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T-Minus 10 Seconds [08/18]

[RTF-1]-STS-114 Discovery • [RTF-2]-STS-121 Discovery
[01]-STS-115 Atlantis • [02]-STS-116 Discovery • [03]-STS-117 Atlantis
[04]-STS-118 Endeavour • [05]-STS-120 Discovery • [06]-STS-122 Atlantis
[07]-STS-123 Endeavour • [08]-STS-124 Discovery • [09]-STS-125 Atlantis
[10]-STS-126 Endeavour • [11]-STS-119 Discovery • [12]-STS-127 Endeavour
[13]-STS-128 Discovery • [14]-STS-129 Endeavour • [15]-STS-130 Discovery
[16]-STS-131 Endeavour • [17]-STS-132 Discovery • [18]-STS-133 Endeavour

STS-124 is the 123rd space shuttle flight and 26th shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS 1J) — Launch Date: 25-May-2008 @ 7:26PM EDT (23:26 UT). Navy Cmdr. Mark E. Kelly will command the STS-124 shuttle mission to deliver the Pressurized Module and robotic arm of the Japanese Experiment Module, known as "Kibo" (hope), to the International Space Station. Navy Cmdr. Kenneth T. Ham will serve as the pilot. Mission specialists will include NASA astronauts Karen L. Nyberg; Air Force Col. Ronald J. Garan Jr.; and Air Force Reserve Col. Michael E. Fossum. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Akihiko Hoshide also will serve as a mission specialist. Navy Cmdr. Stephen G. Bowen was previously named to the STS-124 crew but has been reassigned to STS-126. The change allows room for the STS-124 mission to rotate a space station resident. Astronaut Gregory E. Chamitoff is scheduled to fly to the station as a mission specialist on STS-124. He will take Astronaut Garrett E. Reisman's place as an Expedition 17 flight engineer and return to Earth on shuttle mission STS-126. The STS-124 mission is the second of three flights that will launch components to complete the Kibo laboratory. The mission will include two spacewalks to install the new lab and its remote manipulator system. The lab's logistics module, which will have been installed in a temporary location during STS-123, will be attached to the new lab.

NASA Updates Target Launch Date for Next Space Shuttle Flight :: March 31, 2008 :: WASHINGTON -- NASA is targeting May 31 as the launch date for shuttle Discovery's STS-124 mission to deliver the large Japanese Kibo Pressurized Module to the International Space Station. The liftoff time is approximately 5:01 p.m. EDT. NASA decided to reschedule Discovery's target launch date from May 25 to May 31 after shipment of the mission's external fuel tank from its assembly plant at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans to Florida was delayed by weather. The tank arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on March 26. Additionally, NASA elected to move the liftoff date in order to avoid having the launch team work through the Memorial Day weekend. The official launch date for Discovery will be determined during the standard Flight Readiness Review held approximately two weeks before launch.

Space Shuttle Discovery Arrives at Launch Pad, Countdown Test Set :: May 3, 2008 :: CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- After safely reaching its launch pad at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, space shuttle Discovery now awaits its next major milestone for the upcoming STS-124 mission. A launch dress rehearsal, known as the terminal countdown demonstration test, is scheduled to take place at Kennedy from May 6 to 9. Discovery arrived at the pad at 4:25 a.m. EDT Saturday on top of a giant crawler-transporter. The crawler-transporter left Kennedy's Vehicle Assembly Building at 11:47 p.m. Friday, traveling less than 1 mph during the 3.4-mile journey. The shuttle was secured on the launch pad at 6:06 a.m. Saturday. Discovery is targeted to launch May 31 on a 13-day mission to the International Space Station.

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