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Enochian Master Mandala

Looks like this. Mandalas were generated like this. Revised the breakdown table to make it easier (hopefully) to understand—also added angel names from the SDA. Created tables to determine, assuming Aquarius started in 1904, where things would be now (sorta like, where's the current?) : year | years passed | {letter, name, sign-planet, angel}. I set this up where Crowley was in the center of the SDA in 1904 and noticed that if you create a call going backwards the Aquarius code goes forward. Begin in the center of the mandala and keep in mind you're following that as a road map. Enter the ?-L Mandala and notice the Aquarius "token" is now in first position. You're going to watch that move forward as you vibrate the names backward. As you continue to vibrate the letter pairs the "token" continues to move forward. If you vibrate the letter pairs in order (1 to 22) the "token" moves backward. The "token" represents the new aeon of Aquarius.

I'm preparing a call with 484 letter pairs where you cycle through the entire master mandala. I'll explain things better when I'm not so pooped!

Created all the mandalas.....the first mandala is the master mandala and also the mandala at the center. GAVaX codes are in red and the "token" representing Aquarius is in gold. The front letter pairs are in green, backs in blue. Also check this diagram to see the direction of energy.

1 B-P 12 P-B
2 C-Q 13 Q-C
3 G-N 14 N-G
4 D-X 15 X-D
5 F-O 16 O-F
6 A-R 17 R-A
7 E-Z 18 Z-E
8 M-U 19 U-M
9 I-S 20 S-I
10 H-T 21 T-H
11 L-? 22 ?-L

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