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i'm starting to realize the immigration issue might provide an idea of what post-slavery USA was like.

Police subdue some marchers as day of protests ends :: LOS ANGELES - Tuesday's protests were generally peaceful most of the day, but the calm was broken by clashes between police and demonstrators during an evening rally in MacArthur Park. Around 6 p.m., after police tried to disperse a group of demonstrators who had moved off the sidewalk into Alvarado Street, some of the few thousand participants still in the park started throwing plastic bottles and rocks at officers. Then, several dozen riot police, clad in helmets and carrying batons, started clearing the park, firing a few dozen volleys of foam bullets into the crowd.

U.N. rights expert to probe U.S. treatment of illegal immigrants :: GENEVA - A United Nations human rights expert will travel to the United States later this month to investigate a highly criticized Texas center for detained immigrant families and two border areas where U.S. officials have announced they would crack down on Mexicans illegally crossing the border, a U.N. official said Friday. Jorge Bustamante, the Human Rights Council's independent expert on migrant rights, will "witness first hand the situation of migrants at the borders and in immigration detention facilities," said Yvon Edoumou, a spokesman for the U.N. human rights office in Geneva. The U.S. government is facilitating the visit, which will take place from April 30 to May 18, Edoumou said.

ANDERSON COOPER: But can't you do both? Can't you have border security and what they call comprehensive immigration reform?

GLENN BECK: Let me just speak as a conservative. I don't think you can, for one reason. Tried it back under the Reagan administration. And he made the compromise, and said, OK, we will do both. Nothing really happened on the security. And the one thing that Reagan was asking for was stiff — a million-dollar fine for those companies that were intentionally hiring illegal aliens. Those were never written. I think the only way that you have — the only way that you have border security happen is if you hold back on the debate on amnesty, because there are too many forces in Congress. The left wants the votes. The right wants the labor, the cheap labor. You have got big business involved. There's too many forces out there that just want that border open, that just want the amnesty to happen. To be able to take that pressure off, I think, is extraordinarily bad.

COOPER: You also say that illegal immigration could actually lead to a civil war in America. Pretty strong words.

BECK: Yes.

COOPER: What is that theory?

BECK: It's actually not just illegal immigration. I think that we're having a problem right now. We're separating ourselves on left and right, and not right and wrong. Like I said, I mean, Anderson, I can't imagine people would answer yes to, should we just let anybody in the country and not know who they are? That is a right-wrong issue. On — from this, to global warming, to the war in Iraq, we're not even listening to each other anymore. And what's happening is, we are being scared by calls of racism or — you know, or hate monger. We are being pushed into corners, where we don't really belong. Most people are in the middle. And you're pushed into the corners, and you're not having a real dialogue anymore. When you have cities who are saying, I'm not even going to enforce the law, and then, 20 miles down the road, you have another city that says, I'm going to really enforce the federal law, you have got the makings of real bad things on the horizon.

COOPER: Interesting. [+]

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