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Flight Day #1

wow. smooth. watched launch on c-span 2 — have to find out who did the commentary [NASA Commentator Rob Navias from Mission Control in Houston]: morgan racing to space on the wings of a legacy : endeavour flying straight as an arrow : precise keyhole in space for main engine cutoff : kick in the pants : flying true : endeavour clean as a whistle : class is in session. congrats nasa! all birds in the air. saint of the day? Sister Mary Elephant!

[06:26pm] :: this just in. unfortunately, Endeavour was not flying a straight-as-an-arrow trajectory as previously reported. anonymous sources in the Florida Space Police tell us Endeavour was issued a DUI shortly after liftoff. after a large stash of Glenfiddich was removed from the spacecraft, the FSP escorted STS-118 Asterikos to lower-earth-orbit.

[07:26pm] :: more anonymous sources tell us STS-118 Asterikos had a previous DUI & was flying with a suspended license. the Judge threw the book. this LJ has obtained NASA's exclusive video feed where STS-118* softly sings, they tried to make me go to rehab, i said no, no, no, while performing a precise & perfectly executed Nolo Contendere (NC1) burn to remove Glenfiddich orbital residue.

[08:31pm] :: this concludes flight day #1 coverage, this the AQ-743rd Day = ZEROTH MOTHER OF MATRIX HYPERSTITION (Then it all caves into Babel-virus, shoggothic insurgency flowing from the zeroth mother of matrix hyperstition. Axsys-core disorganizes into crazed diagonals, and they call in the cops...) since Return to Flight.

[11-Aug|04:41am] ::#743 Eugenisis (1913 QV), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1913-Feb-25 by Kaiser, F. at Heidelberg; Greek for 'good creation' (named for the birth of the discoverer's daughter) [+][+] ~ eugenesis: n. fertility between hybrids. eugenesic, eugenetic, a.

#45 Eugenia, Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1857-Jun-27 by Goldschmidt, H. at Paris; named for Empress Eugénie of France, mother of Napoleon Eugene, Prince Imperial, after whom Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's character The Little Prince is based ((45) Eugenia I Petit-Prince) [+][+][+][+][+]

[+] Unlike Possession [1] or Ever After [2], neither story has a framing twentieth-century consciousness. "Morpho Eugenia" has a two-fold perspective but it is not that of past and present, but England and the Amazon. Adamson possesses what he terms a "double consciousness" (p. 24): English social rituals and sexual mores are placed in the context of Amazonian rites and his memories of uninhibited sexual abandon with naked dark-skinned women. Despite himself, he acts simultaneously as anthropological observer and critic of Victorian sexual hypocrisy. Natural history is then mapped onto anthropology. Throughout the text, life at the aptly named Bredely Hall is paralleled to that of an insect colony, both implicitly and explicitly. Morpho Eugenia is both a shapely, exotic butterfly and Adamson's future wife. The punning is continued in her name: eugenesis means both "the quality of breeding well or freely" and "the production of young by the union of individuals of different species or stocks."20 Eugenia certainly enacts the first of these meaning but defiantly flouts the latter. All her young remain curiously true to the Alabaster stock.

[11-Aug|09:31am] :: as far as i can figure out, STS-118* has had 5 launch dates: three dates (11-Jun-2007, 28-Jun-2007, 07-Aug-2007) prior to actual launch date (08-Aug-2007) & Flight Day #2 would've been the 3rd launch date (09-Aug-2007) [+][+][+][+][+][+].

 • Day #685 : 11-Jun-2007 : 685 Hermia (1909 HE), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1909-Aug-12 by Lorenz, W. at Heidelberg; possibly named after Hermia in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

 • Day #702 : 28-Jun-2007 : 702 Alauda (1910 KQ), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1910-Jul-16 by Helffrich, J. at Heidelberg; named after Alauda genus of birds (larks), who lay speckled eggs; see also Legio V Alaudae, Roman legion with elephant emblem & Alaudae cognomen.

 • Day #744 : 09-Aug-2007 :744 Aguntina (1913 QW), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1913-Feb-26 by Rheden, J. at Vienna [Flight Day #2]

 • Day #742 : 07-Aug-2007 : 742 Edisona (1913 QU), Main-belt Asteroid, Discovered 1913-Feb-23 by Kaiser, F. at Heidelberg; named for American inventor Thomas Edison.

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