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10th Key

nausea : pyrrhichius : The territory is German, the Earth Greek

THE Thunders of Judgment and Wrath are numbered and are harboured in the North, in the likeness of an Oak whose branches are 22 nests of lamentation and weeping laid up for the earth: which burn night and day, and vomit out the heads of scorpions and live Sulphur mingled with poison. These be the thunders that, 5678 times in the twenty-fourth part of a moment, roar with a hundred mighty earthquakes and a thousand times as many {SURGES=MOLUI}, which rest not, neither know any «v.l. "Any echoing time between."» time here. One rock bringeth forth a thousand, even as the heart of man doth his thoughts. Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Yea, Woe be to the Earth, for her iniquity is, was, and shall be great. Come away! but not your mighty sounds!

The Angle of Air of Water in the tablet of Water.
The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters.

AQ 143 = SURGES (MOLUI; Enochian Key 10.50)

AQ 115 = SURGE (ETYMOLOGY: Probably French sourdre, sourge- (from Old French) and French surgir, to rise (from Old French, to cast anchor, from Old Catalan), both from Latin AQ-156 SURGERE, to rise : AQ-69 SUB–, from below; see AQ-69 SUB– + AQ-112 REGERE, to lead straight; see AQ-57 REG- in Appendix I; ENOCHIAN : MLU; 12SQR: T12 -- The 3-by-4 table in the center of the Holy Table of Practice) = MOLUI (SURGES; Enochian Key 10.50; *molo, molere, molui, molitus, (mola), grind, grind to meal, p387, Latin Syntax by Diagrams, with First Year Latin, G.W. Lewis).

