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T-Minus 10 Seconds [09/18]

[RTF-1]-STS-114 Discovery • [RTF-2]-STS-121 Discovery
[01]-STS-115 Atlantis • [02]-STS-116 Discovery • [03]-STS-117 Atlantis
[04]-STS-118 Endeavour • [05]-STS-120 Discovery • [06]-STS-122 Atlantis
[07]-STS-123 Endeavour • [08]-STS-124 Discovery • [09]-STS-126 Endeavour
[10]-STS-119 Discovery • [11]-STS-125 Atlantis • [12]-STS-127 Endeavour
[13]-STS-128 Atlantis • [14]-STS-129 Discovery • [15]-STS-130 Endeavour
[16]-STS-131 Atlantis • [17]-STS-132 Discovery • [18]-STS-133 Endeavour

STS-126 is the 27th shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ULF2) — Launch: 14-Nov-2008 @ 7:55 p.m. EST. Commander Christopher Ferguson (1998/17), Pilot Eric A. Boe (2000/18), Mission Specialists Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper (1996/16), Donald Pettit (1996/16), Stephen G. Bowen (2000/18) and Robert S. Kimbrough (2004/19). Launching ISS Expedition 18 Flight Engineer Sandra Magnus (1996/16), Landing ISS Expedition 18 Flight Engineer Gregory Chamitoff (1998/17). STS-126 will be the final flight to include the Leonardo MPLM. + Multi-Purpose Logistics Module

AQ 339 = T-6 HOURS AND HOLDING (Enter planned 2-hour built-in hold at the T-6 hour mark (8:30 a.m. EST). Launch team verifies no violations of launch commit criteria prior to cryogenic loading of the external tank; Clear pad of all personnel) = DEMING PHILOSOPHY = INFANT NUTRITION = THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN = VEXILLOLOGIQUES = X(T) = R \COS(T) = AE^{BT} \COS(T)\ (AQ-343 LOGARITHMIC SPIRAL, AQ-343 ISS CONFIGURATION).

Universal Declaration of Human Rights flies into space
6 November 2008

ESA PR 43-2008. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a sprit of brotherhood”, states Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

60 years after its adoption by the United Nations General Assembly at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris on 10 December 1948, the Declaration is ready to take a journey into space: destination the International Space Station, and more specifically, ESA’s Columbus laboratory.

On Friday 7 November at the Quai d’Orsay, the French Foreign Ministry, Ms Rama Yade, state secretary responsible for foreign affairs and human rights within the French government, will officially hand over a copy of the Declaration to ESA’s Director General, Jean-Jacques Dordain.

The Declaration, properly protected in space-proof packaging, is tentatively scheduled, if all goes according to plan, to reach the International Space Station following lift-off on board the Space Shuttle from the Kennedy Space Center on 14 November. It will be stored on a permanent basis inside ESA’s Columbus multidisciplinary space laboratory.

“The ESA Astronaut Corps welcomes this humanitarian initiative. In recognition of the fact that human beings are at times downtrodden, the Declaration can symbolically find its place ‘above’ all the peoples of the world”, says ESA astronaut Léopold Eyharts, who earlier took part in the launch, docking and start of operations of the Columbus laboratory during his two-month stay at the ISS in spring of this year.

The International Space Station hosts a crew of three international astronauts (soon to be six) on a permanent basis living and working in space in the interests of research and for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Together with the USA, Russia, Canada and Japan, Europe is a contributing partner in this international endeavour.

AQ 382 = T-6 HOURS AND COUNTING (Resume countdown (10:30 a.m. EST). Chill down propellant transfer lines (10:30 a.m.) Begin loading the external fuel tank with about 500,000 gallons of cryogenic propellants (about 10:50 a.m.)) = ACCELERATION OF THE REAL = LEX ORANDI, LEX CREDENDI = PAYLOAD OPS CHECKLIST = T-27 HOURS AND COUNTING.

AQ 336 = T-3 HOURS AND HOLDING (Enter planned 2-hour, 30-minute built-in hold at T-3 hours (1:30 p.m.) Complete filling the external tank with its flight load of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants (about 1:30 p.m.) Final Inspection Team proceeds to launch pad; Perform inertial measurement unit preflight calibration; Align Merritt Island Launch Area tracking antennas; Perform open loop test with Eastern Range) = MULTUM NON MULTA (AQ-443 QUALITY NOT QUANTITY) = SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH = SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND = VASTITAS BOREALIS (AQ-154 PHOENIX).

