northanger (northanger) wrote,


drive good. family awesome. made mistake of saying, i'll have what he's having: sapphire on the rocks twist of lemon. whoa boy!! i mean, lol, i think i was totally drunk by the 3rd sip so anything after that felt like almost puking. great xmas eve dinner. went straight to bed/sleep. woke up at 1:30am, tv on, go to bathroom. walked back in, standing at door, tv clicked off. then doorknob fell off when i grabbed it. anway, driving to dad's {a} police car following me for about, oh, a loooong time, {b} license plate in front of me NOV669 (can't recall words on frame, "remember date"?), {c} and let's just say a lot of things were said that could be seriously misconstrued by the overly tired. driving back to to pomona sunset @ 4:50pm-4:52pm (mile 81), KIIS playing a song i couldn't catch name or lyrics. seemed to fit the moment.


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