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Grail Topics, Part 1 (William S. Buehler)

Subject: Grail Topics, Part 1
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 22:44:45
From: "William S. Buehler" <>

This is a 2-part letter (it is passed for info the ther addees for possible comment; subjects are:

(1) the map from the Zeno Narrative;

Mail to Colemans, Dunfords, Flints, Phyllis, Elizabeth Van Buren, Monica Lewis.

1. The Zeno map supports the Narrative as a mystery writing. It has physical accuracy but also has a CONSCIOUSNESS MAP integrated into it.

2. The map core is the Grail or "AR-CHADAH" core consciousness.

3. "AND I CAST HER INTO THE MIRE ET EN ARCADIA EGO SUM TOTAL" is a Grail formula connected with the special Hebrew (protosiniatic glyphs) and Ariiopax core generator, the Arieopax being the Grail structure of 16 poles (Grail Kings) and one of the 24 Breastplates of Metatron, also the Adam Kadmon template of the perfect human as well as the template of the TORAH AUR.

4. Comments re the 1757 Map of Acadie: "The Labyrinth of the Grail" by William Mann, facing page 153, map from "The Acadians of Nova Scotia".


One of the key documents in the symposium in Orkney early in September was the ZENO NARRATIVE. It is an historical discription of a number of events including the 1398 expedition. However there are remarkable inaccuracies in it, notably in the chart of the Atlantic included in the document. Close inspection of the inaccuracies indicates a strong probability that the Narrative is a "mystery writing", that is it is a spiritual or "causal" narrative integrated within a physical historical sequence. This is not unusual and is done extensively in Judeo Christian scripture.

The reason for this technique is to show WHY and HOW physical events are generated. It is the basic "As Above, So Below" idea or the idea of "binding in Earth that bound in Heaven." Dealing with this kind of exasperating approach demands the "eyes to see", that is one has to "know" or understand spiritual dynamics before picking up the document. I know a little bit from my 25 years experience in working with hundreds of people and a few dozen top channels, most of this effort in synergic groups where sacred geometry is used. This is what I've applied in a fast look at the Zeno chart. It is an example of a "consciousness chart" used as an Earth Grid, something I've been working with the last few years.

The sacred geometry has turned up what is becoming more obvious as a primary Grail geometry apparently known to quite a few in the last 2,000 years ...the Templars being the more recent who have used it on the largest scale. i've referred to it in the last several reports regarding the recent Grail insertion in Alba-on (Great Britain). I've called it by a number of names in the past: "Merigold", "Dual Dipole", "Dione Couplet", the "Twin-born Pair." It is the core energetic of the ARIEOPAX which is an advanced version of the Metatronic grid, the RESHEL (names provided by the Thoth: Raismes of Aphra via Maia and Simeon Nartoomid of the Johannine Grove). It is a peculiar arrangement of six poles as a double dipole with two central poles which then give us two triangles using the Bethlehem Angle (26 deg, 18' 9.7"), base to base, centered by the central divine "bindu" or seed-point called the Ulta Point.

In short, I think that "The Sesheta" as representing the Goddess' function relative to the God's inseminating process, does the above. She's the living mechanism and process for manifestation and transmutation of form within the Thothian Stream. Trying to describe the Thothian Stream is too large a project, as I've said. A short (and incomprehensible) description of Thoth's function relative to the above might be found in the action of the ULTA POINT as the primal transference from "the divine" to form. In our Reshel format we are calling this point the "Aleph" pole which then feeds into the "Shiyn" pole noted above. This is from Thoth (via Maia):

"...Between the two major guiding power realms is a point of balance called by the Inner Earth Illuminaries, the ULTA. The Ulta, in more scientific terms is known as the pyra-radical gate...the mechanism which encodes the pyra-conic Light frequencies (emitted by the 'Living Lights') into spectra color/sonic bands. These bands are filtered down through the pyramid or spiral acting on and reacting with all levels of Integration until it reaches our human condition, at which point these bands are synchro-radiated to the bio-chronic field of the brain/mind complex. The pitch and meter of synthesis resulting from the matching of brain waves to the x-grams or program codes of Morphionic (divine) Light, determines the time ratio of our field of consciousness. What all of this essentially means is that the 'gate' controls our perception of reality and since 'reality' is nothing more than perception itself, the Ulta feeds us our reality in a frame of limited quanta release..." (Thoth via Maia.)

Bill Mann has found the main Grail format in Nova Scotia which was installed or more accurately "rebooted" by the 1398 expedition. Bill was not aware that it was the Grail format per se the terms I'm using... but he wrote a splendid book describing the whole energy matrix that appears to be the Labyrinth/Grail power core for North and South America BASED ON THE GRAIL FORMAT. He knew that it is the Grail and has presented many archetypes in its description for that area. The Micmac natives are basically the stewards of that most holy land. Three of their leaders attended the symposium.

