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as a chaos magician i use an inquiry on being to create operating states and charge transformation. one thing landmark forum taught me was velocity: doing something with purposeful momentum. a type of inquiry i use seriously fractures heidegger by mushing BE-DO-HAVE with dasein & lichtung. i'm sure this makes me a fine example of a yuppoid on bottled chaos. (talk about currents tho', i could feel, communicate, and respond to that one).

what i learned about velocity was how to move my life forward & move the group i'm with forward. like football. who's got the ball? that person needs to play it forward so we achieve first down every play and obtain the goal line. failing first down means we have to hand over the ball. so you gotta know (a) when you got the ball, and (b) how to play it forward.

recently, however, i've been having problems with (a) & (b). it's sad when it takes you several weeks to realize you're living your favorite movie. after running various rackets & having all my chaos lite spells failing miserably, i finally decided to open the encyclopedia and discover what VELOCITY really meant. surprised to discover velocity is related to time, vectors, distance, magnitude, and direction. among other things. my my, i thought. this got me thinking about einstein and E=MC2, which i remain cluess about.

i did a search on velocity + being + transformation and the first link was: An Intuitive Derivation of the Lorentz Transformation.

ok, i never understood the big deal about time travel. but, i began to see with this clock bizness ... hey, um, does that E=MC2 thingy have anything to do with time travel? don't laugh.

who's that einstein guy anyway, i thought.

At age five, his father showed him a pocket compass, and Einstein realized that something in "empty" space acted upon the needle; he would later describe the experience as one of the most revelatory of his life. Though he built models and mechanical devices for fun, he was considered a slow learner, possibly due to dyslexia, simple shyness, or the significantly rare and unusual structure of his brain (examined after his death). He later credited his development of the theory of relativity to this slowness, saying that by pondering space and time later than most children, he was able to apply a more developed intellect. Another, more recent, theory about his mental development is that he suffered from Asperger's syndrome, a condition related to autism.

you may have figured out where i'm going with this. rotflmao. remember, when dasein gets stuck it looks for another way of being to get unstuck. i've found it useful to fake "being" (fake it til you make it) and asperger's syndrome is quite easy to "fake" because ... that's probably what i've been struggling with all my life (system overload, seclusion, pattern-behavior, counting when upset, only enough energy to do one thing, correctly interpreting signal, photographic memory, learning to look people in the eye, looking people TOO intensly in the eye--i've also never been in any type of relationship). i've learned to navigate life by paying attention to people & get tremendously upset when i miss the signal. (landmark stuff) my background conversation is am i doing it right? and my sentence is i'm stupid -- appreciated this:

Recent efforts in the field of special education have concentrated on teaching children with Asperger's how to interact with their peers, achieving only moderate success, while the alternative of teaching their peers to cope with Asperger's children does not seem to have been seriously considered by many professionals. The social alienation of some people with Asperger's syndrome is so intense in childhood that some create imaginary friends for companionship. (source)

one of my biggest problems is obsession, and i've been doing my best to expunge the latest obsession i seem to be spiralling in. i need to get back to normal and do the things that clearly are more important than succumbing to this obsession. however, i finally realized the other day: life itself is not normal! my country is killing innocent people and all i can do is respond with a state of being that helps me pay my rent. my god, i just got that.

i can untangle myself & find a state of being in which that matters ... and do it with velocity.

velocity : change in displacement with respect to time. Displacement is the vector counterpart of distance, having both magnitude and direction. Velocity is therefore also a vector quantity. The magnitude of velocity is known as the speed of a body. The average velocity or average speed of a moving body during a time period t may be computed by dividing the total displacement or total distance by t. Computation of the instantaneous velocity at a particular moment, however, usually requires the methods of the calculus.

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