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Griffith Park Fire

CNNAM this morning started with la fire, flooding, drought, more tornadoes — "a nation united by extreme weather".

currently, Griffith Park Fire is 50% contained with 800+ acres burned. oh gosh, if Griffith Park isn't the heart of LA i don't know what is. someone described it as a beautiful green reprieve in the middle of all that cement and silicone, and perhaps most remarkably, it's the centerpiece of Hollywood itself [+]. it contains the Griffith Park Observatory, the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee, the Greek Theatre & the LA Zoo. so far, only Dante's View on Mount Hollywood's east slope has been destroyed {Wikimapia: Dante's View|map}. Dante's View was a "trailside terraced garden" [+] created in 1964 by (actor?) Dante Orgolini.

while trying to find out where Dante's View was located (Mount Hollywood), came across links to Don Lee & Los Angeles' radio & tv history.

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CNN already changed this (i took a screen shot!): "Fames consume the Hollywood hills".

[09-May|08:11pm] :: Firefighters make gains battling Griffith Park flames :: The brush fire that was 75% contained by late this afternoon, and firefighters could have the blaze fully contained by Thursday night, said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Half of the 600 firefighters on the scene were being let go as crews made progress, and an evacuation center at a neighborhood high school was shutting down, according to officials. "The tide is turning in our favor," Villaraigosa said at a 6 p.m. news conference. "We are winning the battle against the flames" [...] The fire took a toll on the park's ecosystem, burning many old-growth sycamore and oak trees as well as native chaparral. Scores of animals -- including coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, squirrels, possums, skunks and deer -- that live in the park have also been displaced and some have been seen wandering the park roads and nearby streets. Rangers plan to reforest parts of the park, but the challenge will be to keep out the nonnative and invasive species, and preparing for mudslides during heavy rains. "Overnight, the park has changed dramatically," said William Ramirez, a park ranger for 19 years. Firefighters made an aggressive assault against the fire this morning before an expected worsening of weather conditions. Aircraft flew over the park and dropped water and fire retardant again this morning in an effort to douse the flames. But conditions today changed in favor of firefighters, with the temperature in downtown Los Angeles peaking at 86 degrees, more than 10 degrees below Tuesday's high, according to the National Weather Service. Relative humidity, which dipped below 10% on Tuesday, was back up above 30% in the Los Angeles basin. "Today we experienced a much better onshore flow," said Weather Service meteorologist Jamie Meier. "That brought more of that marine moisture and cooler air into the area" [...] At one point, several firefighters were caught near a footbridge as the fire raged through a canyon. The fire jumped over the bridge and raced toward them, but a water-dropping helicopter was able to douse the flames before anyone was injured [+].

[09-May|08:24pm] :: LAFD 'Griffith Park' Fire Update - May 9, 2007 8:00 PM :: SUMMARY - On Tuesday May 8, 2007 at approximately 1:20 PM, a brush fire broke out near the Roosevelt Golf Course in the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles. Arriving companies reported a 7 acre wind/topography driven fire in the steep and rugged hills of the park. The fire moved quickly through medium to heavy dry grass and brush. The fire quickly moving southeast and threatened home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Quick and aggressive structure protection by firefighters saved homes.

[09-May|11:25pm] :: durn, forgot which local station i was watching, but someone was interviewing LAFD Captain Carlos Calvillo earlier today. when fire was 50% contained. reporter knew this guy & noticed he was smiling. that's when i knew everything was going to be ok. local fire coverage: KCBS | KNBC | KABC.

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