanish soldiers; see Guacolda), #3124 Kansas (Kansas Indian Tribes), #3177 Chillicothe (Shawnee for "principal town" (Chalahgawtha); hometown of Archie Goodwin; first and third capital of Ohio), #3307 Athabasca (The Athabascans, ancient people of North America), #3688 Navajo (Navajo Nation), #4029 Bridges ($24 worth of trinkets & I’ll Take Manhattan; see Manhattan & Trinkle), #4105 Tsia (ancient sun symbol used by Zia tribe in New Mexico), #4331 Hubbard (Doc Hubbard, authority on American Indian culture), #4487 Pocahontas (first Native American celebrity; daughter of Powhatan), #4547 Massachusetts (Massachusetts Indian Tribes), #4636 Chile (The Mapuche were the original inhabitants Chile), #5460 Tsenaat'a'i (Navajo for "flying rock"), #6370 Malpais (Spanish for "bad country" or "badlands"; see South Dakota), #7863 Turnbull (Maggie Turnbull, American astrobiologist & HabCat developer; represents Sitting Bull), #8447 Cornejo (Antonio Cornejo, Argentinian founder & director of the Galileo Galilei Planetarium in Buenos Aires; represents Maize, domesticated plant of the Americas), #9481 Menchu (Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Guatemalan 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner), #10039 Keet Seel (Navajo for "houses that have been left behind"; well-preserved prehistoric cliff dwelling in Arizona), #10797 Guatemala (see Menchu), #10894 Nakai (R. Carlos Nakai, musician and cultural anthropologist of Navajo-Ute descent), #11739 Baton Rouge (Louisiana state capital; named after tree called "le baton rouge" marking tribal boundary between Houma & Bayou Goula tribes; represents Louisiana Indian Tribes), #11831 Quivira (one of the seven cities of gold), #12464 Manhattan (Manhattan Indian Tribe; see Bridges & Trinkle), #13258 Bej (named for finalist in 2002 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge; BEI=Beijing || BEI-Bruce Edwards Ivins), #13436 Enid (part of Chisholm Trail, major cattle drive route from Texas to Kansas), #15522 Trueblood (Mark Trueblood, engineer & amateur astronomer; represents Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood), #19407 Standing Bear (arrested for refusing to move to Indian Territory; sued for a writ of habeas corpus; Standing Bear v. Crook; judge ruled "an Indian is a person"), #24204 Trinkle (named for mentor of 2008 Intel Science Talent Search (ISTS) finalist; represents wampum; see Manhattan & Bridges), #26715 South Dakota (Badlands Observatory, discovery site; represents South Dakota Indian Tribes; see Malpais), #84882 Table Mountain (Table Mountain, California; represents Table Mountain Rancheria of California) [from Wikipedia's Meanings of asteroid names &c]

VYSSOTSKY{09CN49}29°5'55"N EON-18°53'12"
KONSTITUTSIYA{28TA16}28°32'19"N EON-35327°20'12"
SUMERIA{09GE59}27°56'17"N EON-36339°3'7"
JESSEOWENS{06GE55}27°21'54"N EON-36335°59'48"
MOON{00CN56}27°20'1"N 0°0'0"
BRUCEMURRAY{01CN46}27°13'39"N EON-10°50'11"
INTP. PERIGEE{03CN45}27°6'9"N EON-12°49'33"
AL-BIRUNI{04TA31}27°1'60"N EON-31303°35'14"
GALVARINO{04LI22}0°57'39"N EON-1093°25'60"
SVANETIA{07AR51}0°17'51"N EON-28276°55'47"
TUCAPEL{13LI34}0°11'11"N EON-11102°38'37"
TRINKLE{00AR59Rx}0°2'59"S EON-28270°3'38"
HYUNSEOP{05AR25}0°15'27"S EON-28274°29'4"
NORMANWISDOM{18VI03}0°31'46"S EON-877°7'22"
AGUILAR{10AR57}0°43'47"S EON-29280°1'26"
CONCORDIA{28PI17Rx}0°44'29"S EON-27267°21'25"
CESCO{01PI23Rx}0°52'17"S EON-25240°27'22"
DRUJ{04CP04Rx}27°4'23"S EON-19183°8'11"
STEVENS{17SG28Rx}27°28'52"S EON-18166°32'42"
CHILLICOTHE{22SC14}29°2'12"S EON-14141°18'21"
PALA{28AQ52Rx}29°30'30"S EON-24237°56'8"
XI'AN{28SG19Rx}34°12'36"S EON-18177°23'19"
MESOPOTAMIA{02CP37Rx}35°34'28"S EON-19181°41'35"
WALLACE{29SG30Rx}36°5'26"S EON-18178°34'46"
FAY{02CP46Rx}36°5'45"S EON-19181°49'56"
HARRINGTON{10SG57Rx}36°32'15"S EON-18160°1'24"
MARITIMA{04SG52}36°38'36"S EON-16153°55'59"
AEGLE{05CP41Rx}36°46'46"S EON-19184°45'12"
CASANOVA{04SG10}39°18'10"S EON-16153°14'40"
HOPI{17AQ55Rx}46°23'8"S EON-24226°59'17"
Tags: american indian, hopi, native american, native american asteroids, pocahontas

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