northanger (northanger) wrote,

global brain

[23 Feb 2005|11:59pm]
seems to me global brain is a global conversation.
the question is how do i apprehend global brain?
listening for the conversation.


[25 Feb 2005|3:31am]
actually, did find self in mercurial type dialog.
wondering later how i'd map tol on the blogsphere.
since the mercurial bit would be the head.
@ landmark learned listening is generative.
did indeed find my "word" with profound experience
truth does not always have a voice.
thinking of next steps...and rocks, for some odd reason.


[27 Feb 2005|6:51am]
beginning to realize that it's not that things are breaking down
it's just that everything is connected to everything.

~check out~
Modeling Human Communication, Preliminary Diagram
Qabala/Chakra/8-Dimensions of Consciousness mixup

31-Star related to {1} Juno's Lotus, and
{2} Benjamin Rowe's Lotus Temple (Lotus Visions)

rays = petals

first step in creating lotus flower is defining time system


[28 Feb 2005|6:02pm]
offline for a few days
i'll practice meditating


[02 Mar 2005|6:21pm]
wendy saw one of mark's friends the other day
she told him about mark's death and he was sad
he left & came back with a huge beer stein
...for mark's ashes ... rotflmao

saw wendy the other day & gave her a huge {hug}

read this (via technoccult)
fucker finally managed to make me cry

rip, you righteous one

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