AQ 379 = T-3 HOURS AND COUNTING (Resume countdown at T-3 hours (4 p.m.) Crew departs Operations and Checkout Building for the pad (4:05 p.m.); Complete closeout preparations in the White Room; Check cockpit switch configurations; Begin Eastern Range final network open loop command checks; Flight crew begins entry into the orbiter (4:35 p.m.); Astronauts perform air-to-ground voice checks with Launch and Mission Control; Begin to close Endeavour’s crew hatch (5:50 p.m.); Perform hatch seal and cabin leak checks; Complete White Room closeout; Closeout crew moves to fallback area; Primary ascent guidance data is transferred to the backup flight system) = 11 INTEGRATED TRUSSES = EDWARDS COMPASS ROSE.

AQ 373 = T-20 MINUTES AND HOLDING (Enter planned 10-minute hold at T-20 minutes (6:40 p.m.) NASA test director conducts final launch team briefings; Launch Pad is Cleared ~ With Endeavour's cabin vented and the vent valves closed, the Closeout Crew's work in the White Room has been accomplished. The crew takes the elevator down to the ground level and is transported away from Launch Pad 39A, their work having been successfully completed (Fri, 14 Nov 2008 03:42:01 PM PST)) = BRING HONOR TO US ALL = FEATHERS OF THE ARROW = FOUR TQM PROCESSES = ORDEN DEL TOISÓN DE ORO.

AQ 416 = T-20 MINUTES AND COUNTING (Resume countdown at T-20 minutes (6:50 p.m.) Transition the orbiter's onboard computers to launch configuration; Start fuel cell thermal conditioning; Close orbiter cabin vent valves; Transition backup flight system to launch configuration) = ARROWS IN OUR QUIVER = NASA AUTHORIZATION ACT = PENDELHAVEN PROTECTOR = THE ACT OF DRAWING THE BOW.

AQ 380 = T-9 MINUTES AND HOLDING (Enter estimated 45-minute hold at T-9 minutes (7:01 p.m.) Launch director, Mission Management Team and NASA test director conduct final polls for "go/no go" to launch; Counting Down ~ The countdown has entered a scheduled hold at the T-9 minute point. Mission managers will conduct a final poll for a "go-no go" to launch space shuttle Endeavour on its STS-126 mission to the International Space Station. During the last few minutes of the countdown, the access arm on the rotating service structure will swing away from the shuttle and the vent hood, called a beanie cap, covering the point of the external tank will be lifted up and away. A computer, called a ground launch sequencer, will take over all the operations of Launch Pad 39A at T-9 minutes and will give the commands that will launch Endeavour into orbit. All systems on space shuttle Endeavour are operating normally and the weather continues to improve at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for tonight's launch at 7:55 p.m. EST (Fri, 14 Nov 2008 04:08:08 PM PST) + Space shuttle Endeavour glows under a November moon) = CONDITIO SINE QUA NON = DREW A BOW AT A VENTURE.

AQ 423 = T-9 MINUTES AND COUNTING (Resume countdown at T-9 minutes (7:46 p.m.) Start automatic ground launch sequencer (T-9 minutes); Retract orbiter crew access arm (T-7:30); Start APU recorders (T-6:15) Start auxiliary power units (T-5); Terminate liquid oxygen replenish (T-4:55); Start orbiter aerosurface profile test (T-3:55); Start main engine gimbal profile test (T-3:30); Pressurize liquid oxygen tank (T-2:55); Begin retracting the gaseous oxygen vent arm (T-2:50); Fuel cells to internal reactants (T-2:35); Pressurize liquid hydrogen tank (T-1:57); Deactivate bi-pod heaters (T-1:52); Deactivate solid rocket booster joint heaters (T-0:50); Orbiter transfers from ground to internal power (T-0:50 seconds); Ground launch sequencer go for auto sequence start (T-0:31 seconds); Booster gimbal profile (T-0:21 seconds); Ignition of three space shuttle main engines (T-6.6 seconds)) = 2005 NASA AUTHORIZATION ACT = AMERICAN CONSTITUTION = DEMING QUALITY FORMULA = LC-39 OBSERVATION GANTRY.


AQ 682 = STS-126 ENDEAVOUR (OV-105) LAUNCH : 14-NOV-2008 @ 7:55 PM EST.


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