The commentary below describes the Zeno chart and two major Grail formats found in it. It tells me that the Sinclairs knew a number of things not known to most mystics of this period. They knew of the Sacred Isle of Ruta including the "Holy Doma" or Rutan group of six major pyramid temples surrounding Ruta, reaching to the southern shore of Iceland.

Dear Bill,

Your gemetria always amazes me! While you're in your gemetreatic mode/mood perhaps you'd devote a few attention units to the numbers involved in the "Gate" found in the Zeno Narrative. As you know I believe that the Narrative is a "Mystery Writing", that is it is an allegory superimposed over actual physical history. It could still be used to build an historical picture however it would first need to be analyzed to sort out the causal spiritual dynamics related to their historical expressions.


This is getting the cart up front but might help in sorting out the tedious reading farther on. The "mythical" islands, nine including the Monestary, are chakras. The Monestary is the Essential chakra over the head then there are the usual 7, then the island Griflada which is the Earth chakra under/as the feet. I do not know Latin so I have made no attempt to interpret the chakra functions. There are two Grail formats: (1) the 6-pole dual dipole Grail format as the main mythical islands in the mid Atlantic as the primary non-physical archetype (which does have physical relevance however as Ruta and its 6-temple matrix called the HOLY DOMA); and (2) a sub structure also a Grail which links directly to the archetypal grail as well to the chakra grid line. This grid translates the non-physical to the physical. Surprisingly, this 2nd Grail highlights a place in Norway as a grail generator and a bay supposedly in the Shetland group as a "capstone" pole complementing Griflada as the other. Griflada (whatever that means) is the common point in all the formats, the physical island that creates the physical level Grail.

1. FIRST: The chakras must be unified and mastered before ESTLAND can be mastered. Est(East)land is the controlling pole in the mid Atlantic Grail dipole. Mastery is through the Unity of 13. The "13 vessels" form the merkabah or "vehicle" field of the Grail; this must first be formed to carry the charge and make all connections. The 6-pole dual dipole is the Grail core but the "13" aspect merkabah IS the Grail and is boosted to a 144 vibration (6x12=72; x2=144). Along with the Grail there has to be a PILLAR. The Narrative will identify that as the hot well from the Earth that supports the Monestary of St Thomas (Essential chakra). The higher version of this same "eyn" or well is the tube between the center of the planet (the "atoma") and the center of the Sun. The next higher harmonic of this pillar is the link with the collective Suns' atoma or heart of this continum (then link with the composite of the three continua) to the atoma of the CENTRAL SUN. This in turn links with the DIVINE HEART seen as the archetype of all the Suns or Solar Lords. It would be imaged as a sphere of supernal fire filled with the infinite void of divine Essence (Life), centered with super-supernal life fire. This is apparently the absolute Grail core. Henry's fleet used the 13-vessel temple formats.

2. SECOND: Mastery of the 9-chakra matrix opens the action line into the mid Atlantic Grail core. Etherically this point is now the Sacred Isle of Ruta which was once physical and the initiator for the Metatronic Grail grids now being reactivated for the PRESENT continum shift. Ruta is close to 49N, 29W, the Faraday Seamounts. I am quite certain that Henry's fleet cruised over the site and reactivated Ruta for the ignition of the European and American Grail grids. THAT EVENT IS STILL ONGOING AND APPLIES NOW; THE SYMPOSIUM IS A MAJOR PART OF THAT IGNITION by reestablishing, in effect, the mission again in the Racial Mind. This is only possible by mastering the associated time gates.

3. THIRD: Opening the time gates. From the Ruta point an action line is created through the strange little rhombus (Eye of Ra time gate format, the L-Gate). This might be called the "Knight's Move" (L-Shift) symbolized by the HORSE OF GOD. This action line connects with DIUTEN (city?) in Norway. The rhombus becomes the middle, Ulta point of the action line.

4. FOURTH: Master and activate the STAFF OF THE FEATHERED SERPENT, ie the "Absolution, Resolution, Evolution" of the Bethlehem Angle dynamic. This triggers the 13th sign/function or aspect. This in effect completes the basic Grail merkabah grid able to contain the grail dynamic. This had to be done in the beginning at the most basic level in mastering the chakras. Now it is upgraded to handle the grail itself with the time gates. The Ulta point (rhombus) is triggered to create the secondary, physical Grail grid produced via Griflada. NOTE: I was given specific instruction NOT TO DO THIS STEP in the recent Grail work in Alba-on following the symposium ignition. We did fall into this step by "accident" at Fortingall (using the L found there as a stone grid) with profound results (to be noted in the final report) ...but we were protected by an order of Templars that appear to be a Hierarchical Order with the angels. I think that we were kicked into the primal, essential Grail Temple. Actually, I think the Templars were protecting the Temple from US ...a mutual protection to prevent our "frying."