 • AQ 174 = MOLA SALSA (cereal cake used by ancient Rome's Vestal Virgins in sacrifices and was a common offering to the household hearth. These cereal cakes were a mixture of coarse-ground, cooked flour and salt; Vestal temple of AQ-216 MOLAS SALSAE was by far the most widely known participant in the celebration after the temple was created in Gaul during the 6th century. However, with the temple's demise in the 1st century A.D., the practice largely died out; AQ-232 SALTED FLOUR) = DI PENATES (AQ-100 LARES) = 18-OCTOBER-1977 (Chiron discovery date, see: AQ-159) = 93 CURRENT = ANTIPHASE (AQ-232 ENTRAINMENT) = ARIK ANPIN = ASTAROTH (29th Goë) = AT ON-MENT = BEARER BOND (AQ-248 THE DA VINCI CODE) = BEING A BODY (AQ-454 EMPIRICAL GEOPHILOSOPHY) = BLACK AND RED = BOB MARLEY = BOSTON BA635 = BRAIN DAMAGE (AQ-218 HANS MORAVEC & AQ-479) = BURNOUT = BUTTONS (AQ-295 ALL-OF-A-KIND FAMILY) = CAMOUFLAGE = CHAMFERING (AQ-158 ABSCHRÄGEN, AQ-117 CHAMFER) = CORNEILLE (AQ-447 ANTOINETTE DESHOULIÈRES) = CRYPTEX (AQ-248) = CURRENT 93 (Ligotti has collaborated with the musical group AQ-174 CURRENT 93 on the albums AQ-551 IN A FOREIGN TOWN, IN A FOREIGN LAND (1997, reissued 2002), AQ-582 I HAVE A SPECIAL PLAN FOR THIS WORLD (2000) and AQ-506 THIS DEGENERATE LITTLE TOWN (2001) all released on AQ-186 DAVID TIBET's AQ-227 DURTRO LABEL. Tibet has also published several limited editions of Ligotti's books on AQ0272 DURTRO PRESS. Ligotti also played guitar on Current 93's contribution to the compilation AQ-181 FOXTROT, an album whose proceeds went to the treatment of musician AQ-184 JOHN BALANCE's alcoholism; AQ-227 DURTRO LABEL, AQ-285 THOMAS LIGOTTI) = DECAPLEX V1.0 = DELEUZEAN = DELTA WAVE (AQ-87 DELTA) = DESCENDING = DOWNLINK (AQ-77 AESP, AQ-319 THIS WAS SURREAL) = EFFEMINATE (AQ-120 EPICENE) = EQUATION = ESOTERIK (AQ-166 ESOTERIC, AQ-238 ESOTERIKERN, AQ-319 SERGIUS GOLOWIN) = EXCEED FIRE = FANTASTIC = FIVE-FOUR (AQ-124 OROBAS) = FOUR-FIVE = FREE CLINIC = FUNCTION = GLOSSING = HERBE BENET (hairy Eurasian plant (Geum urbanum) having small yellow flowers and an astringent root formerly used medicinally; ETYMOLOGY: Middle English herbe benet, from Anglo-Norman, from Medieval Latin herba benedicta : Latin herba, herb + Latin benedicta, feminine past participle of benedicere, to bless; see benediction; AQ-183 HERB BENNET; AQ-65 DEIK-) = HINGE OF DAO = IN THE ZOE = JAMES LEGGE = JONGLEUR = KILL GREEN (AQ-149 PU'ER TEA) = KUCHKIST (AQ-235 MOGUCAJA KUCKA, AQ-325 THE MIGHTY HANDFUL) = LOW YUAN = MACE WINDU = MATRA CHIT = MAZE-MAKER = MELMASTIA (Pashtunwali) = MOONCHILD = MOPSOXI (Speed current; AQ-225 THE TABLE OF NI) = MYSTICAL = NASA NOTED = NASA WORK = NAVY BLUE = NEW ORDER = NUMOGRAM = OCTOBER 18, 1977 (Hanns-Martin Schleyer was killed; At 11 p.m. on 17 October, the prison officer in charge of the four prisoners on the seventh floor of the high-security wing of Stammheim prison in Stuttgart had noted in his night duty report: ‘23.00 hours. Baader and Raspe given medicaments. Otherwise no incidents.’ The following morning, at 7.41 a.m. - breakfast time - guards discovered Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin dead in their cells; AQ-206 LEAVE-TAKING, AQ-283 DEUTSCHE HERBST) = OLD NORSE (AQ-150 REINDEER) = OPEN DOOR = PACHYDERM (In her song, Blue Motel Room, Joni Mitchell sings "AQ-621 HANGING ON YOUR BOOM-BOOM-PACHYDERM"; AQ-142 TANTOR, AQ-349 PACHYDERM POLITICS) = PARACHUTE = PASTORAL = PELE'S HAIR = PINE GREEN (Color) = PINNACLES = PRAKRITI = PYRRICHE (AQ-220 KORYBANTES) = RADUERIEL (Recording Angel) = RED AND BLACK = REVEALING = SCOOTING =SIDE SHOW = SIDESHOW (AQ-285 THOMAS LIGOTTI) = SOLIDIUM (Druj Notes) = SPINNING = STALLION = STRAIGHT (AQ-107 RIGHT) = SUNGLOW (Color) = SUN-MOON = SVASTIKA = TANGERINE (Color) = TAWANTIN (Quechua; a group of four things; AQ-183 INCA EMPIRE, AQ-106 CUSCO) = TENUKI GO = THOUSAND (AQ-128 CHILIOI) = THREEFOLD = TRIARCHY (Triarchy Theory, which proposes also AQ-201 HETERARCHY and AQ-429 RESPONSIBLE AUTONOMY; see: AQ-654 THE THREE WAYS OF GETTING THINGS DONE; AQ-176 HIERARCHY) = TRINACRIA (alternative name for Sicily and its national symbol (an ancient form of the Triskelion) which also appears on its flag; AQ-141 #1258 SICILIA) = TROMBONE = US DOLLAR = VALLENCES (AQ-125 VALENCE) = YEHOSHUA.



 • AQ 77 = MOLA = AESP = PEDO–¹ = SRM = WEID- = WTC-4.

 • AQ 1084 = {#1084 Tamariwa (1926 CC), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1926-Feb-12 by Belyavskij, S. at Simeis; combination of the feminine name Tamara Ivanova (1912-1936), a perished lady-parachutist. See also planets 1062 (Ljuba, named for Ljuba Berlin) and 1086 (Nata, named for Nadezhda Babushkina); Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, Lutz D. Schmadel} = IF YOU ARE NOT GRINDING YOUR OWN WHEAT YOU ARE MALNOURISHED = PATTERNS FOUND IN THE PHASE SPACE OF SELF-ORGANIZING SYSTEMS (AQ-454 EMPIRICAL GEOPHILOSOPHY) = WHOSE NUMBERS ARE AS THE FIRST, THE ENDS, AND THE CONTENTS OF TIME (Enochian Fifth Key).

