northanger (northanger) wrote,

snow jams

in los angeles, our snow is cars & a blizzard is a traffic jam. 2½ hours! plus. with no air conditioning. on the drive back realized i discovered 3 pentagrams in 3 different locations:

 • 1st Pentagram = La Puente
 • 2nd Pentagram = San Carlos
 • 3rd Pentagram = Pomona


last night, bought häagen-dazs vanilla & mrs. richardson hot fudge. young guy in front of me had a tub of vanilla & root beer. he goes to mount sac & he's studying criminology. army brat just like me. i like sweet tooth people! think my psychiatrist has decided i'm crazy, but she's too nice to tell me directly. maybe i'm supposed to figure this out? but my dad said i was a really nice crazy daughter.


Tags: el-lay, pentagram

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