This point about not being permitted to activate the L-Gate (rhombus) is worth going into detail here while the subject is surfaced. DREAM-VISION: A stream of smooth water flowing over a car's dashboard submerging the ignition key-hole half way. Inserting the ignition key and turning would result in a short-circuit, implosion and severe injury. (end dream) INTREPRETED: The stream is the time continum (the "mar"), the car is the merkabah ("chariot") vehicle-field which is activated by doing the ignition's 90 deg, L-shift. The implosion would result due to contamination by "time" or continum-flow within the gate. LESSON: the group was not clear enough within the No-Time or Selah divine Silence to activate L-Gates by intent (which we had done partially at Fortingall).

Another dream (Morgan's) prior to the Glastonbury point had her doing three spirals into the Glastonbury point however it was to be done on a HORSE with no saddle or reins by giving the horse its head. It would then be free to move through a very complex snarl of wires. It would then return to the start point. (end dream) INTREPRETED: The original spiral ascent has been cut by a cement walk. Climbers are to stay on the walk. Further, the many visitors and others worldwide have installed a snarl of "aka threads" or etheric connections (tubes, sutras)into the Tor matrix. There are no longer priests to do the housekeeping duties and connection management. The horse is the "Horse of God" ie the ability to use the L-shift in its wider dynamic as a merkabah (vehicle) field. With the Horse goes the signature keys of the Reshel and time gate application. The Horse and Rider (soul) MUST be a unity where the Horse controls. Time fields must be approached in a spiral for each level. The "ratcheted", L-gate, spiral in the Barbury Castle ohlman (crop circle), this ohlman called the SERAPHA by Thoth, is a prime example of this spiral dynamic. The Serapha is the template for the large earth grid which uses Glastonbury as the complement of the 6-gate spiral pole ...left brain and right brain respectively. The Sephera uses 1.5 spirals with its 6 L-gates. Reasonably, our use of three spirals on the Horse (L-Shift dynamic) is giving us a function of 12 gates, bringing Glastonbury up to 144 ...THE FULL GRAIL FORMAT! The horse, returning to start point, represents the requirement to do the same (reversing the spiral) after exposure to Gate activity thus returning with all ones' bits and pieces in the right order and right continum, in more or less the same mind. LESSON: We were carried through the most complex and dangerous of spirals, via a 12-function L shift, and a great snarl of interdimensional connections by completely turning over control to Divine Will ie the Horse. The Montauk Project did the reverse with their Horse (note the cover of the "Montauk Project" by Moon and Nichols) and produced a terrible abortion before God. We worked with what I believe to be the THOLUS pole relative to the TOR (tower). As such I believe we upgraded the Grail program installed on 17 July, 1991 by the Serapha ohlman; this upgrade would be a seed-software connected to the Grail Line we completed at Glastonbury.

We were also to make the connection then with the Men an Tol L-Gate Resh control point for the Michael-Mari Line (portion of the planetary "Uncoiling Serpent" or HEMPTAHA Line). This connection would also upgrade the planetary L dynamic directly from the "Horse's Mouth" so to speak.

6. SIXTH: Trigger the Atlantic-wide Grail from the smaller physical subsystem. If all the previous steps could be accomplished in clarity and Grace without blowing something up (or "in") then the spirutal-physical unity could go forward. The position of the rhombus relative to Ruta suggests that there is a time gate halfway between 49N, 29W and "Diuten", Norway. Maybe there is but I doubt it. I think that the rhombus' position is one of consciousness and atainment. It is NE of Ruta in the "Heelstone" position on the saltire or "X" cross relative to Ruta. That is, it expresses a controlling function relative to Ruta. I believe that the Sinclair 1398 fleet worked SW across the Ruta position, went into a temple 12-point Wheel formation and triggered the rhombic gates which permitted Ruta to (again) reinitiate the planetary right brain Reshel grid matrix. Since this is a no-time, all-time mode it is still there. This effect is enhanced by actually having Ruta back "on station" again. Speculating on the names in the chart it is likely that the mid Atlantic dual dipole has a resonant harmonic that extends from Norway, or Shetland and Scotland, to Estotiland (probably Nova Scotia) and Drogeo, wherever that is, to the south. This is undoubtedly a residual Grail grid from the Atlan era which generally filled that area. This residual grid was probably retuned and manipulated by the Rutans to be in land areas through the coming LP-40 event (shift in continua) occurring soon (2015-2025 CE) and presently well underweigh.