[+] Reorientations: Arabic and Persian Poetry :: The first, most general aspect of the athafi as hearthstones—not even as three hearthstones yet and not yet a tripod—is that they belong in a house, where they are "central" even if they are not in any concrete middle point of the inhabited structure. They are the inhabited structure's organzing "focus" of social belonging and togetherness. As we are told by the poetic semiotics of the athafi, they form an inseparable part of the imaginary spacial-geometric notion that is the dar.

[+] Aequinoctium Auctumnale (Fall Equinox, Mabon, c. Sept. 21) :: The feast begins with a sacrifice to Jove (in ancient times it might have been a white heifer, since Jupiter and Juno prefer white sacrifices), at which mola salsa (salt meal) made by the Vestal Virgins is used (see "Neoclassical Sacrifice" in The Lyre #3 for more on the mola). The Vestals' mola salsa, which is made from the first ears of the previous harvest, is used at only two other times (Vestalia, Jun. 9, and Lupercalia, Feb. 15). For the feast proper, tables of food are set before the images of the Gods and music accompanies the festivities.

[+] Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Part 11 :: Fire-ritual.—Fire-worship proper will be discussed below in §§ 6 and 7. The ritual of perpetual fire can hardly be regarded as fire-worship. Sacrifice by fire, and various ceremonies in which fire is used, show it as a means and not as an end of the rite. Frazer's theory of the common origin of the Greek prytaneion and the Italian temple of Vesta, from a pre-historic custom of tending of the common fire in the chief's round house by the chief's daughters, involves the general principle of the superposition of religion upon custom.10 Parnell objects to this theory, and maintains that optical methods were employed at Athens, the primitive fire-sticks being used only at Rome, and that women, in historical times, were excluded from the prytaneion.11 He accordingly regards the Roman ritual of Vesta as not secular but religious in origin.

[+] Star-names and Their Meanings :: α, 6.5, in the second coil northeast from δ, is Alsafi, corrupted from Athafi, erroneously transcribed from the Arabic plural Athafiyy, by which the nomads designated the tripods of their open-air kitchens; one of these being imagined in σ, τ, and υ (ν?). Uthfiyyah is the singular form.

[+] Sigma_Draconis :: σ Dra / σ Draconis) is a star 18.8 light years away from Earth. Its traditional name is Alsafi. It is in constellation Draco. Its visual magnitude is 4.68. The traditional name "Alsafi" (also Athafi) supposedly derives from an Arabic word al-athafi "the cooking tripods".

[+] Liber YOD :: (This book was formerly called Vesta. It is referred to the path of Virgo and the letter Yod.) I. 1. This is the book of drawing all to a point. 2. Herein are described three methods whereby the consciousness of the Many may be melted to that of the One.

AQ 73 = MLU (SURGE, OUTPOURING; T12SQR: T12 -- The 3-by-4 table in the center of the Holy Table of Practice).

AQ 69 = SUB– (1. Below; under; beneath; 2a. Subordinate; secondary, b. Subdivision; 3. Less than completely or normally; nearly; almost; ETYMOLOGY: Middle English, from Latin, from sub, under. See AQ-79 UPO in Appendix I; AQ-115 SURGE) = NEW (AQ-61 NEO–).

AQ 57 = REG– (DEFINITION: To move in a straight line, with derivatives meaning “to direct in a straight line, lead, rule”; Derivatives include right, realm, rectitude, recto, rector, rectum, rectus, regent, regime, regimen, regiment, region; address, adroit, alert, correct, direct, erect, incorrigible, porrect, rectangle, rectify, rectilinear, AQ-156 RESURGE, Risorgimento, sord, source, AQ-115 SURGE, anorectic, anorexia, bishopric, eldritch, Reich; rich, real², regal, regulus, reign, rial¹, riyal, royal; regicide, regius AQ-212 PROFESSOR, vicereine, viceroy, raj, rajah, rani, rye²; maharajah, maharani, rail¹, reglet, regular, regulate, rule, rake¹, rack¹, rank², 4. reckon, from Old English gerecenian, to arrange in order, recount (ge-, collective prefix; see kom), from Germanic *rakinaz, ready, straightforward; rogation, rogatory; abrogate, arrogate, corvée, derogate, interrogate, prerogative, prorogue, subrogate, supererogate, ergo, reck, reckless, raita).

