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moon occults antares

Stellar Eclipse: Moon to Hide Bright Star March 3 via The Starry Gnosis (excellent coverage! i don't have to hunt down occultation time).

The Phi Gate and the New Earth Maiden via CAOSGO; The Soul of the Earth (see also: Grail Topics, Part 1 (William S. Buehler), Grail Topics, Part 2 (William S. Buehler), Riddle of the Unicorn Shamir, Venus Transit, June 8, 2004 & Spirit of the Earth).

more astro technical info about this event later. but this reminds me: in alphanumeric qabbalah 31 = AL = LA = HE = V = ID. in hebrew 31 = AL = LA. in GON1 AL = 15. in D26 L = AL = AWAKE! = CHEMISTRY.

my experience: 31 = AL related to The GA (The Call of GA, GA - The names, V838 Monocerotis). AL = 15 related to the NI (The Primary call of NI, The table of NI, 28 camps). plus: Asteroid #469 Argentina (20-February-2003 @ 13:47:06 UTC).

would be great if someone could translate: A call of ZOIGA: Ietu da na vat sièn, dalmeth fi onto ragile od dana vetu rien tok ol beth vi va os ne matarazkil. Ilien od Na i Meth coinu athpan vietu na maz zore AF Lien quators olie. Hiè an vi-en sa o me rationtokorssatilpla. Vivièn na SoiGA.

and probably had one of the strongest dream experiences of my life. i was sitting down writing something in a book. a man came up and demanded i show him the book. i refused. he took out a gun and shot me several times. felt the sensation of dying. but good for me! before i kicked the bucket i took my book and slapped him something silly! rotflmao. dreams symbolism

more: MAATs UNICULUM & The Book of Amsu.


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