SUMMARY OF GATE CONNECTION: There is a small rhombus found on the map which appears immediately to be a golden ratio rhombus ("Eye of Ra" or time gate using the L-Gate dynamic) found in the Reshel grid. It is too small to make an accurate measurement however it is significant that it is located in the golden ratio of the line between Incaford/Soru_al in Estland and Flogafc?er in Islanda. This line is key in defining the Grail format in the large island grouping noted below.

The rhombus has 28 points in it, nine being in its center, 19 points in the outer rhombic shape. (The Ennead or '9' is the harmonic from the Sepharic Ennead (Michael's boss) down through the Templar core group. It is also the number of layered synergic souls in the Adam Kadmon template of the ideal human which contained the two souls of the Christ. It is also the letter TEYTH in Hebrew which is the MIRE noted in the formula: AND I CAST HER INTO THE MIRE ET EN ARCADIA EGO SUM TOTAL. I did not wish to get into all this at the symposium for obvious reasons however I did discreetly remark on it afterwards to Chief Kerry Prosper who confirmed that the Micmacs have always considered themselves to be "Keepers of the Gate" which does much to validate this whole thing for reasons following. As a side note, James Hurtak in his "Keys of Enoch" locates a dove grid over North and Central America with its pinions over Nova Scotia. The "pinion" in Hebrew: "abara" also means "conjunction, cross-over point" or "gateway." "Abara" is also the bird hidden in Genesis 1:1 "(A)bara-shyt-(a)bara." This feather connection goes much deeper (Elisa Exchange) as the Egyptian feather of MAAT. The same structure is found in the Zarathustrian picturing of AHURA MAZDA as a hawk. This hawk or falcon surfaces again in the AR-CADIE commentary. Remember that all this connects with the small rhombus on the chart.

Continuing with the rhombus: I knew that we would have a latitude reading if we multiplied 28 by the golden ratio: 1.618. This equals 45.3 degrees. At the time of the symposium you noted that this is the latitude of the Green Oaks point. Reminding you of your commentary, page 140 of your book, "oak" means "duir" at one level it also means "door, divinity, right handedness" at another.

Here's the grabber: your diagram on page 104-5 shows a Reshel format that I've already commented on at length. However it ALSO shows a very neat Grail format using the Bethlehem angles between Shubenacadie and Bible Hill (Grail Generators) with Green Oaks as it's apex or "Capstone" point ie the Grail reference point. The six "fictional" islands in mid Atlantic is this same format and the one we used to (re)install the Grail in Alba-on (Great Britain) using the 1398 Symposium as its keynote. (It took us two weeks and 2974 miles on our "Grail Quest".) This Grail triangle is the one between Incaford/Soru_al in Estland and the penninsula head (landfall) at Estotiland (generators) and the capstone point at Flogafc?er in Islanda. This triangle uses the Bethlehem angle of course. Opposite Green Oaks is BIRCH HILL as the other capstone pole. The "birch" correlates with the serpent due to its shedding bark to permit growth. Thus it represents continual regenerating life in expanding cycles or spirals. THIS IS THE SECOND AND SUB SYSTEM GRAIL IN NOVA SCOTIA, THE FIRST AND PRIMARY ALREADY DESCRIBED IN REPORT W05, PART 2. It is Green Hill that is directly resonant with the 45.3 rhombus gate in the Ruta format (Zeno chart). ONCE THE RUTA/ZENO FORMAT IS FUNCTIONAL, NOVA SCOTIA MAY BE ACTIVATED. Since this is already active in a no-time mode it can be tapped into by getting to that same level and mode. This point is vital to the Micmac medicine people.

THE BIG PICTURE: There are six main island groups shown in mid Atlantic as nonexistant islands ...the sixth island in the south is not shown. The specific configuration is understood as

1. ...the "dual dipole" or Grail format as the main generator for the ARIEOPAX system. This is an advanced Reshel grid that grounds the Metatronic energy and consciousness; this in turn is the basic energetic for the new time continuum which is now being generated. There is a cosmic Grail dynamic installed by the Solarians of MAZURIEL (primary holy star system) via the ancient Rutans (Ruta at 49N, 29W). Ruta is now returned in the etheric and is functional.

