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The Number Nine, Yesod, in the suit of Water, restores the stability lost by the excursions of Netzach and Hod from the Middle Pillar. It is also the number of the Moon, thus strengthening the idea of Water.

In this card is the pageant of the culmination and perfection of the original force of Water.

The Ruler is Jupiter in Pisces. This influence is more than sympathetic; it is a definite benediction, for Jupiter is the planet of Chesed which represents Water in its highest material manifestation, and Pisces brings out the placid qualities of Water.

In the symbol are nine cups perfectly arranged in a square; all are filled and overflowing with Water. It is the most complete and most beneficent aspect of the force of Water.

The Geomantic Figure Laetitia is ruled by Jupiter in Pisces. For its meaning consult the "Handbook of Geomancy" (Equinox Vol I, No.2). Laetitia, Joy, gladness, is one of the best and most powerful of the sixteen figures; for the Solar, Lunar, and Mercurial symbols are, at the best, ambiguous and treacherously ambivalent; those of Venus portend rather relief than positive beneficence; Saturn and Mars are seen at their worst; and even the stable-companion of Laetitia, Acquisitio, has its unpleasant aspects, and even its dangers. But the consonance of Laetitia with this card amounts to little less than an identity; the wine is poured by Ganymede himself, unstinted vintage of true nectar of the Gods, brimful and running over, an ordered banquet of delight, True Wisdom self-fulfilled in Perfect Happiness.


These cards are attributed to Yesod. After the double excursion into misfortune, the current returns to the middle pillar. This Sephira is the seat of the great crystallization of Energy. But it takes place very far down the Tree, at the apex of the third descending triangle, and a flat triangle at that. There is little help from low, unbalanced spheres like Netzach and Hod. What saves Yesod is the direct ray from Tiphareth; this Sephira is in the direct line of succession. Each of these cards gives the full impact of the elemental force, but in its most material sense; that is, of the idea of the force, for Yesod is still in Yetzirah, the formative world. Zoroaster says:

"The number Nine is sacred, and attains the summit of perfection." Egypt and Rome, also, had Nine Major Deities.

The Nine of Wands is called Strength. It is ruled by the Moon and Yesod. In "The Vision and the Voice", the eleventh Aethyr gives a classical account of the resolution of this antinomy of Change and Stability. The student should also consult the works of any of the better mathematical physicists. Of all important doctrines concerning equilibrium, this is the easiest to understand, that change is stability; that stability is guaranteed by change; that if anything should stop changing for the fraction of a split second, it would go to pieces. It is the intense energy of the primal elements of Nature, call them electrons, atoms, anything you will, it makes no difference; change guarantees the order of Nature. This is why, in learning to ride a bicycle, one falls in an extremely awkward and ridiculous manner. Balance is made difficult by not going fast enough. So also, one cannot draw a straight line if one's hand shakes. This card is a sort of elementary parable to illustrate the meaning of this aphorism: "Change is Stability."

Here the Moon, the weakest of the planets, is in Sagittarius, the most elusive of the Signs; yet it dares call itself Strength. Defence, to be effective, must be mobile.

The Nine of Cups is called Happiness. This is a peculiarly good card, because happiness, as the word implies, is so much a matter of luck: the card is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is Fortune.

In all these watery cards, there is a certain element of illusion; they begin by Love, and love is the greatest and most deadly of the illusions. The sign of Pisces is the refinement, the fading away of this instinct, which, begun with dreadful hunger and carried on with passion, has now become "a dream within a dream". The card is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter in Pisces is indeed good fortune, but only in the sense of complete satiety. The fullest satisfaction is merely the matrix of a further putrefaction; there is no such thing as absolute rest. A cottage in the country with the roses all around it? No, there is nothing permanent in this; there is no rest from the Universe. Change guarantees stability. Stability guarantees change.

The Nine of Swords is called Cruelty. Here the original disruption inherent in Swords is raised to its highest power. The card is ruled by Mars in Gemini; it is agony of mind. The Ruach consumes itself in this card; thought has gone through every possible stage, and the conclusion is despair. This card has been very adequately drawn by Thomson in "The City of Dreadful Night". It is always a cathedral---a cathedral of the damned. There is the acrimonious taint of analysis; activity is inherent in the mind, yet there is always the instinctive consciousness that nothing can lead anywhere.

The Nine of Disks is called Gain. The suit of Disks is much too dull to care; it reckons up its winnings; it does not worry its head about whether anything is won when all is won. This card is ruled by Venus. It purrs with satisfaction at having harvested what it sowed; it rubs its hands and sits at ease. As will be understood from the consideration of the Tens, there is no reaction against satisfaction as there is in the other three suits. One becomes more and more stolid, and feels that "everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds".

9th Harmonic (Nonile Series)

[The Nature of the Apsects, Dr. LMP (Maggie) McPherson]
[Aspect Patterns – a useful guide to the Gestalt of a chart]

A potentiates B. A activates B. A excites B to action. A and B combine to create a unique mission towards which energy is directed. The combination of A and B provide the key to self-realisation. A and B act in response to considerations of the self alone, a selfishness necessary in finding one's own highest or most fulfilling path. Of the 9th harmonic Rael and Rudhyar say, "At the level of the Nine,the individualized person discovers and envisions the meaning and purpose of what he or she *is*. . . . the novile (when at all operative in an individual's life) leads to personal rebirth—or "Initiation"—to a basic identification of the self with the purpose this self is seen to have within the harmony of the universal Whole. The novile thus representsthe level at which complete fulfillment of individual being is possible—either as an end in itself (negative approach) or as the condition for positive emergence into an altogether new and higher realm of being." Seymour-Smith says, "[the 9th harmonic shows] the nature of anything that the native achieves." The relation of the nonile to one's unique mission can be seen in Sigmund Freud's exact nonile of the Moon and Pluto. Freud was able to show the relationship between the emotions and the adequacy of the mother's nurturance (Moon) and subconscious drives and impulses (Pluto). Carl Jung had a partial 9th harmonic configuration with 4 vertices occupied by the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. His pioneering work focused on the relation of the masculine and feminine principles (Sun and Moon; animus and anima) and the universal (Jupiter) structures (Saturn) in the mind and its creations (myth, dreams, literature, art,religion). Hitler's Mercury-Pluto nonile is associated with his unique mission to use (or abuse) ideas (Mercury) about enemies (7th house) to control and exterminate them (Pluto). Richard Nixon's mission was to be an all-powerful and controlling leader, which is reflected in his quadranonile of the Sun and Pluto. Robert Browning, the romantic poet, had an almost exact (2 minutes of arc) nonile between Mercury and Venus, and both planets were in quadranonile to Neptune. His unique path consisted in writing (Mercury) dreamily beautiful love poetry (Venus) about an idealised love and lover (Neptune).


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