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don't know what to say about midpoints yet except ... argh! don't know much about midpoints (actually, it's the dialy thingy that's confusing), but SUN+MOON conjunciton is midpoint for JUPITER/PLUTO (+3° — midpoint orb 1.30° to 2°). what i'm looking at:

JUPITER = Expansion || PLUTO = Power || PHOLUS = ???

centaur PHOLUS {04SG25Rx} in Sagittarius 00°-05° quinary ruled by Glaysa; conj VESTA {05SG15Rx}.

Midpoints in Astrology :: Midpoints are the halfway point between two points. When astrologers talk about the Sun/Moon midpoint, for example, they are referring to the point halfway between the Sun and the Moon. To illustrate with a simple example, if the Sun is at 10 degrees Aries and the Moon is at 20 degrees Aries, the Sun/Moon midpoint is 15 degrees Aries. See our article, How to Calculate the Sun/Moon Midpoint, for the method to calculate any midpoint (not just Sun/Moon) [...] Midpoint notation involves inserting a slash between the two planets or points involved. Thus, a Sun - Moon midpoint would be: SU/MO.

90 Degree Dials & Asteroids :: Dials and asteroids are magic! The dial format, (where all Cardinal points are entered by degree in the first thirty degrees of the dial, all Fixed factors entered by their degree in the 30-60 degree area of the dial, and all Mutable points in the 60-89 region,) serves as instant information management, visually grouping and graphically illustrating the more challenging aspects, freeing the astrologer to focus on delineation. The asteroids do what they always do: add succinct and clear detail.

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