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God may not play dice with the universe, but something strange is going on with the prime numbers.Paul Erdös

hmm. how about using a prime spiral then? numbers 1 to 93 plus 94 at center means 94th prime number is 491? in greek that's APSIS (shield) and in aq that's THE WORD OF THE LAW IS THELEMA, UNMISTAKABLE RING OF TRUTH, which works ok with another gematria system 491 = CAPITALIST REALITY IS INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM FICTION. however, i'm concerned ... in yet another gematria system 491 = EXTERMINATION = EUROPEAN UNION = KING AMONG THE KINGS ... what is it with those europeans!

what soft stooping starlight! in yet one gematria system more 491 = SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

{both} that works for me!

now you've got me interested in prime numbers. what's the deal with them?

first of all, you gotta admit: sepher sephiroth notes primes & there's several ways of understanding an "unmistakable ring of truth" y'know.

i just checked the enochian ... variety of systems.


four enochian words: 491 = HUBAIO (lamp), NUAM (continuance), PUGO (as unto), and TIARPAX (PART IN LIT). get this, TIARPAX means He whose name means truth.

{both} and then you get the sigillum.

ok, so what does vestigial mean?

i ain't touching that one!

go ahead ... a couple of surprises.

• vestigial :: 1. Of, relating to, or constituting a vestige. 2. Biology Occurring or persisting as a rudimentary or degenerate structure.

• vestige :: 1. A visible trace, evidence, or sign of something that once existed but exists or appears no more. 2. Biology A rudimentary or degenerate, usually nonfunctioning, structure that is the remnant of an organ or part that was fully developed or functioning in a preceding generation or an earlier stage of development. ETYMOLOGY: French, from Old French, from Latin vestgium.

• vestigium :: Biology A vestige. ETYMOLOGY: Latin vestigium, footprint.

footprint! slang for you've got presence? a toehold?

yup. or a hook, a flange—but please, whatever you do, don't think there's any intelligent design in the system!

lol, that reminds me...

• intelligent :: 1. Having intelligence. 2. Having a high degree of intelligence; mentally acute. 3. Showing sound judgment and rationality. 4. Appealing to the intellect; intellectual. 5. Computer Science Having certain data storage and processing capabilities. ETYMOLOGY: Latin intelligens, intelligent-, present participle of intellegere, intelligere, to perceive : inter-, inter- + legere, to choose; see leg- in Appendix I.

• leg- DEFINITION: To collect; with derivatives meaning “to speak.” Derivatives include leech1, lecture, legend, intelligent, sacrilege, loyal, and logic. 1. Perhaps Germanic *lekjaz, enchanter, one who speaks magic words. leech1, from Old English læce, physician. 2. lectern, lection, lecture, legend, legible, legion, lesson; coil1, collect1, diligent, elect, florilegium, intelligent, neglect, prelect, sacrilege, select, sortilege, from Latin legere, to gather, choose, pluck, read. 3. lexicon, logion, –logue, –logy; alexia, analects, anthology, catalog, dialect, dialogue, dyslexia, eclectic, eclogite, eclogue, horologe, lectotype, prolegomenon, from Greek legein, to gather, speak, with o-grade derivative logos, a gathering, speech (see also 6 below for derivatives independently built to logos). 4. Suffixed form *leg-no-. ligneous, ligni-, from Latin lignum, wood, firewood (< “that which is gathered”). 5. Possibly lengthened-grade form *leg-. a. legal, legist, legitimate, lex, loyal; legislator, privilege, from Latin lex, law (? < “collection of rules”); b. legacy, legate; colleague, collegial, delegate, relegate, from Latin denominative legare, to depute, commission, charge (< “to engage by contract”). (It is also possible, but uncertain, that Latin lex comes, like English law, from a form meaning “that which is set or laid down,” from legh-.) 6. Suffixed o-grade form *log-o-. logic, logistic, logo-, Logos, –logy; analogous, apologue, apology, Decalogue, epilogue, homologous, logarithm, paralogism, prologue, syllogism, from Greek logos, speech, word, reason.

to choose? that sounds like chaos lite, dudester.

yeah, lol, i know.

enchanter? one who speaks magic words? whoa! but that makes sense with the sum of 1 to 32 = 528: Affatura ollaris cum iusculo dulci. so what's the next step?

come, fainting pilgrim, lay here down thy pack; and, while thou rests thy wearied limbs, look back upon this pageant, th' emblem of the mind, whose art and skill hath this our age refin'd.

plop the sda right in the middle. that way you can have 94 primes—and this is a surpise—out of those 94 there are 22 that are the "hooks": 94 - 22 = 72. you always said the ShemhaMephoresh and Goetia pairs were the cns.

remember how you were worried about 491? take those 22 primes and see what you get when you add them all together and by rows.



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