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i was redoing the 484 gates & had discovered an interesting pattern. thinking about aligning the double letters on the diagonal (AA, BB, GG, etc) as the master gates. first stab, looks like this:


[1] fix gates, [2] run ephemerides, [3] figure out how to print this since my printer is broken. what else? VOC, nakshatras? (yeah, just to double-check), calendar (certainly). Sighting Possibilities for Muharram 1426: The birth of moon is on Tuesday, Feb 8, 2005 at 22:29 UT, i.e., 14:29 PST or 17:28 EST. On Feb 8, this moon is going to be 3 hours old on West coast of USA, and impossible to see anywhere in the world. However, on Feb 9, it can be seen in Africa and Americas by naked eye. On Feb 9, it cannot be seen in Japan, Australia, most of Asia and Europe, where it will be visible on Feb 10. Note: A KACST delegation interviewed the 2 persons who claimed to see the Hilaal in Saudi for Zul Hijjah and they found both of them were more than 80 years old (Al-Watan News).

Sighting Possibilities for Safar 1426: The moon's conjunction is on March 10, 2005, at 9:11 Universal Time, i.e. 4:11am Eastern Standard Time - 1:11am Pacific Standard Time. On March 10, the moon is going to be about 17 hours old on West coast of USA and cannot be seen anywhere in any continent of the world; the only exception may be Hawaii Islands and binocular or telescope may be requires to see it. On March 11, it will be seen in almost the whole world, as shown by the visibility curves. Therefore, first day of Safar is going to be on March 12 in most of the world, Insha'Allah.

CHINESE NEW YEAR (from The moon is new today at 22:28 GMT (2:28 PST). Because this is the second new moon since the winter solstice (Dec. 21, 2004), it marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese calendar, 2005 is the year of the rooster. [more]

Chinese New Year events in the san francisco bay area. Year of the Wood Rooster (quick search, but this works for me. like the collection of links & predictions. will get back to it later). ironically, (1) just left new york city on short trip staying at holiday inn in chinatown; gem shop next door & owner (great lady!) had gem book showing 9 chakras. two additional chakras were the higher heart chakra & higher crown chakra -- have two stones on order. (2) searching asteroid SORGA brought up the Sarimanok (or, sari-manok) of the Maranao people in the Philippine islands (predominantly Muslim region). Sarimanok is a mythical bird meaning, artifical cock. One meaning of the word sorga is "heaven".

At this point allow me to present to you another interesting aspect of the Sarimanok: its relation to what we shall call, "birds of paradise." In a manuscript by an anonymous author, entitled "Kitab Maulud," or Book of Praises (N. Madale, 1974), which is in my possession, are found many illustrations, one of which being the "tree of life" with birds and children perched on the branches. My informant, Hadji Ah Alawi (may Allah bless him), had brought up very interesting points about this tree of life and the so-called, "birds of paradise." Let me present to you in full my interview with him ... It is the tree from Sorga, Heaven. It is called Sadiarathul Montaha. The leaves are called tipak. For every child born a new leaf sprouts and on the leaf is the name of the child and his life span on earth. This means what whenever a leaf falls from the tree, it means that somebody will die. It takes three to seven days for a person to die the moment the leaf on which a person's name is written falls. When the leaf falls, Malakal Maut, Angel of Death, comes to get the soul of that person. Even the Rasul, Prophet Muhammad, knew he is going to die because it was written on one of the leaves of this tree. [more]

images: [1][2]

hmmm! will enjoy updating all of this. probably good idea to check sunspot cycle (think we're on the low end cycle?). sunspot #777 will prolly show up after spring equinox? looks like an interesting year. this means i have to update & include chinese calendar info (moan).

::splutter!:: ye gads! i'm already at 507 asteroids & planets & everyone of them needs to be updated. now i'm thinking of adding asteroids #730 to #777 plus 20 in the hopper i already have? well ... something to get obsessive about. should keep me out of trouble. rotflmao. i'm determined however to get hbo & showtime so i can watch "huff" & "dead like me" during my breaks - and movies too.

didn't know it was chinese new year today until i went to another sorga point: sorga also means "sorrow" and came up regarding the Dream of the Rood. Part of the poem is carved in the runic alphabet on the Ruthwell Cross in Scotland. Sorga refers to the sorrow of the cross. so you have a wood rooster for the year and one asteroid seeming to symbolize both aspects of that year. need to stop overusing "interesting".


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