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28-May-2001 Pentagram @ 06:12:29.91 AM EST

Astrodienst Chart entry :: Precise time entry :: The minute field accepts also time entry with high precision, up to 1/100 of a second. If you want to enter 23m45sec, please enter 23:45 or 23.45 in the minute field. Fractions of seconds can be entered like 23:45.67. The minute field scrolls horizontally if your entry is longer than the visible space. Most chart output will not display fractional seconds but the fractions are used internally for computation.

Swiss Ephemeris UT format :: -utHH:MM:SS input time — or -utHH:MM:SSSSSS

found this moving forward from 28-May-2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction @ 16:03:408450 UT; trying to determine when Jup-Sat begin trining. 528 chart shares similar characteristics with current charts — pentagram top (Venus) is in Aries; two overlapping grand trines: VENUS » MOON » MARS (conj Chiron) & VENUS » MOON » PLUTO. 528 chart time above is when Astrodienst starts drawing MOON-MARS aspect line creating mystic rectangle between JUPITER » MOON » MARS » NEPTUNE.

000528 Jupiter         22 ta 43'16.8167   0.2333845   17°37'58.7354
000528 Saturn          22 ta 43'16.8167   0.1260318   16°31'21.0102

528 chart for 2007: MOON opp ICARUS; EXCALIBUR conj ANTARES & POF; HOPI conj VERTEX. wacky looking hexagram: MARS » SATURN » JUPITER » MERCURY » MOON » NEPTUNE.

[13-May|06:00pm] :: since 28-May-2001 is 106 days from 11-Sep-2001, checked Complete 911 Timeline for May 2001 — May-July 2001: 9/11 Attacks Originally Planned for Early Date :: In 2001, bin Laden apparently pressures Khalid Shaikh Mohammed for an attack date earlier than 9/11. According to information obtained from the 9/11 Commission (apparently based on a prison interrogation of Mohammed), bin Laden first requests an attack date of May 12, 2001, the seven-month anniversary of the USS Cole bombing. Then, when bin Laden learns from the media that Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would be visiting the White House in June or July 2001, he attempts once more to accelerate the operation to coincide with his visit. [9/11 Commission, 6/16/2004] The surge of warnings around this time could be related to these original preparations. By mid-July, US intelligence will learn of this delay (see July 13, 2001).

[13-May|06:30pm] :: currently, SATURN {18LE40} is 118º59'8" from JUPITER {17SG39Rx} @ EON-12 Maturation, Cosmic Intent, Higher Spin, Catalysing. by 615, JUPITER & SATURN are 112º57'32" apart still at EON-12 — JUPITER went retrograde in Sagittarius 19°46'43.8045" on 06-Apr-2007 @ 01:22:23 UT. retrograde degree is where a planet needs to underscore something, since a planet transits that degree twice; JUPITER was 121º27'2" from SATURN at retrograde so retrograde EON phase is EON-13 Stimulation, Determined Activity, Developing, Kernel Issues. kinda interesting because the retrograde phase arc is 120° — aka, Trine.

070514 Jupiter         17 sa 39'18.5527  -0.1043129  -22° 8'27.4975
070514 Saturn          18 le 40'10.6183   0.0419482   16°27'18.1264
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