AQ 133 = MOTUS (google :: MOLUI : #20. Repertorium Commentationum a Societatibus Litterariis Editarum, J.D. Reuss [+]; AQ-91 MOVE, AQ-140 MOTION)

AQ 140 = MOTION (1. The act or process of changing position or place; 7. Music, Melodic ascent and descent of pitch. 8. Law, An application made to a court for an order or a ruling; ETYMOLOGY: Middle English mocioun, from Old French motion, from Latin motio, motion-, from AQ-133 MOTUS, past participle of movere, to move. See AQ-80 MEUE- in Appendix I).

AQ 91 = MOVE (1275, from Anglo-Fr. movir (O.Fr. moveir), from L. movere "move, set in motion" (pp. AQ-133 MOTUS, freq. AQ-126 MOTARE), from PIE base *AQ-80 MEUE- (cf., Skt. AQ-153 KAMA-MUTA "AQ-239 MOVED BY LOVE" and probably mivati "pushes, moves;" Lith. mauti "push on;" Gk. AQ-216 AMEUSASTHAI "to surpass," amyno "push away"). Meaning "to affect with emotion" is from c.1300; that of "to prompt or impel toward some action" is from c.1380. Sense of "to change one's place of residence" is from 1707. Meaning "to propose (something) in an assembly, etc.," is first attested 1452. The noun in the gaming sense is from 1656. Phrase on the move "in the process of going from one place to another" is from 1796; get a move on "hurry up" is Amer.Eng. colloquial from 1888. AQ-253 A MOVEABLE FEAST (1430) is one in the Church calendar which, though always on the same day of the week, varies its date from year to year)

AQ 1317 = {#1317 Silvretta (1935 RC), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1935-Sep-01 by Reinmuth, K. at Heidelberg; Silvretta mountain range in the Alps; In the 1920s Ernest Hemingway was staying in the region for a winter (he lived at Schruns in Montafon, Austria. Later, he wrote a couple of short stories about his skiing experiences in the Silvretta. Some of these short stories are to be found in AQ-253 A MOVEABLE FEAST} = THE CURSES OF ARABIC PRONUNCIATION SYSTEM FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES (The letter Ghaaf, letters Ha and Haa, letters Ayn and Ghain, etc; Hyperstitions within Hyperstitions: Lovecraftian name-anomalies).

AQ 232 = SHARSHANDRAM (see: AQ-96 UPER = WHICH (AQ-41 DS; Enochian 10th Key {10.20})) = GAZOPHYLACIA (Ezekiel 40:17; AQ-54 OAK, AQ-274 GAZOPHYLACIUM).

ENO 660 = SHARSHANDRAM = TORZUL (Arise, Rise; Key 3.30).

AQ 94 = ZACAR (MOVE; Enochian Key 3.79).

AQ 99 = KINEO (κινεω; AQ-91 MOVE; {+} GRK-299; Matthew 23:4 For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move <2795> them with one of their fingers {+} GRK-1105; Matthew 27:39 And they that passed by reviled him, wagging <2795> their heads {+} GRK-605; Acts 17:28 For in him we live, and move <2795>, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring {+} GRK-110; Acts 21:30 And all the city was moved <2795>, and the people ran together: and they took Paul, and drew him out of the temple: and forthwith the doors were shut {+} GRK-901; Acts 24:5 For we have found this man a pestilent fellow, and a mover <2795> of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes {+} GRK-1088; Revelation 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove <2795> thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent {+} GRK-361; Revelation 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved <2795> out of their places).

AQ 404 = ZACAR UNIGLAG OD IMUAMAR (Enochian Key 3.79-3.82).

[+] How are you supposed to spell Muammar Gaddafi/Khadafy/Qadhafi? :: Lord knows I hate to be critical, but the proliferation of spellings for the name of Libya's head dude has been one of the continuing scandals of American journalism. I mean, come on, we're trying to plumb this guy's psychic depths and we can't even get his name straight? Sometimes I shudder for the future of my country

AQ 54 = OAK (AQ-60 PAEB, 87, AQ-111 EDIFACT, 148, AQ-167 OAK ISLAND, 193, 198, 213, AQ-218 ENOCHIAN KEY 10.8, 232, 250, 256, 274, 311, 323, 331, 387, AQ-390 PAN AMERICAN EDIFACT BOARD, 403, 459, 477, 482, 484, 641, 646, AQ-725 HISTORY, HOAX, AND HYPE: THE OAK ISLAND LEGEND).

