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Eta Carinae & Homunculus Nebula

Right ascension: 10h 45m 03.59s
Declination: -59° 41' 0.4.3"
Constellation: Carina
Southern Hemisphere

Stellar classification
Eta Carinae
Homunculus Nebula
Eta Carinae Nebula
History of Eta Carinae

had to sort out the differences between GRB060218/SN 2006aj, SN 2006gy & Eta Carinæ/Homunculus Nebula:

{1} GRB060218 (Aries) is an "oddball" gamma-ray burst w/ a "supernova signature", SN 2006aj (Type Ic?) [+] .

{2} SN 2006gy (Perseus) is a Type II supernova & the "brightest stellar explosion ever recorded" [+].

{3} Eta Carinæ's (Carina) 1843 eruption was a supernova impostor event, which created the Homunculus Nebula.

Aries, Perseus & Carina constellations are all located in the Southern Hemisphere [+][+].

Sabaian Symbol - Libra 22°09'12"
Libra 22° A little child is laughing as the water is turned into an artistic little fountain and as the birds hurry to drink.

Libra 23° A chanticleer mounts the corner post of the fence; never will the day again be greeted with the enthusiasm now born.

Tags: carina, gamma ray burst, grb, homunculus, hubble, nasa, supernova

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