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Rusty says we need a 2-day break. feeling sad anyway since i can't watch NASA TV. got spoiled during STS-114 with all the MSM coverage. i loved falling asleep listening to Soichi & Steve on their spacewalks. anyway, got to start packing & looking for a new apt: lease ends 30-April.

Rusty got really pissed last night. ok, all of us are on a journey & we're traveling on the river... blah blah. we hung up mad at each other & there i was twirling in my little boat with no paddles. it was d-day & everyone's rushing ahead—but this time, nobody was dying. then Endy came up & i told her to go check on Rusty. but before Endy left she grabbed a rope attached to my boat & dragged me to the beach. then she flopped back into the water. then Rusty called back.

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