AQ 148 = EZEKIEL 40:17 (Then brought he me into the outward court, and, lo, there were chambers <3957>, and a pavement made for the court round about: thirty chambers were upon the pavement; AQ-54 OAK, AQ-232 GAZOPHYLACIA, AQ-274 GAZOPHYLACIUM).

AQ 331 = PORPHYRY STONE (In the Masonic legend, Enoch concealed the secret name of God, known as the "Grand Secret" "engraven on a white oriental porphyry stone, in the bowels of the earth"; AQ-250 VAULT OF ENOCH).

AQ 213 = PORPHYRY (πορφυριος; GRK-1530 {equal to NEOS}; AQ-198 PURPLE-CLAD) = ESPACE TROUÉ (AQ-199 HOLEY SPACE; the 'third space' of the machinic phylum (of matter-flow), inhabited by itinerent metallurgists, and by extension the 'underground' space that can connect with smooth space and conjugated by striated space (415). Holey space is the subsoil space of 'swiss cheese' (413) that bypasses both the ground [sol] of nomadic smooth space and the land [terre] of sedentary striated space (414). In this bypassing, holey space is suspect; for DG, the mark of Cain is not the biblical mark of the soil, but a mark of the subsoil [sous-sol] (414) since holey space is conceived of by surface dwellers as created by theft and betrayal. Holey space has different relations to nomadic smooth and State striated space. Cave-dwelling, earth-boring tunnellers are only imperfectly controlled by the State, and often have allied with nomads and with peasants in revolts against centralized authority. Thus the machinic phylum explored in holey space connects with smooth space to form rhizomes, while it is conjugated (blocked) by State striation (415). The previously positive relation of holey and smooth space has turned around, however, now that States are able to create a smooth space of surveillance and global military intervention. Holey spaces have flourished, for the only way to escape the spying eyes of State intelligence is to go underground: 'Do not new smooth spaces, or holey spaces, arise as parries even in relation to the smooth space of a worldwide organization? Virilio invokes the beginnings of subterranean habitation in the "mineral layer," which can take on very diverse values' (480; emphasis added). Such a turnaround had not gone unnoticed; led by the Bush Administration, global States now trumpet the danger of 'rogue regimes' that have taken their weapons-making capabilities underground where they cannot be detected by satellites and spy planes. North Korea in 2003 remains the prime example, but much of the premise upon which the Bush Administration built its case for the 2003 'pre-emptive' assault on Iraq was the supposedly concealed nature of weapons laboratories and storage facilities. The post-9/11 Afghanistan war was also launched against the holey space of the so-called 'Al Qaeda' network, supposedly in possession of innumerable underground hideouts, indeed even elaborate bunkers (though these were discovered to be not nearly as luxurious as their reputations). The bunkers and tunnels of the American establishment are, of course, exempt from any suspicion. p95. Glossary; Deleuze And Geophilosophy: A Guide And Glossary, by Mark Bonta and John Protevi; AQ-213 ESPACE TROUÉ, AQ-246 HOLEY SURFACE).

AQ 1063 = A SPACE WHICH COMMUNICATES WITH BOTH SMOOTH AND STRIATED SPACE (The démarche of AQ-392 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE on the track 'AQ-307 YOU WOULD KNOW' from their 1998 self-titled album is somewhat different. In this song—which starts out with the interplay of the sound of a ring-tone phone and a disjointed guitar line that remains constant throughout the song's verses—jumpy, stuttering instruments and vocals are gradually added to build AQ-1656 A DERANGED VERSE STRUCTURE WHICH OOZES A SENSE OF MENACE FROM EVERY ORIFICE ON ITS HOLEY SURFACE. AQ-199 HOLEY SPACE, for Deleuze, is a space which communicates with both smooth and striated space, 'it is always connected to nomad [smooth] space, whereas it conjugates with sedentary [striated] space' (Deleuze and Guattari 1987: 415). Holey space then is described by an abstract line which has two different modes of liaison: it can be 'a kind of rhizome, with its gaps, detours, subterranean passages, stems, openings, traits, holes, etc.' and on the other side its traits of expression can be put 'into a form or a code', its holes made to resonate together, its lines of flight plugged, its connections submitted to 'a whole regime of arborescent conjunctions' (Deleuze and Guattari 1987:415). If holey space has a soundtrack, it could well sound like this song which seems as though its score were written by an itinerant hole-punch, its traits of expression (or instrumental lines) desperately trying to conform to a model which appears to be absent, constantly striving for a pattern to emerge from its wanderings. Indeed, this verse structure eventually builds into a beautiful, almost sublime melodic chorus that struggles into life, fighting the precarious Jenga-like foundations of the verse—which is to say that the verse is built from the progressive yet arbitrary accumulation of elements similar to each other but different enough to render each either entirely independent or else a cornerstone of the whole. p47. Is Pop Music? Greg Hainge; Deleuze and Music, Edited by Ian Buchanan and Marcel Swiboda) = I RECOGNIZE IT AS THE STAR IN THE SEVENTEENTH KEY OF THE TAROT (MAZ, 6th Æthyr) = THE HEADS OF SCORPIONS AND LIVE SULPHUR MINGLED WITH POISON (AQ-684 DAZIZ SIATRIS OD SALBROX CINXIR FABOAN).