2. ...the "HOLY DOMA" which is-was a group of six temples in Atlantis centered by Ruta. They extended south from the present south coast of Iceland in the manner shown by the Zeno map. Nobody would know of this group, now back in the etheric as of 1995, except if they knew of Ruta. The Urmaga Grid, the one that we rewired on the Tav'hara Line, is generated by Ruta using the Bethlehem angle up through the Hebrides and Orkney (Eynhallow). The Sinclairs knew of this at one time, certainly when Rosslyn was built and at the time of the Zeno map. How would they know of Ruta and the Holy Doma? Same as us, just ask ...and have a reason for knowing and with the Seals lifted.

The northern three are the critical islands and these show the Grail, Bethlehem angle format as noted above. This is the Shekinah, female set which must first be mastered and brought online before the south pointing Christic system activates. There are also two Grails in the system. When we draw the altitude of this triangle and extend it into the center of "Frisland" (Ruta) we can define the center point. It is found where the letter "n" in Frisland appears. The island "Dvilo" is the ulta pole for the Shekinah triangle.

We next draw a line, using the Bethlehem angle up to the Monestary of St Tomas. This line also has a southern island: Griflada. Between the two are 7 mythical islands listed on page 11-12 of the Narrative which were to be mastered by a fleet of 13 vessels. The "mystery" format according to my interpretation is that Islanda (which was protected and the "attack" was then directed to the 7 islands) is actually one of the Grail capstones which produce the female Grail. To approach this point ...IN TERMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS... we must first master the classic 7 chakras. Except there are also another two to make NINE. The Monestary is the chakra matrix over the head which is causal. The famous hot stream feeding the Monestary is the Earth Kundalini from the center of the GAIA head or central Atoma or Fluctuating chakra. The action, via the Essential chakra over the seven of the lower form, passes "down" through the lower form (7 islands) and thence through the Earth Chakra (Griflada) which then projects into the center of the Ruta-Frisland ulta point of the whole Grail format. Again remember that this is using the "Absolution, Resolution, and Evolution" of the Bethlehem dynamic: the raised feathered serpent on a staff archetype.

Once we have mastered the nine-chakra matrix and been given access to the central ulta pole (Ruta or Frisland) we then can access the SPECIAL TIME GATE safely at 45.3 degrees North. This is done with another Bethlehem angle from the ulta point to Diuten in Norvegia which passes through the center of the "9" in the rhombus. This point in the rhombus is the center point between Ruta and Diuten. This means that Diuten, wherever that is, is the earthly correspondent of Ruta which was, at that time, not even in this creation realm but was accessable through the rhombic time gates. The gate system would be the system that transferred the Ruta ignition to all the Metatronic Reshel grids in Europe and the Americas; thus Henry's mission DEMANDED passing over 49N 29W and activating the point via the time gate system and using the 13 ship temple formation. The 3-masted ship rigged flagship would be the Ruta, ulta point correspondent in the formation. Each mast or "cross" would represent one of the three time continua being linked via the Rutan connection. This is important in the Templar magic engrammed into the vessel. It was alive.

When this system "turned on" at the timeless Ruta point it triggered through the Green Oaks Gateway. The Micmac as "Guardians of the Gate" would also have to be of that vibration, with the capability, to be Guardians or Stewards. Their function in the Americas are roughly what the Sinclair's is in Europe: the one is an extension of the other. Hence their attendence at the symposium was an elegant, impeccable and very necessary unity in the greater installation of the Grail and also in future work directly affecting ALL Metatronic Grail systems now being upgraded and installed new. According to the Zeno plot both the Sinclairs and Micmac must first master the nine chakra system.

It would be useful to at least know what was thought to be the nature of those chakras at that time although it is more relevant to know what they are NOW in terms of the new Metatronic base. For that reason I am not intending to put a whole lot of time into interpreting Zeno ...mainly because I don't understand the language. Still, it is quite possible that the chakra functions are described in terms relevant to the present situation when approached with the idea that they reflect an all-time mode. If someone can translate the names (page 11-12) I'd be pleased to assist; they are: Talas, Broas, Iscant, Trans, Mimant, Dambere, e Bres (a fort was built in Bres).


Bill, I don't know where you got this quote (Morgen has my books temporarily) but it is powerful. I couldn't find it in your book. It appears to be a full quote only partially used in other places (ET IN EGO ARCADIA), Poussin's Shepherds painting for one. I'm not contradicting any of your excellent observations relative to it however I have another layer for it that goes along with (1) the protosiniatic Hebrew alphabet glyphs, (2) the Grail dual dipole format, and (3) Sauniere's/Boudet's Rex Mundi font at the Magdelene Chapel at Rennes le Chateau. It quite exactly parallels the "PAR CE SIGNE TU LE VAINCRAS" idea.


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