northanger (northanger) wrote,

An American Symphony

we were one of the first to die for a new nation, we were part of Washington's army; liberty was not yet for us, but we helped build this nation with blood, sweat & tears. we seemed to be everyone's slave then, including the indians. we were buffalo soldiers. not sure if we invented peanut butter exactly, but we found 300 neat ways to use peanuts! i think we even invented mayonnaise. we invented the traffic light & the blood bank ...& so many other wonderful things. and yet, there are still many in this country who think we're animals, second rate, ignorant & stupid. who are we? we're part of the american symphony. & our hopes live inside of one of the most hyperstitional documents of human history. "not a sentence or syllable of the Constitution need be altered" [+] as we transform its fiction into reality. forgive the delayed reaction, but 2007 is the year of the black man. because in 2005 he finally found his voice. it isn't what he said that's important, but that he had the courage to say it.

so i'm sitting here thinking, which is the better, stronger man? the one who gets or the one who is gotten? the man who gets is the man who is doing the difficult, painstaking work of figuring out someone or something & providing solutions to forward the momentum. that was Gerald Ford. the man who is gotten? i sure hope it ain't George W. Bush, because i can't afford to play such high stakes poker anymore [+].

i just found out today that K's (my brother-in-law's best friend) brother just returned to his third tour of duty in Iraq. K is dying of AIDs.

Linda Bilmes appeared on In the Money 02-Dec & said, "in the Vietnam War, there were three soldiers wounded for every one killed. In Iraq, there are eight soldiers wounded who come back seriously wounded for every one killed". my brother the republican pointed out the other day that the 3,000+ number is misleading because if we factored in Bilmes ratio that number would be higher. in 2005, Bilmes outlined four Bush budget themes: reliance on the military to solve problems, increasing use of the private sector to perform government services, favour society's haves among older people and the middle classes rather than its have-nots, & deficits "don't matter" [+].

my brother gave me last sunday's roundup on Bush's new Iraq strategy. maybe, it's hoped & believed my brother said, Bush knows something we don't know. my brother believed stepping back a moment provided a better bargaining position. but what do we know? anyway, looks like we're going for the surge. i find it difficult to shuffle my subdecadance deck for a man whose formulation of winning & courage seems to come from a foreign & unfamiliar manual. i don't know what he sees, but the sturdy & well-worn pages of my book helps me see sacrifice already present & strength, duty, courage, commitment. if we're not careful, Katrina's failures will pale in comparison to our failures to these veterans of the impossible.

a man who gets is the man i can play cards with. i'm all in. since it looks like our military is the one doing the gettin' (again), looks i'm playing cards with them.

the silver talent of the American Steward isn't money. it's something that when increased moves us all forward as a nation. it leaves the world breathless in wonder as yet another letter, word or phrase in the living document of liberty & freedom comes alive ... by Providence.



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