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urg. driving downtown to see Dr. C. seriously, the moon has to be in the 7th house & jupiter aligned w/ mars to NOT have 40 miles = 2½ hours in LA. i have no air conditioning! :(

NASA's STS-117 FRR should be about done as i begin chatting.

last night THC had Meat Loaf Rockin' the 70s & tech & disasters for the 70s. really helps bump out that timeline. i turned 13 in 1971. what happened on June 8, 1971? White Sox draft Danny Goodwin #1, he refuses to sign. nope, not Spidey DanWhere have you gone, Danny Goodwin?. Draft Report: 1970s :: 1971, Danny Goodwin, the nation's top pick, couldn't agree to terms with the White Sox and became the first top choice who did not sign a contract. 1975, Catcher Danny Goodwin became the only player ever drafted first in two June drafts, as the Angels tabbed him as their top selection. Four years earlier, Goodwin had been picked by the White Sox, but chose to attend Southern University instead.

Happy Saga Dawa!

[03:50pm] :: just as i was parking next to an Air-Tech truck (yup, air conditioning contractors) to grab my sorta bi-monthly jamba razzmatazz, guess what started playing on K-EARTH 101? Turn! Turn! Turn!. ha! but, after talking to Dr C i spilled my smoothie — was that freudian? 65mins outbound, 45mins inbound (the trick w/ LA freeways is knowing when to be on the right or the left side). not bad, marine layer kept things somewhat cool. but i talked to Ruth too long at the panadería & melted my cherry garcia :þ

STS-117 Atlantis is GO for my birthday party! 08-June @ 7:38 p.m. EDT launch

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