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Flight Day #2

[Astrological Signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio & Leo] Labradorite is a type of feldspar which crystalizes in the form of masses, grains, and tabular crystals. The colour range includes white, yellow, and grey. Often, a display of spectral colours, due to the interference of light rays from the plate-like composition, causes labradorite to flame with broad patches of peacock blue, coppery red, or dusky gold labradorescence. In addition to the properties listed in the FELDSPAR section of this book, this mineral protects ones aura, and helps to keep the aura clear, balanced, protected, and free from energy leaks. It assists in the alignment of the subtle bodies, enhancing the connection between the physical and ethereal realms. It is said to represent the "temple of the stars", assisting one in sustaining and maintaining, while providing for the understanding of the destiny one has chosen. It brings the light of the other planetary beings to the soul of the user. The labradorescence is a luminescence derived from extra-terrestrial origin, which is enclosed in the mineral to bring the galactic evolved energies from other worlds to the Earth plane. The energy of labradorite facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought such that one can implement the instructions provided. It assists one to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. It has been known as the matriarch of the subconscious mind, providing instructive sessions to the user concerning the implementation of inner messages and the utilization of same in the physical domain. It can help to provide clarity to the inner sight, instilling a passionless peace of imperturbability via the annihilation of disturbing thoughts. It also symbolizes the moon and helps one to advance, without constraint, through the cycles of progression, heralding the arrival of ascension. It also symbolizes the sun, providing for vitality and for a sense of "self" during transitions, and promoting refinement of action and discernment in direction. —p367, Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals [Updated], Melody


[07:47am pdt] :: i'm an assignment in LA this morning (w/o air conditioning! or that nifty marine layer) interviewing Dr. C about mental health care. we will be discussing her recent paper, American Mental Hygiene: Fact or Fantasy? & other floating point anomalies. STS-118* menu for today: survey says! are the wings okie dokie? does the nose have boogers? has the pod come undone? do we need to invent new tools on the fly for a quick nip+tuck? don't change that NASATV dial, lots more later.

[06:07pm] :: ah, those last ten miles crawl. took sepulveda back to find a streetcut. california's a big big place, so i passed LAX, then ... um, it took me several minutes to grok The Most Business Friendly City! ... El Segundo. I was waaaay passed El Segundo Boulevard when the light clicked. yer honor, i had heat stroke! the sweat was in my eyes! Plaza El Segundo, nice blue butterfly! anyway, shuttle menu for tomorrow (pdt): somersault (9:51am), docking (10:53pm), hatch opening (12:21pm), beer @ 1:01pm! (unconfirmed reports from anonymous sources who don't want to be named citing executive privilege have informed us... space cops missed the kegger in the trunk). more later.

[11-Aug|10:10am] :: #744 Aguntina (1913 QW), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1913-Feb-26 by Rheden, J. at Vienna; Aguntinum, Roman colony in the province of Noricum, near Lienz; Noric steel was largely used in the making of Roman weapons ("Noricus ensis," Horace, Odes, i. 16. o) ~ jewels five-words long, that on the stretched forefinger of all Time / Sparkle for ever (Tennyson) ~ Not the ship-destroying ocean, Noric steel, or flaming fire, Not the storm-god's mighty motion, Fright it from its purpose dire, The Recantation (Horace, Od. I.16.), P.S. Worsley; see: #4294 Horatius (4016 P-L), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1960-Sep-24 by van Houten and Gehrels at Palomar; named for Roman lyric poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus [+][+][+][+][+][+]

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