AQ 161 = NEOTENY (1. Retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of a species, as among certain amphibians. 2. The attainment of sexual maturity by an organism still in its larval stage; ETYMOLOGY: New Latin AQ-155 NEOTENIA : AQ-61 NEO– + Greek AQ-139 TEINEIN, AQ-66 TEN-, to extend; see AQ-188 TENESMUS).

AQ 61 = NEO– (PREFIX: 1. New; recent: Neolithic. 2a. New and different: neoimpressionism. b. New and abnormal: neoplasm. 3. New World: Neotropical; ETYMOLOGY: Greek, from AQ-89 NEOS, AQ-69 NEW. See AQ-93 NEWO- in Appendix I).

AQ 499 = HOW DO CATERPILLARS HAVE SEX? (I think this question is worthy of Cecil as it: (1) comes from a questioner who is obviously dumber than a box of rocks, thus offering ample opportunities for ridicule; (2) features a question so incredibly ignorant that the Teeming Millions will instantly feel smug, thinking they know what the answer is; and (3) allows Cecil to puncture their bubble and explicate learnedly about such fascinating topics as paedomorphosis, neoteny, the repulsive axolotl, and why humans are like baby chimpanzees; AQ-322 EVERGREEN BAGWORM, AQ-615 THYRIDOPTERYX EPHEMERAEFORMIS).


AQ 87 = SILK = ALEPH = CECIDI = DELTA (fourth letter in Greek alphabet; Δ often denotes a difference; δ can represent a small change or amount) = GRAY = GRICE (AQ-88, 100, 110, 112, 113, 118, 123, 126, 132, 140, 151, AQ-166 BRAINFUCK=RELEVANCE, AQ-173 PAUL GRICE, 183, 185, 191, 194, 197, 216, 225, 226, 228, 233, AQ-237 GEOFFREY LEECH, 239, 248, 253, 254, 263, 264, 267, 276, 284, 285, AQ-291 ILLOCUTIONARY= MAXIMS OF MANNER, 310, 312, 324, 337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 343, 345, 346, 347, AQ-357 CONTEXT OF SPEAKING=POLITENESS MAXIMS, 371, 387, 391, 399, 411, 414, 417, 422, 427, 434, 435, 444, 450, 462, 476, AQ-478 CONVENTIONAL IMPLICATURE=LITERAL INTERPRETATIONS, 501, 520, 521, 523, 551, 566, 568, 571, 576, 582, 598, 611, 649, 650, [[AQ-658 [ENCODED CONTENT + NO TRUTH-CONDITIONS]=[NO ENCODED CONTENT + TRUTH-CONDITIONS]]], 774, 801, 868, 881, 958, 1146, 1174, 1383, 1412, 1588, 1698, 1805, 2374, 2444, 7545) [+][+] = GRUE = HADIT = HERT (AQ-62 KER-1) = LAMBDA = LIBRA = MARS = OAK, AN (Enochian Key 10.8; AQ-54 OAK, AQ-60 PAEB) = OMNI = PACHAD = QHFT = VOW (AQ-148 JEPHTHAH) = YEAR 2000.

AQ-1733 = {#1733 Silke (1938 DL1), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1938-Feb-19 by Bohrmann, A. at Heidelberg; named by the discoverer for his granddaughter, Silke Neckel} = AUFERRE, TRUCIDARE, RAPERE, FALSIS NOMINIBUS IMPERIUM; ATQUE, UBI SOLITUDINEM FACIUNT, PACEM APPELLANT (To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace) [+][+].

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